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A gulity pleasure
DunnDeeDaGreat17 September 2001
Breakin may have been made for one sole purpose to cash in on the break dancing phase but it's still a great film. Yeah the plot 's a bit contrived but who cares the soundtrack and dancing are great and that's all that matters.
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pop and lock.
johnnymovieboy15 May 2005
A true b-movie classic... pop and lock it, baby. Everything about this movie is funny watching it today. The wardrobes are awesome. They're so bad that they're good. The acting is so stilted and straight that you can't help but dig it, and the storyline is very predictable, but somehow does the job, and gets you to remain interested in the story in a 80's kind of way. This whole film is almost camp now. But the Break dancing is off the chain... Breaking 2 - Electric Boogaloo is even better! I'm surprised movies used to be this simple? Amazing how times and movies change, seems like usually for the better if you're looking at it from a modern sensibility. It's dated, but totally cool and fun to watch with friends...
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bringing back the memories
gjxsdda19 October 2006
well as an adult watching back on what i used too do myself in the streets of NYC. This movie brought back memories i thought i had forgotten.Ozone and Turbo inspired me and it rekindled what i had lost as a child now as an adult.Memories last a lifetime and i wish i was back in the 80's again!I sit here now as adult wondering where my childhood idols are at now.Trying too think where all this time went, Being able too look up there Bio's is cool.Just wish that breakn'3 could have been made,that would be something truly unique.The movie was very in-depth of how it was growing up back then dancing in the streets and wondering if our dreams of making it big would come true. Just to get out and experience what life on the other side could have been like for a child in the hood.
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zach-2729 October 2001
I just viewed an old tape of "Breakin'" last night. It's been 17 years since I first viewed it at the movies. However, I can't believe the powerful effect it still has on me. Yes, admittedly, the plot is not original, the screenplay is truly by-the-numbers, and the acting is generally amateurish. Yet, in spite of these shortcomings, the movie is still catchy, sincere, and engrossing. That's because of the talented stars who really love what they do, namely, breakdancing and "poppin' and lockin'," along with the stimulating, get-on-your-feet dance music.

This movie is like a time capsule of the 80s, with hints of the future. Moreover, I still find it to be inspirational, motivational, and hypnotic. Looking at these streetdancers and the jazz dancer go after their dreams with sheer determination, talent, and grit makes me want to jump up and do the same thing! Yes, I'm nearly fifty, but looking at this movie gave me another shot of adrenalin to do what I need to do in my daily life. "Ain't no stoppin' us" is the endless musical mantra in "Breakin'"...nothing stopped the dancers, and nothing's going to stop me, either. Watch "Breakin'" for yourself, and you'll see what I mean. 9/10 Rating.
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"Rocky," only the sport is break dancing.
heilborn20 February 2004
The plot is simple, the acting is spare, but the dancing, which is the whole reason for the show, is exceptional and still fresh after 20 years. If you love dancing, give a view. If you love dancing, it won't disappoint you.
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A really bad movie, and I loved every minute of it!
realdealholifield14 February 2006
Let's just say that I'm not surprised to see such a low rating for this movie. The acting was a joke. The plot, as predictable as can be. And Ice T sounds like pure shh... OK, now that we've gotten the bad stuff out of the way, let's sit back and enjoy the show. Because as other reviewers have said, this is an 80's flick. And yes everything about the 80's seems silly and lame to us now. But if you take a moment to think back, that's how the 80's were. Despite all it's weaknesses, this still is an enjoyable film. So loosen up, watch the movie, and have a little fun.

Oh and by the way, I'm giving this film a 9, not based it's technical merit, but purely for the fun factor!
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A glimpse of what hip hop was to become
John Book16 June 2000
Back in 1984, hip hop as a social phenomenon didn't exist. Hip hop was still the "trendy" music from New York City that somehow was gaining the attention of Hollywood. For some, it was great, for others it was the beginning of something that has yet to be recaptured, the innocence of a new and fresh musical artform, and a culture.

Nonetheless, "Breakin'" is a film that takes place in California where Kelly (Lucinda Dickey) is hoping to make it with her dancing. He goes to the beach and catches a dance routine with a few breakdancers, Turbo and Ozone. She loves it, and eventually becomes their friend. One of them finds her attractive, the other chooses to pop his way through life. Kelly's family doesn't want her to be hanging around with the "hoodlums", but Turbo and Ozone simply want to hang out and have fun. Kelly finds herself learning the street-style of dance, and treats it as a serious artform rather than a bunch of guys dancing on cardboard for the hell of it. Looking back, it seems very much like a Hollywood version of what can really happen when two cultures clash (shades of "West Side Story"), but the film has good music, good dancing, a decent story, and it looks back at a time when hip hop as a whole was trying its hardest to gain respect.

Five extra points for Lucinda Dickey, who was easily one of the more beautiful actresses of the 80's.
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Classic '80s at it's best!
dgordon-114 May 2002
I fondly remember this movie, and it's soundtrack. Ollie & Jerry's "There's No Stoppin' Us" and all the other classic tunes included in this Golan & Globus "breakploitation" masterpiece. The energy, and all the actors are what make this movie special. The plot consists of the character of Kelly working in a greasy spoon, and takes dance training from a lecherous teacher. One day one of her friends introduces her to Ozone & Turbo, and the rest is history, after this everyone is bustin' a move! It's no academy award winner, but it's a fun movie. The storyline, all the dancing & the music make this a must have movie for anybody that loves movies from the '80s and/or breakdancing.
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One of the best dance films
Nick Napolitano10 January 2004
Breakin' is an incredible dance movie, although the story is a bit weak. And sure the dancers aren't the best actors, but hey, could an average actor really dance that well? And the soundtrack is perfect,but it is out of print. The movie itself is sort of hard to find, being recently reissued on DVD, I've only seen copies at Best Buy. Here is my rubric: Feel Good Effect: 10/10 Storyline: 8/10 Acting: 8/10 Soundtrack: 10/10 Dancing: 10/10 Believability: 9/10 Costumes: 10/10 Overall Style: 9.5/10 My Rating: 10/10
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Takes you back and keeps you young!
Movie Buff25 August 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I remember seeing this when I was about 12 years old and from that moment I fell in love with the Music. Now at 34 I still cant keep my feet still when I watch the film or hear the music! OK, so the acting may not come from RADA's finest, and seeing Jean-Claude Van Damme "Dancing" in a small spandex one piece may not be everyone's cup of tea, but the music just makes you want to get on up and do some breakin' - sadly it would probably be my hip! As for the infamous 80's outfits, big shoulder pads, baggy trousers and belts worn anywhere except through the loops of your jeans; the copious amounts of hair gel and vivid, vibrant make up - it's pure 80's
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Excellent, awesome, absolutely needed in ya collection
jimmy-albert8 October 2004
My boy Sharif showed me this movie, this is a reference for breakin, popin, lockin. If you're a dancer you have to see that movie!! Moreover the soundtrack is awesome, you will find all the good beats of the 80's!

Boogaloo Shrimp is excellent and at the top of his performance. Lucinda Dickey brings also some energy to the movie, even if there is enough energy given by all those dancers! I think that the acting is not that bad and the costumes and the styles of the dancers are very good. A movie to look and look and look and look ...
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Start of the hip-hop trend
IrockGswift26 February 2003
Breakin' is one of the movies that put hip-hop on the map. It turned disco into a new form of enjoyment. During the early 80s disco faded and from 1981 thru 1983 music groups introduced funk and techno type beats. At that time there was no specific dance to these songs. But I guess a couple of guys from the Bronx created a new dance that interested thousands of people in the metropolitan area. There was graffiti in the subway that displayed a urban form of art. The big boom boxes (large am/fm cassette radios) that young guys carry along the street. This was all hip-hop. The movie just inspired urban youth to do something creative with their talent. Though sadly it quickly sudsided by the beginning of 85'.
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Very nearly a cult classic
Stuart Elliott22 October 2007
I owned this movie on VHS when it was first released, way back when wearing one fluorescent green sock and one fluorescent yellow sock was considered normal. I have very fond memories of this movie, which have stayed with me for the last 23 years. Every now and again, something on the TV reminds me of Breakin' (or Breakdance, the movie as it was known here in the UK) and I have briefly thought of tracking a copy down on a few occasions, but I recently got around to doing it and now own it on DVD. Yes, let's face it, the movie is not exactly Oscar material. The acting is most of the time, dreadful, but you get the sense that they were really into their parts and enjoyed making the film, which along with the great soundtrack (how can you not love Kraftwerks amazing "Tour De France", or Chaka Khans "Ain't Nobody"?) and the brilliant dance sequences, more than make up for this. Watching this film again after all this time has obviously put me on a nostalgia trip, which is the only reason this gets 10 out of 10. I totally understand that 20 somethings watching this film for the first time must think it's truly awful, I guess you had to be there the first time to enjoy it the second.
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What happens when street dancing is mixed with theater dancing?
view_and_review9 January 2007
"Breakin" was the west coast version of "Beat Street". "Breakin" came complete with pop-locking, break dancing, battling, trash talking, rapping, and oh yeah... terrible outfits; all of the elements that made the 80's endearing to some and loathsome to others. Unlike "Beat Street", "Breakin'" explored what would happen when street dancing actually mixed with traditional theater/stage dancing.

Break dancers, Ozone (Adolfo Quinones) and Turbo (Michael Chambers) are regular urban street dancers just practicing for the next battle until they meet Kelly (Lucinda Dickey) a performing arts dancer. What happens when street dancing mixes with performing arts dancing? This is where the separation occurs between the purists (on either side) and the non-purists. The purists for both street dancing and performing arts dancing abhorred the adulteration of their style of dance, where as the non-purists adored the mixing of the two. Personally, to this day I can't decide which side of the fence I'm on. But either way, I was entertained. I've liked this movie for years, and will always like it for the sheer entertainment value. The acting wasn't that great nor was the script and the story wasn't much better, but they kept everything simple enough where it wouldn't draw too many jeers, and then there was dancin' and battlin'. This also happened to be the first screen siting of legendary rapper turned actor Ice-T.
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Great Movie
mark_hartley30 August 2005
This movie changed the face of hip-hop! It was electrifying to watch dancers move this way. Now almost every video you see has breakers in it. Shrimp and Shaba-Doo turned the world upside down in 1983 with this movie. It was released the same weekend as 16 Candles and finished way ahead of them at the box office. Stars like Ice-T and Jean-Claude Van Damme were in this movie. It truly changed the face of hip-hop; taking it from just an art form to a mega-sensation.

I am excited to see the co-producer, David Zito, and dancer, Boogaloo Shrimp, are speaking at the University of Redlands in Southern California on Sept. 27th 2005 at 7pm for free. The lecture is on the history of hip-hop and the making of their movie.
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Breakin',a time warp of fun and classic tunes
KrystalKeller8019 December 2003
Breakin' is by far the best dance movie ever to come from the 80's. It has everything, classic soundtrack featuring Ollie & Jerry & Firefox, the incredibly talented Lucinda Dickey, Unforgettable dance sequences, An uplifting and feel good story and it started a dance craze that spread across the entire world.

It tells the story of Kelly, a dance student who tires of dance classes and is introduced to street dancing through the two master breakers on the scene Ozone & Turbo.

Kelly soon learns all the Breakin' moves and the trio set off to win an all time dance contest.

The sequel to this movie unfortunately lacks all that this one has but with a box office hit like this the sequel dosn't really matter. Forget beat street and all those other lame hip hop movies, this is the all time slice of original unique dance movie making which has so much chemistry between the main cast, you can't help but like and relate to Turbo,Kelly & Ozone.

If you have'nt yet seen this classic cult movie then i sugest you do so coz you really are missing out on a hell of a great nights entertainment.
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The greatest Dance movie of all time!
garrett_33319 June 2002
this movie is an inspirational movie of how if you change your goals you can reach even better ones as Lucinda Dickey did when she changed her style of dance from ballet to "Breakin'". This movie has great break dancing and great freestyle rapping by Ice-T. A truly tasteful movie in the world of dance movies.
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an absolute classic
mr_facehead28 March 2006
this film, really is bad. if you're not a light hearted person, this film will make you feel awkward, in the way that you are annoyed about wasting an hour and a half, as it's not as good as i enjoyed it.

Why i liked it: it's poor quality of film was quite humorous. it had some funny dance moves. it had well good dancing, i really like break dancing, which is why i got this film.

however, please don't mistake this for something good, it isn't. What the hell was the story, to me, this film was a load of random scenes of break dancing, and funny dialogue. i also want to know where this is set, some sort of magic land where everything is settled with dance. can you imagine someone attacking you in the street, by dancing in a comical fashion?

me and my brother had cardboard laid out in the garden for about a month after we saw this, but you may act differently.
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Behold my awesome break dancing!
zetes12 September 2005
There's something about a cheesy 80s movie that pleases me to no end, and this is one of the cheesiest. Made simply to cash in on the break dancing fad that was popular at the time, the film stars Adolfo "Shabbadoo" Quinones and Michael "Boogaloo Shrimp" Chambers as two inner city toughs who battle their enemies by lockin', popping', and, of course, breakin' instead of with knives and guns. Lucinda Dickey plays our white suburban tour guide to the inner city as a jazz dancer who falls in love with street dancing – and possibly a black man, though the movie is so coy about the interracial relationship romance that it is only ever implied – even through the film's sequel – that there is any attraction whatsoever between the two. While the cheese never stops flowing and it would be a lot of fun for no other reason, the dance sequences are actually very impressive. Boogaloo Shrimp is particularly great in his dance with the broom (even though I can see the strings attached to it). The film also features Ice T, some eight years before he penned "Cop Killas", and apparently Jean-Claude Van Damme, though I missed him. Lucinda Dickey starred in one of my other favorite cult classics in the same year, Ninja III: The Domination.
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Quick Question
mrgentle17 January 2005
Hi Guys.. I am a mid 70's child and remember Breakin quite fondly, some of the clothing worn and language used at the time may seem a little funny today, but the breathtaking dancing will live on forever. Its a shame that street dancing only lasted for a short while, real street dancing that is.I recently bought Breakin' on DVD. It has only just been released on DVD here is Australia. I was told by a friend that Michael 'Boogaloo Shrimp' Chambers had died. I know he went on to make a few other movies and starred in Sugar Ray's 'Fly' music video in the late 90's, but haven't heard or seen much of him after that. Can anyone help??
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Ah, the care-free days of yesteryear
lordjin29 November 2004
Remember the days when skin-tight leotards were accepted street clothing? What about jeans so tight that your cock and balls were on display to any and all? Do you remember the days when lookin' good on the cardboard meant more than money, more than fame, more than status? Do you long for the days when hip hop was just a baby and "fresh" really meant fresh (or funky fresh)? I do. That's why watching this movie, for me, was a tour-de-force of nostalgia! I love this dang movie. Sure, sure, at first you're overwhelmed by the moves, the music, the clothes, and Jean-Claude Van Damme.

What? Jean-Claude Van Damme????? What the hell was that? It was only my third consecutive viewing that revealed his presence in the first Venice Beach scene. Needless to say, I laughed my proverbial ass off. I thought this was the gayest movie ever before noticing Jean-Claude!!! Now? Now I'm convinced! This is the GAYEST movie ever!!! But in a really good, fun, innocent way, know what I mean? I think that pretty much encapsulates the pop culture of the time.

The movie is pure unintentional comedy, the best kind of comedy in my humble opinion. The dialog is cheesy, the acting cheesier, but the dancing is hype. That's what really got me. Turbo is amazing. His body is a living rubber-band (or was anyway).

A fun game to play during the film is: "would you wear that outfit in public if someone paid you fifty bucks every time you wore it?" (The amount can be interchanged with a larger or smaller sum depending on the ridiculousness of the ensemble in question.) My final conclusion? I would wear the outfit Ozone sports to the wine-sniffing party for 200.00 a day. I mean, the hat is ridiculous, but fourteen hundred dollars a week? It's not that ridiculous.
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defines the 80's
pudgey-331 December 1998
this is a classic. if you havent seen this movie you are missing out.
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Ain't no stopping shabba-doo's big ear-ring ......
peej1153 April 2005
Warning: Spoilers
If you feel like laughing your arse off and watching a feel good movie packed with nostalgia "Breakin'" is for you.I loved this film when i was a kid and still do.It tells the story of shabba-doo and boogaloo shrimp joining forces with a voluptuous chick straight outta dance-class.They show her a few back-spins and a bit of locking' and she's good to go. The acting is at times quite hilarious,typical 80's.Look out for Kelly's mate from dance-class who introduces her to turbo & ozone LOL.Boogaloo shrimp's got all the moves,one cool dude if there ever was one.Personally the character of shabba-doo annoyed me a bit always on the defensive with everyone he meets.Damn!chill out bro!!Wasn't really impressed with his dancing,shrimp definitely stole the show.Still,saying that,shabba definitely comes correct with his outfits...I also liked the 2 guys from the rival crew (electro rock) Yeah, an enjoyable film,definitely a must have in the collection of any person with an interest in hip hop.Although in my opinion this doesn't come anywhere close to the classic "beat street" released in the same year.How any one can say breakin' is superior i'll never know but to each's this film now!You won't be disappointed....
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Revenge of the 80's: The Break dancing fad flick.
Joseph P. Ulibas29 October 2003
Breakin'(1984) is one of the first mainstream movies to capitalize on the early to mid 80's break dancing craze. The movie itself is terrible. The acting is amateurish, the direction is flaccid and the writing is basically crap but Lucinda's looking good. Man does she fill out a leotard. Whew! This movie was "filmed" back to back with Breakin' 2: The Electric Boogaloo. In the very beginning of the film you can spot future stars Lela Rochon and Jean-Claude Van Damme. Teresa Laughlin (Billy Jack series) has a small part in the first scene as Kelly's friend.

Recommended for 80's nostalgia fans and Lucinda Dickey admirers.

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