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Sex & Nudity

  • Native island women are shown topless during a large portion of the film, and are sometimes sexualized. The visiting sailors warp native nudity into something sexual as they jeer and stare.
  • During a dance, woman simulate sex as the topless women shake and gyrate and bounce as the sailors. It is mentioned this is a religious ceremony.
  • There are a great many scenes of topless native women throughout much of this movie, during which some of them are dancing in a provocative manner, however there is no other nudity. Native men are stories in minimal native clothing and usually topless as well.
  • A clothed man walks over to a native woman who is topless and kisses her on the mouth quickly a couple times. They then share slower passionate kiss. They next briefly are seen in each others arms making out while skinny dipping. Sex is implied several times, and at one time the man is told the woman is carrying his child.

Violence & Gore

  • Various scenes of punishment including a whipping scene showing reddened, bloody wounds.
  • One sailer fights about three others on a boat. Several punches are landed but no serious injuries.
  • A dead man is found laying in some overgrowth. Very brief and little gore.
  • A man is whipped in the back many times, and his cut and bloody back is visible.
  • Native women self-mutilate themselves in protest of the punishment of three sailors. There is some blood running from their heads.
  • One sailor is beaten with rocks by savage natives. There is some blood.


  • Bloody is said 14 times. 'Bugger' is said 4 times. 'Jesus Christ' is said once.
  • Godd*mn is said at least four times.
  • D*mn is said at least three times.
  • B*stard is said.
  • Some course language typical of Eighteenth Century English seamen

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • An un-named character is unconscious and near death due to a drinking binge.
  • Men drink at dinner, which occurs several times throughout.
  • One character,the ship's doctor, is an alcoholic and dies after a bout of heavy drinking.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Some of the violence is quite frightening.
  • Several men are held at gunpoint, however no one is shot.
  • Some viewers may find the depiction of natives to be intense.
  • The mutiny on the ship is quite intense.

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