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The best of the series excellent slasher film the best Friday the 13th movie ever
ivo-cobra824 September 2017
Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter is my all time favorite horror slasher 80's film it is the best one and it is tied with Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives it is my third favorite Friday the 13th film this is a good a really good film. It is one of my personal favorite horror movies. It is my favorite film this is the best one I will always watch this film as many times I will want too I loved it so much I loved it!

Kimberly Beck, Corey Feldman and Crispin Glover made this film work for me. This is Joseph Zito's best film he ever made. After this Joseph Zito went and directed Missing in Action movie with Chuck Norris a year later he directed another actioner Invasion U.S.A. again with Chuck Norris.

I enjoy this movie much you have beautiful cast in here you have a lot's of nudity, great gory and bloody scenes, great kills great heroes. I just love this film to death from setting from acting from jokes everything I love in this film. I think is better than Part 1 and 2 but that is just my opinion. MILES way better then lackluster Part 3: 3D.

Corey Feldman is great as Tommy Jarvis the main hero in this film this is his best film. I love him in The Lost Boys and in this film he was fantastic. Kimberly Beck as Trish Jarvis was excellent in my opinion really excellent I love her so much in here. Crispin Glover was great before he went to star a year later in Back to the Future (1985) my all time favorite film. Amy Steel convinced Peter Barton to play the role of Doug in this movie it was her talking that convinced the actor to make this movie. You have Double mint Twins Camilla and Carey Moore they are great twins. Judie Aronson from American Ninja and Dessert Kickboxer is in this film I barely recognize her but she is in this film. E. Erich Anderson as Rob did a good job as the guy who want's to avenge his sister death.

Special makeup effects artist was Larry Carr, Tom Savini and Kevin Yagher who were practical special effects. No CGI bull sh**t no shaky cam I love all gory and practical effects used in this film. Yes Kimberly Beck can act! There was a beautiful jump scene trough window in which the actress fall. I kind a got a feeling that Wes Craven's Scream imitated that scene and copied it with Sidney (Neve Campbell) falling down from the window on the boat.

The characters in IV were less cartoonish and more likable. I felt for Jimmy and Sarah, they were sweet kids. And ole big jaw, who bites it in the shower, wasn't such a bad guy. Nor was he an egregious stereotype. It feels like the franchise came into its own here. The Final Chapter is well-paced and well-acted, fit with campy dialogue, bloody deaths, and nudity galore. It uses the same formula as previous entries but it's a step above in execution. And it successfully managed to provide closure for the franchise... for a short time, anyway.

The cast is also a little more varied this time around, with the introduction of the Jarvis family as well as Rob. Even though he doesn't accomplish much while alive, Rob was a great addition to the formula as the one guy who actually knows what the hell is going on. His mission, to hunt down Jason and avenge his sister, was an interesting turn for a series full of oblivious dopes. Too bad he doesn't use his genre savvy as well as he should have, losing his best weapons early on to sabotage and then putting up little-to-no actual fight once he finally comes face to face with his prey. Though in the end, without him (the machete and the all-important newspaper clippings are of course Rob's) Trish and Tommy would have probably had no chance in fending off the maniacal Mr. Voorhees.

Which brings me to another thing. Jason is a ruthless killing machine in this one. He doesn't spend 10 minutes walking around and closing barn doors to elicit responses from the curious. And this being an early sequel, he's still active and apt to run after a victim rather than slowly walk and conveniently teleport in front of them. Which makes the end sequence one of the last that had any real urgency to it. And the gore, in addition to being really effective, doesn't seem quite as harshly cut from this one.

The Final Chapter ties the original run of the series together well, and is the last Jason entry that can really be taken seriously.

This is my number 3 favorite Friday the 13th movie I will always watch it, it is my favorite film. It is one of my personal favorite movies. It is one of the strongest in the franchise, The Final Chapter stills holds greatly on suspense, unpredictable scenes and bloody, gory kills! Even if I love Jason Lives to death, this seriously should have been the end of the franchise!

This movie get's my Bad-Ass Seal Of Approval 10/10 this movies are great I love this film to death I love it I highly recommend it to the fans.
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The best in the series.
lnvicta27 June 2015
I've seen every Friday the 13th movie more than once. I'm a horror completist, what can I say, and Friday the 13th happens to be one of the more campy and fun horror franchises out there. The first three were fine - all had great ideas, great kills, and great atmosphere. Unfortunately, there was at least one thing off in each of those movies. The original's climactic ending hasn't aged well and some shots linger for way too long, and some parts of Part III felt clunky and poorly paced. Part IV isn't perfect either, but it's a step above its predecessors for a number of reasons.

1. The acting - No one watches horror for the acting, I understand that, but when a horror movie has a likable cast and characters you can relate to and root for, it makes the experience all the more enjoyable. Crispin Glover is great as a nerdy, horny white boy and his dancing skills are unmatched. The lead girl and the rest of the supporting cast are all convincing as well, and the boy Tommy Jarvis actually isn't annoying for a child actor. In fact, he's pretty darn good.

2. The nudity - No one watches horror for the- okay, some people watch horror for the nudity, and boy is there nudity in this one. For the "final" chapter the crew went all out, throwing two gorgeous sisters and numerous blondes into the mix and having all of them show their tits and ass. Yeah, both, and although its gratuitous and adds nothing to the plot, it's a nice break from the bloodbaths and I'd take a little eye candy over forced dialogue in a horror movie any day of the week.

3. The pacing - The movie begins with Jason's "dead" body being sent to the morgue, and it isn't long before the body count ensues. The hospital scene is excellent for a few reasons. One, it has two characters that have less than five minutes of screen time but more personality than anyone from the first two F13s, and two, their deaths are awesome. It's a briskly paced movie and surprisingly keeps a large amount of its cast alive for a majority of the film, yet there are enough disposable characters to keep the body count going. It's a great balance.

Everything else comes down to good writing and good directing. I like the addition of a family, I like the group of teenage Jason fodder this time around, and there really aren't many dull moments. The inclusion of a seasoned backpacker was a nice touch, and Jason finally getting the sh*t kicked out of him was no doubt satisfying. Although the whole Tommy arc didn't work out in the next installment, he was a nice addition in this one and actually contributed a lot to the story.

Not only is this the best Friday the 13th film, but it's a damn good slasher in its own right. The characters are likable, the third act is plenty suspenseful, it's an entertaining ride from beginning to end. If you like '80s slashers and want to see some good looking people get terrorized by Jason Voorhees then there's no reason not to check this one out. And check out the others too because, why not?
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great donation to the series
paintedwallpaper23 April 2005
Savini's death make-up and Jason effects are at their peak. worth watching for tommy's freak out at the end. Crispen Glover is in it, and performs the ultimate BAD 1980's dance scene, worse than anything in footloose. The body count reaches a great height and the nudity and sex is as gratuitous as ever. I personally feel that this is the best of the original 4 Friday movies, coming in a close race with the third Jason. I've seen all the movies more times than i can count and this one holds up surprisingly strong among all eleven films. For those of you who are Friday fans, if you haven't seen this one, you are missing out on a key moment in Jason's history, so go pick this one up today.
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Some genuine suspense and elevated nudity levels
fertilecelluloid5 December 2005
Joseph Zito, the director hauled in to oversee this fourth installment, previously directed the wretched "The Prowler", the wooly but entertaining "Invasion USA", and would go on to direct the shot-in-South Africa "Red Scorpion" (with Dolph Lungren). Since "The Prowler" was such a stinker, it's hard to see how Zito got the job. Maybe he was a master romancer and could talk actresses out of clothes because this episode in the "Friday" franchise has more nubile nudity and panty shots than any previous entry. It is also the goriest since the original with Savini returning as the effects adviser.

Jason is resurrected from gory pieces and returns to his old ways after a stint on a slab. He has a grudge for a particular family and must tangle with resourceful horror fan and pint-sized weirdo Tommy (Corey Feldman).

Just as the nudity and short shorts levels are elevated, so is the suspense. Using "The Prowler" as a guide on not what to do in a slasher, Zito creates some genuine unease and keeps things moving at a fast and bloody clip. The Euro version of this film, which is the one I have, is gorier than the US version and sexier, too.

The next installment proved to be one of the worst; so if you're going to subject yourself to one "Friday" sequel, choose this.
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Last of the original quadrilogy
dayness24 October 2020
Warning: Spoilers
Yes, quadrilogy. It makes sense because the original 4 all seemed like a big story and had the same tone, the next 4 movies (5 - 8) all seemed a bit more campy and not as serious. The third Quadrilogy (X, goes to hell, FvJ, and the remake) is just everything extra and doesn't really count as any type of saga since they barely follow any continuity. Also I see people downvoting positive reviews for this movie (probably same people who downvoted the negative reviews of the first friday movie), please stop. Please do not just ruin someone's creditability just because of their opinion. You are just wasting your time, please downvote actual reviews that are vague and boring not reviews people really spent hard time expressing. People like you also make this site really toxic :) Moving on to the actual review.

Wow! This movie was REALLY great. It was actually very fun and entertaining to watch from beginning to end, it even explains what happened in the 3 movies before this. It doesn't take long till Jason is back in the scene and his kills are unique and even more brutal than the last movies. The characters here are actually kind of likable, tommy jarvis is the only character to actually be in more than one movie and is a great lead character. He absolutely goes insane and brutally kills Jason in the last scene being a great ending to Jason and I would have been fine with him dying completely due to that. The music is still great and the sound effects used for jason's head going into his own blade are disgustingly awesome. Jason's face also looks pretty creepy. This movie also doesn't have any stupid dream scene or the mystery POV anymore which is also an improvement. I thought the whole "dead f-k" joke was actually pretty funny as well. Overall, out of the original 4 movies, this is definitely the best one and maybe one of the best in the whole series.
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Friday the 13th The Final Chapter: Vast improvement on the previous films
Platypuschow4 October 2017
Friday 13th 1-3 I considered to be generic camp slashers which didn't live up to the iconic legacy that the franchise has built up. This 4th part however was an improvement and I actually quite enjoyed it.

This time with a couple of familiar faces in Crispin Glover and child star legend Corey Feldman the movie actually had a bit of a storyline which the previous ones didn't. Thin storyline absolutely but a storyline all the same.

I didn't entirely understand the logic of the movies finale but everything else was well enough done and though the film pales in comparison to the same years Nightmare On Elm Street it's still a decent slasher feature.

The Good:

Vastly improved death scenes

Actually has a story

The Bad:

Still pretty naff in places

Weak ending

Things I Learnt From This Movie:

If a rubber dinghy gets run through with a machete it'll continue to float because physics

Harpoon gun up the bum is a hell of a way to go
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best of the Friday flicks
unkle_nasty_fingers9 February 2006
This Friday had it all. Out of all the Jason movies this is the one that get's repeated viewings by me. It had so much going for it. Great gore by the master Tom Savini, an excellent cast that included Corey Feldman, Crispin Glover and Lawrence Monoson (Last American Virgin!)....and some excellent TnA....and TWINNSSSSS! This Friday set the bar for all future Friday movies, but it set the bar too high. After this the series became a mockery of itself. If you are to watch only one Jason movie in your lifetime, Friday the 13th part 4 : The Final Chapter should definitely be the one. You cannot go thru your life without witnessing Crispin Glover's cracked out spaz dance at least once. Now don't be a dead****! Go rent this movie NOW!
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As for a horror movie, this one delivers.
pghpunk719 February 2000
I'm a firm believer that horror movies should be judged as horror movies, and not compared when reviewed to films such as The Godfather, and as far as horror films go, this one could easily be the Godfather of em all. Following closely in the tradition of the previous three Fridays, The Final Chapter places Jason smack dab in the middle of two isolated cabins deep in the woods, one occupied by a group of fun loving teenagers and the other by a peaceful lakeside family. Well of course the violence and gross fun is plenty, but what really sets this film apart from a lot of horror flicks and almost all of the Friday the 13th films is it's tone, quality and over all entertainment level. Director Joseph Zito has a sharp eye for detail and Splatter Master Tom Savini sure does send Jason out with a bang. Of course this ended up NOT being The Final Chapter, unfortunately it should have been. After this entry the series really started to go down hill. If your in the mood for a good old fashion 80's slasher flick, this one's for you.
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Friday the 13th The Final Chapter (1984)
jeremynicholsv13 April 2015
Warning: Spoilers
If anyone really thought The Final Chapter was going to be the last Friday the 13th film, they were only fooling themselves. The fourth installment in the franchise looks to kill Jason once and for all, and does away with the 3D gimmick of the previous entry.

The film starts off with the aftermath of Friday the 13th Part 3D, showing us how Jason got carted off to the hospital. The big guy doesn't stay down long though, as he's back up and killing people right away. Meanwhile, the Jarvis family, consisting of Pam (mom), Trish (teenage daughter), and Tommy (young boy) has moved into a cabin on Crystal lake, with a group of teens moving in across the street. Jason works his way back to Crystal Lake and one by one, kills each doped-up, sex-crazed teen before finally meeting his match against Trish and Tommy, the wonder twins.

Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter went back to the seriousness of the first film in the series. Jason is even more violent here, the kills are more gory and just more sadistic this time around. Jason also grunts a few times, as he's killing and being killed, slightly taking him away from being just a killing machine. It's this seriousness that I enjoy about the film, but there are plenty of laughs to be had with a set of actual Double Mint twins, Jimbo being a dead f***, and Ted using his "computer" to try to help his friend get laid.

The teenagers here feel a bit more real here, but are still cannon fodder. The real characters to watch are Tommy and Trish, the brother/sister team. Tommy makes masks and dabbles in special effects, and Trish is a down to earth sweet girl who ends up being Jason's toughest opponent. Another character, Rob, is the brother of one of the girls from Friday the 13th Part 2. I like this little tidbit for the character, that he's out there to find Jason for killing his sister.

As real as the teenagers feel, there is still very little characterization to be found here. I bring this up because slashers like Halloween and Hellraiser were able to get their characters, be it heroes or victims, across in their films. Had the Friday the 13th franchise just slowed down with the kill spots and upped the character development I would have enjoyed it even more.

The film takes place directly after Part 3, which I think is great as it puts parts two, three, and four together as long one story happening over a few days. It also helps the idea of these people coming out to Crystal Lake, as everything is happening so fast no one is able to hear about it before they head out and end up getting killed. You have to think back in the day there was no Twitter or Facebook to spread the news quickly, so no one had an idea as to what was going on.

Joe Zito did a great job of bringing the creepiness back to the franchise after Part 3D gave it up for its effect. I love Friday the 13th Part 3D, but I also love The Final Chapter because they did their best to make Jason a scary figure and the woods a more dangerous place to be. The music here is solid, with the iconic music returning and Tom Savini coming back to help in the make up department.

Overall Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter has a lot going for itself. The kills are nice and gory, there's plenty of nudity, and Jason meets his end thanks to a young Tommy Jarvis, who would return in the next two films. Another great score and slick work by Joe Zito means you'll have a great time watching this one.
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Return to form....
nightwatch477326 March 2013
Has the bloodiest kills of the series and the most nudity in the entire series. Cory Feldman plays the young Tommy Jarvis who will be finally the match Jason is looking for. The film starts off just like Halloween 4 starts off Jason in the morgue but it is not long before Jason is back on his way to Crystal Lake for more mayhem. A young Crispen Clover is on top as well so this little instalment had some star power it was unaware of. The gore factor is really turned up in this sequel that features the most gruesome killings in the series. This entry and maybe part 5 must be the reasons why the MPAA got their little hands dirty with parts 6,7 and 8 which were so heavily edited that compared to today's standards could be viewed on Saturday afternoon with the kids.
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"Hey, Ted, where the hell is the corkscrew?"
ryan-1007525 July 2020
Tom Savini is back. This time it was to kill off in essence the character he created in Jason Vorhees. This was supposed to be the final FRIDAY THE 13TH, but seeming that Paramount made big money off these movies they couldn't just let Jason die.

In the fourth installment Jason is not quite dead yet. So after mutilating his way through the Wessex County Morgue he's back off to Crystal Lake. This time it's a cabin full of rowdy, horny teenagers who happen to be right next door to the Jarvis' with sister Trish (Kimberly Beck) and brother Tommy (Corey Feldman).

While there is nothing new in the story department to me it is the great effects by Savini, the direction from Joseph Zito and a good set up for the final confrontation with Jason...or what was supposed to be. There are some really good kills in this film. Yet at the same time there are some kills that with the fact you have Tom Savini as your effects guy are kind of lacking. It was just decided to have the shadow of the character killed or characters completely killed off screen.

If you have made it this far into the series certainly tune in to this part. Not sure exactly what my favourite FRIDAY THE 13th movie is, but I would say my favourite parts are 2 through 4. They are all flawed, but do have some things going for them. This part does have my favourite Jason though in Ted White. I really enjoyed the earlier versions of Jason and lean toward White and Richard Brooker from part 3.

Also starring Judie Aronson, Peter Barton, Erich Anderson and Crispin Glover as Jimmy. Glover is really great in his role and shows off his amazing ability to dance.
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"Jason's body has disappeared from the morgue."
bensonmum214 May 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I know there are fans out there that feel the fourth installment in the Friday the 13th series is the best. I don't happen to agree. While the first three movies weren't necessarily groundbreaking in their innovation, there were moments in each that we had not seen before – at least in a Friday the 13th movie. By the time Paramount rolled out Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter in 1984, the 80s slasher-boom was in full swing. It was all but impossible to do anything new. Chapter 4 is one big cliché of the slasher genre and a rehash of everything that came before. This one follows the standard formula to a T - A group of idiotic kids go to the woods and for the first 2/3 of the film, we watch them behave like complete morons. Suddenly, and with very little build-up or suspense, Jason shows up and kills everyone in sight. In the end, the one person who seems most incapable of doing so "kills" Jason. The End. I think I wrote something just like this for the other Friday the 13th movies I've written about.

So far, all I've done is blast Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter. To be fair, it's actually not that bad as far as these films go. Most of the credit for this should go to Tom Savini. His special effects are top notch and worth the price of admission. One of my favorite kill scenes in the movie occurs early on with the hospital attendant in the morgue. That head snap is nicely done.
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To put it kindly, Friday the 13th: Part IV: The Final Chapter wasn't the sharpest knife in the drawer. While, it was somewhat entertaining, it was also kinda blunted.
ironhorse_iv13 May 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Let me cut to the chase, and get to the point, 1984's 'Friday the 13th: Part IV: The Final Chapter' was not a good movie. It was kinda dumb. Directed by Joseph Zito, the movie starts right after the events of 1982's 'Friday the 13th: Part III', with Higgins Haven crawling with police and paramedics. The bodies are taken to the morgue, with the not quite dead, killer Jason Voorhees (Ted White) among them. Jason escape and embarks on a new killing spree, as he makes his way back home at Camp Crystal Lake. Without spoiling the movie, too much, I found this movie isn't the one, I been screaming for, even when, I was a kid of the 1990s. I didn't find it, to be that scary. I found it, to be very generic and tiresome at parts, even back then. After all, the movie is pretty much, just recycling the same plot of Part II and Part III. It just added more gimmicky nudity and gore to the mix that certain scenes had to be delete, so it didn't get an X-Rating. Don't get me wrong, make-up artist, Tom Savini was at the top of his game with the gore, and the women actress were hot in the buff, but I was really hoping for more of story or a backstory, than what we got. I just think, it would awesome if they fit more of the original Friday the 13th superstitions in the film. I know the TV series dealt with the bad luck and curses, but the film series should had too. It could had been more fun. Sadly, this movie didn't give, anything new. Stylistically, Friday the 13th: Final Chapter had a lot of the same elements that made the original Friday the 13th a sleeper hit in 1980, such as first-person camera perspectives, gory stalk-and-slash scenes with the same eerily music. One of the biggest problems of the film is trying to connect this to the previous film. The movie took forever to recap the last few films. Another problem with this film and the first two films is the lack of suspense. You know, whom the killer is, so it's predictable as hell. Despite that, Ted White does a good job as Jason. I know that he hated the job and almost quit, because how the director was mistreating the other actors, by ordering them to do, dangerous stunts, but I glad, he stayed. He's one of the best. However, unlike the other movies, there wasn't anybody else to root for. Nobody in this film, were that likable to me. Nor was, anybody acting, great. I found the new group of over the age actors, acting like teenagers, to be very obnoxious and the actors playing the Jarvis family that lived next door to be very bratty. Another thing, all of their characters were very stupid. Honestly, who wise idea, was it, to stay or go near Camp Crystal Lake, after the events of five years ago, 1980's 'Friday the 13th' and what happen, within the last few days of this movie's timeline? I get that, there is contradictions in the timeline present in the films, but gees, people should know, by now, that there is a killer loose near or at Camp Crystal Lake. There is no reason, why the locations is still, having teenagers flocking to party, there. However, I did like the odd little dance that Jimmy (Crispin Glover) does in the middle of the film to the song by Lion's "Love Is a Lie". I found it to be, very funny. No wonder, why that film clip became, such a huge internet meme in later years. Other odd things, I found weird, about this film, is the fact that Jason is still, randomly killing people on dates, that isn't Friday the 13th nor does it have nothing to do, with his mom's murder, nor his supposedly death. Also, I know, it's a bit nitpicking, but how in the hell, does Jason travel around, so fast and knows where everybody is? Does he have teleporting powers, now? Another thing, that was jarring, is that none of the previous cast, survivors, returned for this film. Honestly, how nice, would it be, to see, what happen to Chrissy Higgins (Dana Kimmell) or Ginny Field (Amy Steel)? It would make me, want to watch it. Yes, technically, Chris Higgins briefly appears in the hospital where Jason's body is sent to, along with her parents, but since she view, from her back, we never get to know, if that was truly her or not. Its sucks that this movie lacks a strong "it girl". I was really hoping for a strong female protagonist. As per the title, the film was supposed to be the Grand finale to the series, but less than a year later, another sequel was released, due to the popularity of this film. Without spoiling the ending to this film, too much, I have to say, it was really dumb with Jason retaken somebody else for him. It's just as dumb as the ending to Part II. Also, they really took a misstep with how Tommy Jarvis (Corey Feldman) was going to lead, a new series of 'Jason' films after the fourth. The ending of 1985's 'Friday the 13th: A New Beginning', whom leads up to this, although due to the negative reaction to that film, the idea was soon dropped, and never pick up, again. Overall: This movie isn't an immoral and reprehensible piece of trash like critic, Roger Ebert says it is. On the other hand, it's not good as well. It's just mediocre, at best. It's no movie to die for.
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Among the best sequels in the series
kannibalcorpsegrinder27 September 2012
After moving into a new house on Crystal Lake, a family finds the teens next door have attracted maniacal killer Jason Voorhees to the area and must band together to save each before falling victim to the masked killer.

This one turned out to be among the better entries in the series and is probably the series' best. This one has a lot right, starting with a great smattering of suspense in some creepy, chilling stalking and set-up scenes from the big body count that gets wiped out here, as there's the opening ambush in the morgue, the attack on the hitchhiker and the chilling stalking at the lake with the skinny-dippers there with the freezing winds, rolling fog and truly isolated feels makes it a great scene along with the brutal deaths here. Likewise, the massacre through the house are much more fun here as he manages to wind through the group with absolutely ruthless efficiency going through the upstairs bedrooms, down into the kitchen and finally through the shower wiping everyone out here as there's plenty of great action and suspense throughout this here which all sets up the absolutely greatest part here with what is perhaps the greatest final chase in a series known for having good ones. This here is quite simply one of the best of the entire series as there's a ton to absolutely love here in this chase, with tons of sprawling action here as the lengthy piece runs through several houses and up throughout varying floors on each location along with the constant barricades he has to smash through, chilling suspense in the fact that a child is frequently in the middle of the action that has to be protected along with herself, psychological tactics here with the attempt to mess with his head that comes off quite logically and even some jumps here with the constant bodies thrown through windows and Jason crashing through doors to get at them, culminating in one of the most notorious gore gags in the genre as a brilliant ending to such an excellent series of events. As well, there's a huge amount of blood and gore on display in pretty fun, graphic manners with some of the most brutal kills here as there's such intensity here that gives this an additional measure of fun here with the fact that Jason here is one of the most imposing figures in the genre as he is throughout here. These here all give this plenty of eerie chills and creepiness here as this one really makes for an exciting series of scenes which gives this such a spectacular pace here that it never becomes too dull or boring as something's always happening in this one. Added together alongside some truly hilarious moments both intentional and not and a huge heaping of nudity, this one gets a lot of stuff right as a slasher. There's still a few flaws here, mainly in the continued stupidity by the characters to want to invite themselves to a place that harbored a mass murder rampage the last few days before, considering each of these films takes place the following day, and there's no reason why that should be. As well, many of the supposedly funny character traits are just plain irritating, making that section of the film a little tough to get through when it's supposed to be funny but clearly isn't. These aren't anywhere near enough to knock this down from among the better slasher entries.

Rated R: Continued Full Nudity, Extreme Graphic Violence, Graphic Language, a few sex scenes and drug use.
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Really Amazing!
babydolljessica16 September 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter Is Awesome! Jason Is Amazing Again And He Is Creepy. The Kills Are Awesome! Tommy Jarvis Is Amazing. Tommy's Sister Is Great. Tom Savini Did A Great Job With The Gore Effects. Jason's Death Was Awesome! The Ending Was Great. This Is My 3rd Favorite Friday The 13th Film. I Love This Movie!
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Last Remaining Good in the Series
slideon25 December 2008
The first four Friday the 13th movies are the best, by far. The next 7 films were half-baked money makers. And if you ask me, Paramount should have left it at this film.

Part 4 combines action, horror, thriller, suspense, and even mystery. And the opening sequence is a combined amount of clips from the previous 3 films. The opening sequence explains the series quickly, so Part 4 is a great Friday the 13th film to start with.

The film will have less appeal to fans of the similar series, Halloween. The Final Chpater may combine elements from the previous 3 films, but seems to steal ideas and share ideas with Halloween. Friday the 13th was inspired by Halloween, but at times it seems as too much.

Overall, the film is the last Friday the 13th film you should watch.
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Another great sequel with more of the same.
jp_9128 November 2019
This fourth sequel is again about Jason murdering teenagers in Crystal lake. Some new characters, the famous Tommy Jarvis is introducing. Tom Savini gore effects are really brutals and amazing done. Kimberly Beck performance is cool and the cinematography is perfect and effective. A great sequel, the last great sequel of the franchise.
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The Point Where the Series Started Getting Watchable
gavin694223 April 2007
How many times do you have to stab Jason Voorhees before he dies? Apparently many times, because he returns yet again. This time a family (mother, son, daughter), a house full of teenagers, and a hunter (who happens to be the brother of a prior Jason victim) are the unfortunate ones to be in Jason's path. Is this, as the title suggests, the "final chapter"?

Many people give this film a low rating, and maybe they're looking at it differently than I do. To me, you can make only so many movies of a guy hacking up teenagers before the idea gets a little stale. Part four (this film) is when the crew realized you could break up the monotony with a little humor. So now in part four you have a fair amount of laughs, some improved gore (compared to the first few films) and the same old formula of killing kids.

You also have two key guest stars: Corey Feldman and Crispin Glover. You cannot play down the Feldman power here. Sure, he's young. But he really steals the show and watch his expressions when he finds some neighbors doing something naughty. Feldman's absence from this film would likely have lead to dullness and the premature death of the series.

Glover, meanwhile, is the humorous aspect. Well, okay, not just Glover -- the whole opening scene with Axel the Coroner is morbidly amusing (and really anticipates part nine's coroner). But Crispin Glover is fun to watch, and his "white boy dance" is pretty amusing.

The inclusion of character Rob Dier (brother of part two's Sandra Dier) is a good move, adding some continuity to the movie, further connecting it to the previous films. And for horror fanboys who like nudity (and you know you do), this is the episode that contains by far the most nudity in the series. For some people, that's all it takes to sell a picture.

So I understand if people rank this film lower because they think it's getting stale or if the humor makes them think the creators aren't taking the series seriously anymore. As for me, that's what makes this one of my favorite episodes in the series (probably in my top three out of eleven films). We have a crew that just wants to have fun, and if we go along for the ride we have a little fun ourselves. Seems fair.
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manitobaman8122 August 2014
After being mortally wounded and taken to the morgue, murderer Jason Voorhees spontaneously revives and embarks on a killing spree as he makes his way back to his home at Camp Crystal Lake. The cinematography is stark and bare, with only the soundtrack adding some effect. This is one of the bleakest films I have seen in a long time. All characters are surviving in a grim world. From an artistic standpoint, there were some plot elements and character developments I didn't think were needed. They do however drive the story, which seemed to be their purpose, so I can accept them. The film is dark, brooding, intense and most of all violent. I give it 7/10.
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Cheesy Slasher...plenty of service, no suspense.
Cadriel21 April 2001
Warning: Spoilers
I'd say this review was going to be a spoiler, but...well, to be honest, it's a slasher movie. You know how it's going to go.

Friday the 13th: the Final Chapter features a small family made up of a relatively young mother, the movie's "innocent" girl, and a young video game player and mask-making prodigy (a young Corey Feldman) that lives out into the woods. A bunch of teenagers rent the house next door for a night of debauchery. Jason Voorhees, being a slasher, wasn't adequately killed last time, so he gets to come back now. The non-character teenagers in the house, like most people in this film, exist only to increase the body count and have no discernable character traits except for degree of sexual experience, which is enough to get them all killed by the end of the film, playing straight by the rules.

This episode of Friday the 13th follows the slasher cliches to the letter, but the only times suspense is even attempted are during a few "false scare" scenes early in the movie and in the final chase sequence. The actual killings just aren't all that scary--Jason murders again and again. It's a badly shot, poorly lit, trashy fast-food slasher with wretched acting. You can pretty much not only call every death, but from time to time predict the exact manner of the death.

As far as gore and T&A go, Friday 4 delivers, but in that "fast-food" style. As a result, it doesn't even hold a lot of fun for slasher fans. It reeks of lack of effort, and really wasn't entertaining as teen-killer fare goes. Avoid it--you'll find a slasher that does it with more style pretty easily.
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One of the Best In the Franchise
kayrannells1 November 2020
If this had truly been the final chapter of the franchise, I think people would have been much more satisfied. Everything about this film feels bigger - like an event. Jason's meaner, the kills are nastier (and less chopped up by the MPAA), and the cast is likable.
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Of the first four, The Final Chapter is the best
sambson19 March 2020
The first 4 in the Friday the 13th series deliver solid films. Part 3 is the weakest of that bunch, but all of them achieve their ends. These 4 films are only incrementally better or worse than the others, but of this group, The Final Chapter is the best.
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Another Solid Installment
david_rudy_lee16 January 2020
Now this was one of the Friday the 13th films I saw a lot growing up. This one always seemed to be on the movie channels and when this started, I settled right in like putting on a familiar outfit for sure. The synopsis is after being mortally wounded and taken to the morgue, murderer Jason Voorhees (Ted White and Tom Savini) spontaneously revives and embarks on a killing spree as he makes his way back to his home at Camp Crystal Lake.

We start this right where the previous film ended. Jason is dead in the barn and he's loaded into an ambulance and taken to the hospital. There we get to meet a nurse and the morgue attendant, Axel (Bruce Mahler). The two of them have been sleeping together, but she's getting fed up with him. Morgan (Lisa Freeman) is the nurse and she gets spooked when Jason's hand falls off the table and touches her. These become his first two victims here as he wakes up and makes his way back to his home.

It then introduces us to our cast for this film. There's a family where the mother is going through a divorce. She is Mrs. Jarvis (Joan Freeman). Her daughter is Trish (Kimberly Beck) and son is Tommy (Corey Feldman). Coming to stay for the weekend is a group of 6 people. There's Samantha (Judie Aronson) who is seeing Paul (Clyde Hayes). There's also Doug (Peter Barton) who is seeing Sara (Barbara Howard). Then finally we have Ted (Lawrence Monoson) and Jimmy Mortimer (Crispin Glover). These two guys are single and end up meeting twins on the way to the lake, Tina (Camilla More) and Terri (Carey More). Trish and Tommy meet Rob (Erich Anderson) who helps them with their car trouble and tells them he's there to hunt bears. Trish takes a liking to him as does Tommy.

That night is starts to rain as Jason picks them off one by one. In typical slasher fashion, they don't realize it as they go off for various different reasons and Rob might be there for something more than what he's letting on.

As I said, I really have a found spot for this one as it seemed that this one and the next part of what is now dubbed the Jarvis Trilogy. Trying to temper my nostalgia a bit, I came into this with a critical eye and can say that I still dig it. We get an interesting group of characters that are diverse and I actually feel connections with them before they start to get picked off if I'm going to be perfectly honest. If you can do that, you have me on board, especially in a slasher.

I love that this one picks up where the last one left off. I don't think that it really violates any continuity here from what we got in the past so that's something else that I like. As a story guy, I want to you continue on. This one also did give us a good point where we've killed off the human form of Jason if they wanted to end it here. This shouldn't come as a spoiler though that it isn't in that we've gotten 7 more from this as well as a remake.

I think that the pacing of it is really good as well. It doesn't waste any time establishing that this starts right after the other. I do find it interesting that it takes a couple days for Jason to get back to his home so this doesn't take place on a Friday the 13th. To be honest, if my memory serves, only the first one does as these are all within like 3 month period. After the death starts, I think it goes into a solid slasher where we periodically get more kills and the tension builds as the survivors realize that everyone is being picked off. I was down for how this ends as well.

From here I want to shift to the acting, which I think is pretty strong for the most part. I think a lot of this is from the character development though. Feldman is interesting as I don't feel he's the main character until near the end. I like that they establish he's into making monster masks as it fits for what he does at the end in defeating Jason. I also like Anderson's reveal as things progress. It is an interesting aspect to the film for sure. I like that we get the opposite characters in Aronson and Howard, with one has a reputation and the other is a prude. Glover has low self-esteem as his girlfriend recently broke up with him and his best friend Monoson is over confident. I think they do really well in establishing all of this. There's some overacting, but it's also a slasher so I'm not looking for Oscar worthy performances.

That will take me next to the effects, which I knew that Savini came back to kill off Jason. He was infamously known that he thought the original was going to be a one off and didn't understand how Jason could be the killer. We get some great kills that look real with how good he is at practical effects. I love the staging of the bodies as well that are done after they're dead. The cinematography is well done in my opinion and I have no issues there.

The final thing to cover is the soundtrack. Harry Manfredini is back to do the score and although, this isn't my favorite in the series, it is still really good. We get a lot of the iconic theme song that we hear in a lot of them to build tension. He does that really well here and it really fits for what was needed.

Now with that said, I understand that this has some flaws. This is really one of my favorites though in the series if I'm going to be honest. Part of that comes from the nostalgia, but I think we get some really distinct characters that I feel bad for as Jason is picking them off. We get good kills, it is paced in a way where it does waste time and gets tense as we go. The effects look great from Savini and although not the best soundtrack in series, I think it really still is solid. This could have ended the series, but I don't blame them for continuing from here to start the Jarvis trilogy. I find this to be good movie for sure.
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The Final Chapter...are you sure
michaelRokeefe30 December 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Right when you think you can't sit through another one; think again. Strap yourself in for some good slashing and dicing. Psychopathic killer Jason Voorhees (Ted White) is hauled to the morgue finally believed dead. Signs of life and breathing go unnoticed. Jason escapes the morgue leaving behind blood and guts. Meanwhile a group of teens have rented a cabin for the weekend. They know little of nothing about Camp Crystal Lake, where Jason goes back home to rehab. You know the rest. Not wanting to spoil it; but talk about some harsh and horrific killing of young people. This is one of the best of the franchise.

The cast also features: Erich Anderson, Kimberly Beck, Crispin Glover, Corey Feldman, Judie Aronson, Lawrence Monoson and Peter Barton.
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On Par with the Original
baileycrawly26 October 2019
It's becoming a trend with these movies as I review them: they're fun slashers. They don't change the world or make (in my estimation) a significant impact on the horror genre, but they really aren't trying to. What they want to do is give you a good time, and this one, just like the three before it, didn't fail. The biggest thing that I, as a viewer watching this series in a very short span of time, get extremely sick of, and that is the way of re-introducing the victims in the final act of each film. It relies too much on coincidence and, with all the killing Jason does in the run of one of these films, where does he find the time? This movie, which was supposed to be the last (how many times have horror franchises pulled that move on us now?), isn't as bad as the original was for over-acting. The special effects are getting better and I absolutely love what they did with Jason at the end (not saying any more for fear of spoiling the movie). This one has a very young Corey Feldman, and honestly I thought he gave the best performance of the film. Even from a young age he was a terrific actor. I think, after the viewing, I like this one better than the original, but I still say the third one was my favorite of the series thus far.
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