Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984) Poster

Philip Stone: Captain Blumburtt



  • Indiana Jones : Captain Blumburtt was just telling me something of the interesting history of the palace; the importance it played in the mutiny.

    Chattar Lal : It seems the British never forget the mutiny of 1857.

    [Captain Blumburtt laughs] 

    Indiana Jones : Yes, well you know I think there were other events before the mutiny going back a century - back to the time of Clive that are more interesting.

    Chattar Lal : And what events are those Dr Jones?

    Indiana Jones : Well, if memory serves me correctly this area, this province was the centre eventuity of the Thuggee.

    Chattar Lal : Dr Jones, you know perfectly well that the Thuggee cult has been dead for nearly a century.

    Captain Blumburtt : Yes, of course. The Thuggee was an obscenity that worshipped Kali with human sacrifices. The British Army Knights did away with them.

    Indiana Jones : Well, I suppose stories of the Thuggee die hard.

    Chattar Lal : There are no stories anymore.

    Indiana Jones : I'm not so sure. We came from a small village; peasants there told us Pankot Palace was growing powerful again because of some ancient evil.

    Chattar Lal : Village stories, Dr Jones. They're just fear and folklore; you're beginning to worry Captain Blumburtt.

    Captain Blumburtt : Not worried, Mr Prime Minister, just erm... just erm... interested.

    Indiana Jones : You know, the villagers also told us Pankot Palace had taken something.

    Chattar Lal : Dr Jones, in our country it's not usual for a guest to insult his host.

    Indiana Jones : I'm sorry. I thought we were talking about folklore.

    Captain Blumburtt : What exactly was it they say was stolen?

    Indiana Jones : A sacred rock.

    Chattar Lal : [he laughs dismissively]  Hah! You see, Captain? A rock.

    Indiana Jones : Something connected - the villager's rock and the old legend of the Sankara stones.

    Chattar Lal : Dr Jones, we're all vulnerable to vicious rumour. I seem to remember that in Honduras you were accused of being a grave robber rather than an archaeologist.

    Indiana Jones : Well, the newspapers greatly exaggerated the incident.

    Chattar Lal : And wasn't it the Sultana Madagascar who threatened to cut your head off if you ever returned to his country?

    Indiana Jones : No, it wasn't my head.

    Chattar Lal : Then your hands, perhaps?

    Indiana Jones : No, it wasn't my hands... it was my

    [looks downward] 

    Indiana Jones : ... misunderstanding.

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