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How kids movies have changed..
bgm19759 March 2008
I fondly remember this movie and watch it to this day. Its amazing how, as kids, we saw this movie in the 80s where a child is being chased, shot at, almost stabbed, threaten to have his knee caps blown off and shot in the gut, kill 3 guys (2 not by him but caused by him)and be held hostage...and it was a family film rated PG! Still this movie didn't dumb down the dangers of real violence, international terrorism, espionage, and dangerous people. A movie made like this today would make the kid a genius and the bad guys clumsy and stupid. I do miss serious films like this for kids. They never dumbed it down and took the audience seriously. Movies like Poltergeist, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Dark Crystal (Which scared me to death), The Neverending Story, and more always played to the intelligence of the audience. Now all we have is fart jokes and one-note slapstick. When my kids get old enough I do want them to watch these 80s film and learned to appreciate good film-making, something lacking in the 21st century, and by box-office results, the audience notices it too.
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Jack Flack always escapes!
Kastore30 September 2002
It's movies like this one that are the reason I love movies. One of the greatest forgotten gems of the 80s, "Cloak & Dagger" is the exciting tale of deadly spies, imaginary superheroes, and ATARI. Henry Thomas ("E.T.") plays Davey Osborne, a lonely boy who has escaped into the fantasy world of his favorite video game hero - Jack Flack. Dabney Coleman gives the greatest performance of his career in the dual roles of Jack Flack and Davey's father. Sporting the coolest-looking leather bomber jacket and beret ever seen, Flack guides young Davey through the treacherous world of real spies, real secrets, and real bullets. Davey must keep an ATARI game cartridge containing plans for an invisible bomber plane encoded inside of it out of traitorous spies' hands, but no adult believes him, and he gets little help from the only person who does - his even younger friend Kim. A young William Forsythe co-stars as the gaming genius who unlocks the code within the cartridge. And Louis Anderson also has a short cameo towards the end.

"Cloak & Dagger" is an excellent movie about a boy who must face the dangers of the world all by himself following the death of his mother and his father's preoccupation with work. Dabney Coleman's character of Jack Flack is the best imaginary mentor ever featured in a film, preceding the likes of Tyler Durden and Frank the Bunny by over 15 years. The ending is truly touching and inspiring. This movie also has a heartwarming message to it - that at some point, you must learn to handle life's challenges all by yourself. And also that the greatest heroes exist in real life, not in fantasy. "Cloak & Dagger" is a film suitable for the whole family whose time has finally come to get the recognition it deserves. 10/10
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A Little Seen Gem
GradyQ21 June 2003
CLOAK & DAGGER is a wonderful film from the '80s, a touching story about a boy who has an overdeveloped imagination, largely due to his mother being dead and his father being a career military man who often seems too busy for his son. The boy, Davey, has an imaginary friend by the name of Jack Flack who looks just like his dad. His imaginary spy games and tall tales tend to get on his father's nerves, and there is talk of sending him to a psychiatrist. When Davey actually does witness a horrible murder and is given a video game cartridge with top secret plans encoded inside, he tells his father about it and of course he doesn't believe him. He thinks it's just another one of his son's tall tales. Davey soon realizes that it's up to him and Jack Flack to get out of this alive, and a deadly game of cat and mouse ensues with the spies who are after the game cartridge. This film is great in large part due to the gifts of Dabney Coleman. In a duel performance here, he's equally perfect as both Col. Osborne, buttoned up military guy, and as Jack Flack, the idealized, slicker version of the same man. It's really a great father-son movie, with plenty of action to entertain even the dimmest of children. Obviously inspired by the Bobby Driscoll classic THE WINDOW, CLOAK & DAGGER is a timeless classic for the whole family to enjoy.
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A great family movie!
Walter Frith4 March 1999
Henry Thomas (E.T., The Extra-Terrestrial) made this film two years after that incredible hit. Dabney Coleman ('Tootsie') stars as his father who is a military officer. Thomas' mother has died and his father is busy with his career. In the face of this, Thomas turns to an imaginary friend in the form of a spy. With visions of his imaginary friend, he becomes involved in an espionage plot involving government defence secrets.

Children will embrace this film as all of us at that age have had imaginary friends. The movie is evenly paced and builds up to an exciting climax the way an adult thriller would say in the form of a James Bond movie but while doing this the film doesn't insult the intelligence of children --- a lot of whom are more intelligent than we give them credit for.
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Hitchcock for kids
kylopod10 July 2007
It's quite an experience watching a movie that you haven't seen since childhood. Your memories of the film are filtered through an innocent perspective you no longer possess, and as you watch the film again you're struck by how different it looks to you now, even as the memories flood back.

Some of my favorite films from childhood, like "The Neverending Story," have not stood up well as I've grown older. Others, I've found, have been enhanced by my adult perspective. "Cloak & Dagger" falls in the latter category. Interestingly, my overall opinion of the film has not changed. Back in 1984, I perceived it as a good but not great film. I still perceive it that way.

At age seven, I enjoyed how the movie blurred the line between fantasy and reality. That's one of the techniques that make for good children's movies, the recognition that a child's fantasy life can feel as real as anything else happening around him. And movies in which the child's fantasies literally come true seem like vindication to young viewers.

Henry Thomas of "E.T." fame plays a youngster mourning his mother's death by escaping into a fantasy world of adventure games. He has an imaginary friend called Jack Flack, a suave super-spy with a passing resemblance to the boy's father (Dabney Coleman, in a wonderful dual role). The father, a hardened Air Force pilot, loves his son but wants him to grow up, telling him that real heroes are those who put food on the table, not those who go around shooting people. That may seem a harsh thing to say to a child, but the boy does appear to be having psychological problems, unable to distinguish between fantasy and reality even though he's old enough to know the difference. So when he witnesses the actual murder of an FBI agent, who slips him a video game cartridge right before dying, the boy is the last person anyone will believe. He knows the murderers will be after him next, but how will he get his dad to believe him soon enough to stay home from work the next day?

What's nice about the film is the seamless way it combines the conventions of adult thrillers and children's adventures. The child as the murder witness whom no one will believe is a setup that would have made Hitchcock proud. I'm sure the filmmakers realized the connection, for there are many nods to Hitchcock, including a visual allusion to "Vertigo" as the murder victim plummets down a long stairway, and a plot that combines elements of "Rear Window" and "North by Northwest." Like the latter, the movie greatly exploits its locale. Viewers who have been to San Antonio will recognize many of the places, including the River Walk, the setting for a unique chase scene.

Then there is the MacGuffin of the "Cloak & Dagger" cartridge itself, a special copy containing information important to the bad guys (whom the kid perceives to be spies, but who may simply be mobsters). The Atari game looks quite primitive today, and the scenes in which the boy calls upon his geek friend (William Forsythe) to crack the code will probably not impress those who take interest in computer espionage. But that hardly matters. The filmmakers understand, as Hitchcock did, that the MacGuffin is there only to move the plot along, and is not independently important.

As the boy evades the villains, Jack Flack keeps appearing and giving him kernels of advice. Although we realize that Flack won't say anything the boy doesn't already know, he helps the boy keep his calm and use his ingenuity to defeat some dangerous men, while gradually learning he doesn't need an imaginary friend. This isn't like "Home Alone" where the villains are portrayed as cartoon idiots. The movie takes its relatively uncomplicated plot seriously and manages to make some sense, without feeling manufactured. While it doesn't pretend to be realistic, it does grow out of the basic truth that adults don't take kids as seriously as they should.

The movie also confirms, once again, that Henry Thomas was one of the best child actors of all time. A lesser actor could have easily sunk this movie, as indeed Christina Nigra, playing the girl next door, almost does. She is cute, but can't act to save her life. Thomas never feels like he's acting, and as a result we almost can believe in the absurd events even when we watch the movie as adults, long having set aside our own childhood fantasies.
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Classic for kids, enjoyable for adults
mara-mirax9 October 2001
Short and sweet: I loved this movie as a kid--now I'm an adult and I still love it. Yes, the computers and games are horribly dated. Heck, my computer from two years ago is horribly dated. That doesn't change the fact that this is a solid, exciting movie which is appropriate for most school-age children without being dumb or talking down to them. I know there's nostalgia involved in this, but kids movies have gone downhill since the '80's. We had The NeverEnding Story, Labyrinth, The Dark Crystal, The Secret of Nimh, The Goonies, Cloak & Dagger...what do kids today have? See Spot Run. ANYWAY, this is a good movie, your kids will probably like it (if only to see what video games were like in the dark ages) and you'll like it, too.
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Dabney Coleman's five years of dominance
Cloak and Dagger was one of my favorite films as a child and continues to hold up well as time passes by. A reminder, in many ways, how much Dabney Coleman's performances marked the years 1980-1985. Henry Thomas remains in many ways one of a scant few child actors to make their mark in multiple films (something Disney has struggled with in recent years, even with the attempts to market mediocre talents like Hilary Duff and Lindsey Lohan). And in an era where role playing games of any nature were looked down on, this portrayed them in a heroic light-"Jack Flack always escapes".

There are a number of skilled character actors who make up the supporting cast for this film, and the script continues to hold up to today's standards. In many ways, this film should act as a template for movie studios looking to craft a story for young audiences, as opposed to "Shark Boy and Lava Girl".
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Come in Lady Ace...
Pepper Anne5 April 2004
I first saw Cloak and Dagger when a substitute teacher showed it to our 6th grade class. It was the coolest movie I'd ever seen because it was an action movie about kids who solve a mystery and save the day.

Henry Thomas is Davey Osbourne. His entire life is an imaginary world of secret spies. And to aid in his games of eluding spies and dodging secret plans of assasination, Davey defers to his wartime hero, Jack Flack, an action hero that he has turned into an imaginary playmate as well as a father figure guidance to make up for an absentee father.

But Davey soons finds himself in trouble as the imaginary world becomes a reality when he witnesses a shooting in a stairwell. But, before the victim draws his last breath, he hands Davey a Cloak & Dagger video cartridge that contains top secret plans. And, while the adults think he is just playing another game, Davey and his sassy friend Kim and Jack Flack all try to solve the crime.

It is a great movie in part because you get a peak at the imagination of a twelve-year-old-boy and, once again, because a few clever kids get to save the day. It definitely looked like a fun movie to make.
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A film to me that will be fondly remembered...
eve6kicksass31 July 2000
A lot of people love E.T., my self included. I cannot recall whether I saw it in the theaters, but Henry Thomas became a household name after that movie came out. The truth is when I think of Henry Thomas, I don't immediately think of E.T., but of CLOAK & DAGGER, which was one of my favorite films as a kid and will forever be one of my favorites. And yet there is something truly bizarre that always comes to me while watching it. I've never been a fan of video games. In fact, I think most of them are stupid, a waste of time and money. CLOAK & DAGGER was a video game I believe (well, it is in the movie). Henry Thomas stars as Davy Osbourne, an imaginitive 11-year-old who loves his favorite superhero Jack Flack, who he likes to view as his make-believe hero. Set in San Antonio during the summer, the film has Thomas going to run an errand for a friend, and owner of a computer store, and gets involved in something he never dreamed of: a real-life game involving spies and a video game. No one will believe him after he reports of a man being shot and murdered in front of his own eyes, including his own father an Air Force sergeant, played just wonderfully by Dabney Coleman, who I've enjoyed in everything from 9 to 5 to Tootsie. The movie soon becomes a roller coaster ride as Thomas is attempting to get away from the spies before they kill him. The plot is riveting and believable, which is the real reason why this pulled me in at such a young age. I can't imagine an actor better than Thomas in this lead role. Coleman is equally memorable as his father, who also plays Jack Flack. Michael Murphy, a great character actor, is chilling as the head spy. I recommend this film for anyone and everyone. ***1/2 out of 4.
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For Kids Only
ccthemovieman-113 December 2006
This started off very strong with a fun spoof of James Bond-type spy movies with Dabney Coleman playing a secret agent using funny gimmicks in a short action scene.

After that it settled down into a story of a young boy, "Davey Osborne," (Henry Thomas) who accidentally stumbles onto real-life spies and with the help of his imaginary super-hero, eludes them as they chase him down.

The familiar storyline of nobody believing the young boy got tiresome quickly and the cloak- and-dagger scenes were too juvenile for adults to enjoy. The kids might like as the focus is entirely on "Davey" and his little friend "Kim," who, by the way, is very annoying and a poor actress.

Coleman, meanwhile, plays a double role: the "invisible" hero and "Davey's" real-life father.
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DVD version better than VHS version
brandonhoward8 February 2005
This was one of my all time favorite films. If it weren't for IMDb I wouldn't have even known that this move was available on DVD so thank you IMDb!

I received my DVD last week and was very happy to get the DVD version because my original VHS and is very old. The W/S format looked good on my W/S TV and the 2 channel Dolby sounded good. The picture quality is a great improvement over the VHS version although I noticed one scene where Davey and Jack were walking through the mall was extremely grainy. I was surprised that the people that did the transfer did not try to clean it up a bit more, but other than that one particular scene the picture was good throughout the DVD. As some have stated here I too wish there were more DVD options such as outtakes and interviews and the like. Over all I'm really glad to have the DVD.

P.S. Jack Flack always escapes.
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Loved this one as a kid.
Aaron137522 May 2003
This movie seems like it should be older to me, maybe 83 mainly because I can't believe it came out the same year as Ghostbusters and Gremlins and a host of other movies I saw that year. This movie is kind of a more realistic version of Spy Kids even though this one is a bit hard to believe in its own right. Still though it has good pacing and a rather good plot. The story revolves around a boy who has an imaginary friend called Jack Flack a character from this spy game the kid loves (kind of a dungeons and dragons game). Not coincidentally, this character also resembles his dad (both his dad and Jack Flack are played by Dabney Coleman). The kid gets his hands on a video game that has some sort of secret as this killers are on his tail to get the game back and they do kill people along the way. Kind of violent considering this one is geared toward to kids. This movie is also set in beautiful San Antonio, Texas a city I have visited in the past. So many of the sites within the movie I had actually been too.
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Cutting edge but lustreless!!
Starting a good premisse and walking an unusual ground the picture for some reasons never take off,a mix of juvenile action with a parallel word won't convince anyone,besides Dabney Coleman was maked by previous works as a crook is totally miscasting for this role,the high point are two old characters who stolen the show easily Jeanette Nolan and John McIntire and the rare opportunity to visit the legendary "The Alamo"at least on a brief time on TV.,and for those who loves Land of the Giants like me pay attention on Airport security chief.....Linden Chiles...Joe/Logar in the episode The Flight Plan,a bit too good memories!!


First watch: 1986 / How many: 3 / Source: TV-DVD / Rating: 6.5
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The Best American Movie
Laurin Castle2 December 2005
Warning: Spoilers
'Cloak and Dagger' is the best American movie, I have ever watched. Every child should have get the possibility to watch this movie. The movie is old, but... is that a reason not to watch it? The acting of Henry Thomas who played the friend of 'E.T.' in the past was brilliant. Every moment, every second in this movie was exciting. A small boy disappointed by his father in reality was living with an man in his fantasy, who was every moment he needed him at place. The boy was hunted by criminals who wanted to get an computer-game from him. But together with his friend in fantasy he escaped every time and did his best to keep this game with him. At the end of this movie is a great explosion, and the boy thinks, his hero is dead, but he is alive. But not in this way he has him in his mind. The hero who comes out of the explosion is his own father. From now on his father is his hero. And the boy is forever back in the reality. The best ending part I have ever seen. !!! The German name of the Movie is: 'Ein Tödliches Spiel' I'm proud to got this movie on an old VHS-Tape with original cover after long time I was searching for. I will keep this videotape as strong as the boy did keep his computer-game 'Cloak and Dagger'. This movie was perfect !!!
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Where to begin...
Elisabeth22 July 2005
I guess I will begin at the rating. I seriously think this should have been rated PG-13, simply because: What kid 12 and under wants to imagine that when they get rid of their imaginary friend by stomping his toy into the ground, the imaginary friend becomes real and gets a bunch of bullet holes in it and bleeds to death in front of the kids eyes? You would also think someone 12 and under (I'm just assuming that most teenagers wouldn't take this part too seriously) would not want to imagine that some adults with really big guns do, in fact, hunt kids for a living. Oh and then of course I'm sure all kids want to have images of winding up in the trunk of a car with their best friend, who has been shot in the head. One last thing and I promise I'll stop talking about the rating...I figure that anyone who takes movies seriously (aka younger kids) is now deathly afraid that their grandparents or someone else's grandparents are now going to kidnap them and hijack a plane with them. =)

Although she was cute, I must say I think Christina Nigra didn't do all that great a job on acting. Just like in E.T., Henry Thomas did a great job, but, unfortunately, that didn't really make the story any better.

The story did have some hidden potential, but they could have found a better, not so violent (or just change the rating), way to carry it out, and they could have found better actors to do it with.

I did think at the beginning of that garage scene where Davey has to drive with one of the bad guys' cars was pretty darn funny. That kid did one heck of a peel out...certainly a heck of a lot better than I could have done. (Yes I do realize it did become more like an 8 year old's driving after that, but the beginning was funny.)
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Horrible with a little interest
wsst18 August 2001
Don't be mislead by the fact that some adults remember this movie fondly. It is really horrible with bad adult acting, bad child acting, bad bit-part acting, bad wardrobe, bad directing, bad plot development and a horrible film score that would be more appropriate for one of those ABC Afterschool Specials.

Obsolete Atari 8-bit computers and games are prominently featured, which might make it slightly interesting in a retro way. Due to the speed of computer development, this movie is tied to the early 1980's. So it might be interesting from a retro point of view. Also you can see Louie Anderson doing an awful job in a bit part.

If you live in San Antonio, or visit it you might find it interesting to see the city in 1984. Scenes were shot on the riverwalk, on riverboats, at the Tower Life building and inside and outside the Alamo. (How did the Daughter of the Republic of Texas let them in there?) On the river are the old wooden boats of the 1960 through early 1990's and the now long gone paddle boats which people used to be able to rent.

Unless you are a fan of bad movies, 1980's retro or want to see San Antonio in the 1980's I suggest that this movie is not worth the time to watch it at any price.
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Great memory
mangiman2 June 2003
This movie was on HBO everyday for a two month stretch when I was a kid. And I never missed it. I thought it was the coolest movie ever. I had those little high end soldier figures. Tons of them. You use to be able to buy all kinds of knights, civil war soldiers, modern soldiers. Great time to be a geek. :) I wish it was on DVD.
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shneur13 December 2005
Well, now I know where Tin Soldier (1995) and Bogus (1996) came from, though why there was a need to make the same dull, silly movie THREE TIMES I can't tell. Henry Thomas was much better in E.T., and even he seems to realize there just isn't much to work with in this tired story of the boy with a penchant for fantasy who isn't believed when something rather fantastic actually happens. This story falls flat because the main character, Davy, can't make decisions or do much of anything without adult direction. What kid wants to see that? Christina Nigra, who plays opposite Thomas as "Kim," definitely out-acts him, but her character doesn't offer any more model of competence than his. Would you want your kids to be like these? Nah.
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Atari was a joke! A sick joke! *Spit!* I spit on Atari! :-D
Kristine11 November 2006
Another film that my friend lent me, man, it's like she lent me the Brady Bunch variety pack of family friendly movies. :-P Eh, it's all good. But she bought this recently at a store and told me how it was one of her favorite childhood movies, when I told her I never saw it, she looked at me all shocked and told me that I simply had to see this movie. That it was so adorable and a great family film, so she lent it to me and here is my review.

It's about this boy, Davey, and his imaginary friend, Jack Flack. Together they go on an adventure when Davey is in a hospital and sees a scientist who has just been shot and gives him a "Cloak and Dagger" game cover and tells him it's top secret. It turns out that the game opens up secrets of military weapons and now Davey is being chased by the bad guys who want this secret, but who can he trust?

It was an alright film, I can see myself enjoying it when I was a kid, but as an adult, I wasn't really amused. I guess when you grow up with something, you still will always have a soft part in your heart for the movie, I think that's the case for my friend. But I'd recommend it for the kids despite some major unrealistic situations, it was a cute family film.

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Must see David vs Goliath!!
jason695355549 January 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Awesome movie. David vs. Goliath with Davey taking on these mean, tough adults. The acting in this movie was awesome.The use of San Antonio landmarks was cool especially how they tied them into the story (The Alamo,Riverwalk).Great underrated cast of actors (Dabney Coleman,Michael Murphy, Nicholas Guest).This movie will bring joy to a lot of people. In addition this movie is like ET grown up. I like seeing a young kid outwitting older people and this movie delivers that.I recommend this movie to anyone who is a fan of ET,children's movies,or any adult that wants to try a different type of action flick. Definitely a must see!!!
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Regarding the previous rating comment
TVFreak10105 January 2006
It was commented by another reviewer that the movie should have been rated PG-13 due to the violence of the movie. However, it should be pointed out that the PG-13 rating had just been created the year this movie was released and the definitions of content were still a bit loose between PG and PG-13. Therefore, movies that should have been rated PG-13 were still being released as PG (Beetlejuice being one example) for some time after it's creation.

That being said, the PG rating is defined as follows: Rated PG Parental Guidance Suggested—Some Material May Not Be Suitable For Pre-Teenagers That's a very loose definition and certainly doesn't imply a movie is meant for young children.

PG-13 doesn't prohibit children under 13 from seeing a particular movie (even alone). It alters the definition to the following: Rated PG-13: Parents are strongly cautioned to give special guidance for attendance of children under 13 Either one seems to fit the content. Younger children may find some of the deaths disturbing (there are something like 10 of them - though some are a bit more surreal than others). Henry Thomas's character does act disturbed by some of them, which may lend empathy to the viewer.

Like any movie where there is some violence, I would view this along with your children, rather than allow them to see it alone.
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A bit of trivia:
Paul Emmons4 January 2000
This movie takes place in San Antonio, Tex., which was the nearest city to Henry Thomas's real-life home. I read that the directors decided to film it there partly because their star was familiar with it and would "feel at home." Not that he needed any help!
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Cloak & Dagger
Coxer9913 May 1999
Kids thriller in the tradition of Hardy Boys with Thomas on the run from killers. The whole thing is rather gimmicky and silly, but you'll be entertained by the always durable Coleman in two roles, as a figment of Thomas' video game playing imagination and as his father. Jeanette Nolan also stars.
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Spy Game
hellraiser728 March 2016
This is another favorite suspense thriller that is also a childhood gem, I really liked back then and I still like even now. I was somewhat fascinated by the espionage subgenere as well as a fan of the TV show "MacGyver" when I was a kid, having this kind of film where it was a kid gets to be a spy was sort of a dream come true for me. This is one of the only family films I really like because it's one of those ones that are actually done right and not watered down. It's also a very good cleverly crafted suspense thriller.

The premise is great and something a bit different because this time instead of a singular adult inadvertently getting into danger it's a kid which is something at the time I never saw much in suspense thrillers.

Henry Thomas is great in this film it's a shame he didn't become a bigger star in the 80's. I can relate to him a bit as he's a gamer for both RPG and video games and so am I. One favorite moment is seeing him play a bit of a copy of the "Cloak and Dagger" game for the "Atari 5800"; for the record that's actually a real video game that I played in the arcade, I was so disappointed that the cartridges never got released due to the video game crash.

He's got charisma, smart, imaginative. But he is a character of sympathy as he's lonely as he is going though a painful loss of his mom, his dad isn't around much and like most whom are painfully lonely he fills this gap with his imaginary friend Jack Flack the protagonist of the RPG.

Dabey Colleman is great as both the dad and Jack Flack. It's interesting that Davey imagines Jack as his father which really makes the dynamic deeply interesting and touching as it's Davey's way of having his dad with him when he's gone but most importantly there are many layers to it.

The dynamic between both Davey and Jack is great as it's sort of like the classic relationship between both superhero/hero and sidekick; it's another thing I can emphasize with as all of us have our fictional heroes and we sometimes imagine what it would be like to be side by side with them. Jack is sort of like a comic book hero as he is the unbeatable super spy with sharp charisma and wits to match. Davey idolizes Jack because he feels he is everything a hero should be, though of course this is a naive notion as there really is more to being a hero than just besting the baddies.

The dad I really like as he is down to earth, warm and understanding. Both Jack and him also have a dynamic as despite being polar opposites from the fact Jack is fiction and the dad is reality, both do have one thing in common their both heroes. The dad is a hero in reality from his military career but also in being a father. I really like that one speech he gives to Davey about heroism which I thought was great because it's true, heroes don't always save the day but do even the smallest tasks to make life better for everyone, heck even when "Superman" has to go home and does some chores or run arrons to make his life with Lois and his son Johnathan better. However once the dad begins to believe his son and does what he has to do to help him, in a way it cements that Jack and the Dad became one and the same a hero to Davey.

The film in a way is a bit of a wishforfillment fantasy, though same can be said about most other suspense thrillers as most of them always feature a protagonist whom is an everyday person living a rather uneventful existence being thrust into action without asking in a way represents the subconscious desire to escape it or simply get more out of life. Davey has a strong desire to be a hero to go on a real adventure to stop the forces of evil like in his games, and of course the adventure he's on in reality for fills that desire.

I do like the suspense and action which is solid, from a fun and funny sequence seeing Davey drive a car. It makes sense that he wouldn't drive too smoothly after all Davey hasn't gone to drivers ed, the only thing close to it would be playing the video game "Pole Position". But my favorite moment was the crossfire gambit which was awesome.

I also like how the drama with Davey is handled. In a way the adventure is also a metaphor about the everyday person forced to deal with the challenges of life. As the adventure goes on Davey actually starts to grow up a little when he becomes a little disillusioned he realizes the hard way that the predicament he's in isn't a game, he's in real mortal danger so there are no second chances.

The films messages are about learning to take on life on your own. Sure we do have a lot of help in our lives but somewhere along the line it really is up to us to make things right and possible. Learning to become your own hero but also about what true heroism really is about.

Reality is a whole different game.

Rating: 4 stars
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