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Outrageous, in a good way.
Ross-c1 January 2000
I first saw this movie before I had ever set foot in Japan, and found it freaky and outrageous. A tour de force of punk values in celluloid. I assumed that much of this impression was due to my unfamiliarity with Japan. Now, after living in Japan from 1987 until 1991, it's still just as outrageous. One of the rare movies that combines freak out visual images with a serious concept. Ishii takes the 'typical' Japanese family by each stereotype in turn, and stretches each to cartoon extremes. Lock all these characters in a house with all the windows and doors nailed shut, and let the climax to this movie slowly build. Recommended for viewers who are decidedly not faint hearted.
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Crazy Satire
minispace27 July 2017
First time I saw this film must have been around 1987, on German TV I remember. "Die Familie mit dem umgekehrten Düsenantrieb". Either this one or 'Tampopo', which I saw around the same time, are the first Japanese films I even saw.

I was gobsmacked by this one. Loved every minute of it. It's totally zany. It's a wonderful satire on 'booming Japan' in the 1980's. I particularly liked the role of the mother played by Mitsuko Baishô. I would say in the film, she's a kind of Japanse Teri Garr. Very subtle satire next to the outrageous things going on. The rest of the roles are filled perfectly which makes this a little gem. Of course, being 17 when I first saw it, Yûki Kudô did make an impression. Not sure though if this film would work for younger audiences in 2017, you probably have to know the zeitgeist of the 1980's a bit.

Have been trying to get this film on DVD or Blue-Ray for YEARS and finally managed to find a copy on German Amazon. It belongs to my personal list of 'cult-films'.

10 out of 10 would be a bit off, the film is good and very entertaining but not a masterpiece, but I give it 9 for pure personal reasons.
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Brilliant film which pushes its initial set-up just as far as it can go
crisis-463 December 2002
This is a brilliant film which pushes its initial set-up -- middle-class Japanese family moves into new house and finds out there is not enough space -- just as far as it can possibly go. Along the way, every dark fear one might ever have harbored about family life is thoroughly confirmed. "The Crazy Family" had a successful 1984 theatrical run in the US (at least, it played in New York City for several months) but for some reason has never been released to any form of video in America. Some enterprising company should remedy this situation ASAP.
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wow. edge of my seat.
secrective10 August 2006
Warning: Spoilers
imagine if you will, a normal family with 2 kids that moves into a new house. now imagine the stress of this new house has driven one or more of them insane. after watching this movie i still do not know how many of them were actually crazy.

a black comedy from japan circa 1984, A Crazy Family is one heck of a good movie to catch. the pacing, camera work, plot, characters, location, and soundtrack are all top notch.

a real mind f#$% of a movie. showing the audience just how close anyone can come to going crazy. each character is well written and has a great personality. one scene with grandpa and the daughter was great, i cant believe the director said such things about world war 2. frightening and exciting at the same time.

after watching this and sogo ishii's other movie 'electric dragon 80000v', i really must watch the rest of his films.
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Little Erika loves you!
sodr211 February 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This is the greatest film ever, the greatest "thing" ever, it's been a long time I've seen a film that's this overwhelmingly funny that left my cup of emotional satisfaction overflowing. The Crazy Family is about exactly what the title implies: -family seemed normal, then went crazy-, and at first I thought it was just the father who would be the only sane one in the family as he tries to cope with the rest, but the director (of course) didn't care about any specially thought out intricate subplots-- everyone is just crazy altogether. Kudos to the actor who plays the father as well, he has the perfect FACE that reads disaster is in the air. The children are also gold: the son being an over-studious student who eventually cracks & the daughter who is an aspiring actress and really adorable too. The remaining family members are just side characters in my mind: the mother is a bit of a hypertensive nymphomaniac and the granddad who moved in and relives his memory as a soldier.

So before everyone's insanity becomes diabolically triumphant and everyone tries to kill each other, the granddad first moves in. His presence is deemed unwanted, so he and the father manually dig out a basement in their living room. The set design is really impressive here, not to mention the subsequent destruction of their house right in a residential area, much like the laughter unleashed within me destroying what remained of my funny-suppressing hormones. ... kill me please
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An interesting black-comedy spoofing western (American) sitcoms!
Mitora-san30 May 2002
You know that "syrupy" sitcom fad of the 1980's? With stuff like "Full House", "Family Ties" and "Facts of Life"? Didn't they just wanna make ya puke? You always wondered why they were popular in the US, as well as Asia. I gotta a cure for you"

Gyakufunsha kazoku!!! The Back-fire family!!!

Like in many US sitcoms, it starts off with the stereotypical working dad, the stereotypical house-wife mom, the stereotypical teeny-bopper and the stereotypical brain-child student. Everything seems to be fine..... ......Until they move in with their crazy grandpa who still thinks it's World War 2 and plenty of termites and roaches in the house. Oh boy, do things take the twisted root! HEH HEH HEH HEH HEH HEH!

Now why can't Sitcoms in West DO THAT? That would be cool!
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