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loved it as a kid, love it as an adult
francois_bailly16 April 2005
I watched this movie the first time when I was quite young and have never stopped really liking this movie. The two twin actresses are stunning, Pierre Richard almost makes you believe he has a twin brother. The story is far from the best every written, but some scenes are just hilarious. It's a typical 80's french comedy, which far outmatches its US remake (Two much - 1995). It's probably one of the best movie with Pierre Richard where he doesn't play a clumsy character. The whole story is nothing but a dream, maybe silly at times, but it's definitely a feel-good type of movie. If you're a fan of Pierre Richard and still haven't watched this one, by all means go rent it somewhere. It's available on DVD.
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In search of something else
paranoica21 February 2007
The film follows quite typical plot-line, Pierre Richard playing quite clumsy guy who always gets into trouble and all women in this flick fall in love with him. And of course full of small clichés from romance & musical movies here and there that the director has brought forward making them ridiculous. The citations from film noir genre make the movie interesting to watch on the other hand - the country-house sequel and the night after marrying. The genre was not abused and stomp on as Carl Reiner's and Steve Martin's collaboration "Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid" did, pissing on itself and on film noir.

On side of acting, the part suits very well for Pierre Richard. His character, Matthias/Matthieu gets clearly schizophrenic, one could say even clinically (one of the best lines of the movie: "Oh dear, i just cheated on myself!") And of course, he even becomes jealous on himself. The twin sisters, played by Camilla and Carey More surprisingly don't ruin the movie (as bringing twins in usually effects). They look nice and stay in their role - to ask more would be crime.

One thing bugs me though - when Liz sends Matthias to airport, whom is she calling, saying: "This one will do just fine." (or something like that.)
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Not the best with Pierre Richard. Not a role that fits him.
deloudelouvain23 November 2020
Pierre Richard is known to play clumsy, kinda dumb characters all the time. A character were everything goes wrong for him so that's the general image we have from him. In Le Jumeau (or The Twin) it's not the case and to be honest I can't see him in any other character than mentioned above. Normally I like fast paced stories so it's even a surprise to me that I found this movie just too fast paced this time. It's all going very fast what makes it a bit annoying to follow, plus the story is just not very credible. Him playing a gigolo whilst let's be honest he's not a very attractive man is just a bit far fetched. Certainly not the best movie I watched with him so quite disappointing.
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