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Is he a protector of the people, or a perpetrator of evil?
taylr4125 November 1999
I've seen this title several times, and I'm still trying to answer the previous question. Louis Gossett Jr. is brilliant in his role as John Mack, the hard to figure out security whiz. This is one of the best made for tv'ers ever made. The kind of stuff that made you run out and get cable after seeing it at a friends house. Unfortunately, they haven't made too many more this good sinse then.

If you can find it, rent it, you'll enjoy it.
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excellent,social study
drober22 September 2002
I would stay home if they showed quality like this all the time.But

thats asking for a lot.Well acted- dilemma of giving up your

freedom and pride, paying a big price for " big brother" protection a

good analogy of government and citizens.
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Some great scenes
helfeleather12 July 2002
This film has some really well performed scenes of high drama. The opening burglary, the rape scene and the second last scene are all convincingly acted and gripping. I like the ending, but others may protest. Fantastic work from Louis Gossett Jr and Martin Sheen, and a story that leaves you guessing right to the end.
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Geddit Up
Theo Robertson8 July 2002
Alongside DEADLY VOYAGE this is one of the best films ever to have been made for television . THE GUARDIAN stars Sheen as a white bleeding heart liberal and Gossett Jr as a black draconian fascistic security guard and it`s no coincidence that these two people are written this way or that one`s black and one`s white . Indeed it`s central to the subtext and character arcs . Best part is the climax when Sheen - who goes slightly OTT in this scene , and that`s by no means a criticism - realises that he has to " Geddit up " . If you`re wondering why he doesn`t want to " Geddit up " then you`ll just have to watch this great TVM . You won`t be disappointed
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Wish I could find it on a DVD
billagreste2 May 2010
I've not seen this for 26 years, but I remember it well and have tried a number of times to find this movie again so I could watch it once more. It seems that only a few old VHS copies are still around at places like Amazon. I've not had a VHS player for 10 years, so that will do me no good.

It's a great movie and if I am remembering it as it was, Louis Gossett did a near perfect job in his part and as unconventional as he was in his role as the Guardian, he was exactly what they needed. It's one of those politically incorrect stories where you'll find yourself glad it is that way.

I'll keep looking for a DVD but I doubt I'll get another shot at this excellent movie! If you have an opportunity to catch it, make the effort. It's a movie worth your time.
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Martin Sheen, made-for-T.V.-movie-superstar: The Guardian
Joseph P. Ulibas20 August 2005
The Guardian (1984) was one of the many made-for-t.v.-movies that Martin Sheen starred in during the eighties. In this picture he stars as a mealy mouth "liberal" who opposed the strict law enforcement rules of his new apartment security guard (Lou Gossett Jr.) After a several near miss calls for the upper class residents involving the residents, Sheen decides to do some amateur sleuthing and discovers a couple of shady activities that the security guard has been doing. This raises a few questions within Sheen's mind. Does he follow his convictions and rat out the security guard? What about the safety of his neighbors or himself? Will their lives be in peril from the evil hoods that stalk the streets? Why does the Security Guard always acts so shady and secretive? You'll find out the questions to these answers when you watch The Guardian!!

This was a very good t.v. movie. It raises some interesting questions and the film makers leave a t lot of open ended ones as well. Even as a liberal myself, Martin Sheen's character is too stereotypical for my tastes. That's my only qualm with this movie. Other than that, it's a good watch.

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In same boat
Morrisonhig30 December 2017
I recorded it into my video collection from TV many years ago and have made a DVD copy also, but I like the other reviewers would like to own an original copy myself. Currently my Vieod/DVd player is out of action but intend to get a new one and can then make other copies of the film.
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