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Sex & Nudity

  • Indy, in order to save himself, retrieves a vial of antidote from between a woman's breasts inside her dress (played for laughs, nothing shown).
  • At a dinner table, a man eggs Indy on about a past experience in which an angry sultan threatened to cut off his "misunderstanding" (he looks down at his crotch).
  • Indy and Willie engage in foreplay in Willie's bedroom, with Willie promising that she sleeps with "nothing" on, Indy saying he scientifically studies "mating customs" and "primitive sexual practices" and saying he has "years of fieldwork" in the area.
  • Indy and Willie kiss.
  • Willie promises Indy that he'll "never have better" than her and suggestively arches her back; Indy says he'll tell her in the morning (but she gets angry and they don't have sex).
  • Willie asks Indy to be "gentle" with her as he dives onto her bed.
  • Indy discovers a secret passageway by pushing on the breasts of a female statue.
  • In order to follow Indy, Willie pushes on a similar statue in the same place.
  • Willie wears a sacrificial dress that reveals bare stomach and some cleavage.

Violence & Gore

  • There is a scene where they eat monkey brains.
  • During a night club scene, a man is shot (with blood), and a man is stabbed with a flaming shish kabob.
  • Mola Ram (the prime antagonist) has an ornate headress with a shrunken head in it.
  • A man hangs to death from a ceiling fan in a fight with the main character.
  • A man's heart is ripped out on screen. He is then lowered slowly into a pit of lava, where he catches on fire and dies.
  • A man is run over by a mine cart (not clearly shown).
  • A few men are thrown into the pit of lava during a fight scene (not shown).
  • Children are forced to work as slaves, where they are whipped if they do not obey and sometimes they are whipped regardless of whether they obey or not.
  • Indy is forced to drink blood. The potion is stored in a cup made from a human head.
  • A child tortures Indy with a voodoo doll. First by dipping it's back into fire and then again later by stabbing it's back repeatedly with a needle.
  • Two people fight and one of them is dragged into a rock crusher and he is crushed and killed off screen, but you see blood on the crushing wheel afterwards.
  • Men fall off a broken bridge into a river below, bouncing off of the canyon walls on the way down, where they are eaten by crocodiles (slightly implied). All we see are robes being torn up by the crocodiles and some blood in the water. In the same scene, the viewer follows a bad guy as he falls down the cliff, bouncing off of it on the way.
  • We see severed limbs and flayed human skin.
  • Lots of hand-to-hand combat. A man has his heart ripped out in a tribal ritual, this is quite graphic and quite disturbing as the man remains alive due to a spell.


  • 1 "bastard", 1 "shit", and roughly 2 of "damn"

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Characters drink and smoke respectively in a nightclub at the beginning of the film.
  • Indy is drugged twice during the course of the film

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A villager tells Indy a creepy story about how the Thuggees came and kidnapped their children and their sacred stones.
  • Severed human fingers are shown draped around a statue of Kali (presumable a sacrifice of some kind). Blood can be seen on the statue.
  • There is a meal put on at a palace where disgusting dishes such as eyeball soup, snakes, insects and chilled monkey brains are served.
  • Indy is tortured by a voodoo doll. This is made all the more unsettling in that the act is perpetrated by a child who takes sadistic glee in causing him pain.
  • There is a scene with insects everywhere, crawling over the main characters, however that is nothing compared to the excessive child abuse that takes place during the course of the film.
  • The sacrificial scenes are very scary, particularly the first in which a man's heart is ripped out of his body while he's alive. The man is then lowered into a volcanic pit and burned alive. Intense.
  • A drugged guard suddenly jumps out at Willie and Short Round and hisses at them in a frightening voice.
  • Indiana Jones is forced to drink drugs mixed with human blood.
  • Indy notices that several of the Thuggees had skinned several people and hung their dead skin up in a window.
  • A very muscular Thuggee senselessly beats a young boy with a whip.
  • A child begs for death.
  • A Thuggee is about to cut Short Round's throat however Indy stops him at the last second.
  • Children frequently scream in agony as they are beaten with whips.
  • There is a scene where Indy, Willie and Short Round are all cornered on a rope bridge. Having no way out Indy cuts the bridge sending several of the villains to their deaths while putting himself, Willie and Short Round in danger of falling as well.
  • Mola Ram is very scary in general because he shouts frequently and has a very booming voice and a scary laugh plus a brutal look on his face.
  • "Temple of Doom" is the darkest film in the Indiana Jones franchise. This movie and "Gremlins" are the reasons why we think this should be re-rated PG-13 (If any of the early Spielberg films deserved an R-rating it's this one). It is intense and child slavery is something that the bad guys do. This can be quite disturbing.
  • The child abuse is by far the most disturbing aspect of the film.
  • Mola Ram (the prime antagonist) has an ornate headress with a shrunken head in it.
  • Some may find the scenes where Indy turns evil a tad disturbing.

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