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You are about to enter a world where the unexpected, the unknown, and the unbelievable meet.
You are about to enter a world where kingdoms are built on earth that moves, and skies are filled with fire.
A world that holds creation's greatest treasure... and greatest terrors.
A world where the mighty, the mad, and the magical will have their final battle.
A spectacular journey through the wonders of space and the mysteries of time, from the boundaries of the incredible to the borders of the impossible.
It is a world where sandworms 1,000 feet long guard creation's greatest treasure - the spice that prolongs life. And enables the mind to fold space and slow time. Where a prophecy will be fulfilled. And a young leader with incredible powers will emerge to command an army of five million warriors in the final battle for control of a universe and its source of ultimate power. The planet called Dune.
Its surface is barren. Its true strength hidden. Its foreboding desert conceals the power to fold space, to slow time, to send the mind where the body cannot go. It is the source of the ultimate power. It is the deadly battleground where a young leader will emerge to command an army of six million warriors against the tyrannical force that threatens to enslave the universe. It is the clash for the greatest prize of all... The planet called Dune.
A world beyond your experience, beyond your imagination.
A place beyond your dreams. A movie beyond your imagination.
The motion picture event for 1984

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