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Great film, even beats the original!
gangstahippie23 November 2007
Rated R for Sexual Content,Nudity and Some Language

Baby Love is the fifth film in the Lemon Popsicle series.Lemon Popsicle is a teen sex comedy/drama series from Isreal.There have been nine films in the series and one spin off film.You can find the first five films in their entirety on youtube.I really enjoyed the first three films but I found the fourth one to be much disappointing.The fifth one however may be the best film in the series(either this or Lemon Popsicle 2 is the best in my opinion).The fourth one was a bit funny but had very little drama.Baby Love brings back the drama and is much funnier than the others.The film is about Benji who falls in love with Bobby's sister while getting into sexual misadventures with his friends.Baby Love is a very good teen comedy and it is one of the best films in the lemon popsicle series.
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Israeli graffiti
lee_eisenberg19 January 2013
Wait, so "Roman Za'ir" ("Baby Love" in English) is part of a series? I had literally never heard of the "Lemon Popsicle" series until I read about this movie on IMDb. But that doesn't diminish the movie. Watching it, I was laughing out loud and singing along with the soundtrack. It looks like the sort of movie that they really had fun making. Having never seen any of the other entries in the series, I can't compare this one to them. All that I can say is that Benji and his friends live life to the fullest. It's basically "American Graffiti" set in Israel, and it's a really good time. Rock 'n roll lives forever!

I wonder how you say "Dream Lover" and "Rhythm of the Rain" in Hebrew.
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The Lemon Popsicle Series:Part 5.
morrison-dylan-fan19 March 2017
Warning: Spoilers
After finding the 4th army-based Lemon Popsicle (LP) flick to be a drilling bore,I started to wonder how LP could get lower. Checking the DVD cover,I noticed that a new director had taken over,which led to me hoping that this would be a new flavour Popsicle.

The plot:

For the Summer,friends Benji, Hughie and Bobbie plan to the two main things that they have always enjoyed doing:Joking round and chasing girls. Meeting Bobbie's family for the first time,Benji finds himself falling in love with Bobbie's sister. Knowing how angry Bobbie would be,his sister and Benji decide to keep this lemon Popsicle under wraps.

View on the film:

Revving up the franchise,new co-writer/(with Boaz Davidson and Eli Tavor) director Dan Wolman & new cinematographers Ilan Rosenberg and Amnon Salomon give the series a superb boost of energy,with Wolman showing a sharp eye to break the film out of dead ends with unique stylisation for the series,that includes the first ever tracking shot of the movies,and gritty motorbike chases. Looking back at the early LP's,Wolman covers the wall in eye-catching Rock/movie posters which are mashed with a catchy Pop soundtrack and a subtle floral appearance capturing the growing romance between Benji and Bobby's sister.

Cutting down the rough edges of the last two LP's,the writers follow Wolman's path in keeping the dialogue focused on showing the friendship between the guys. Whilst dropping Hughie in teen Sex Comedy antics,the writers rediscover the teen romance in LP,via taking the series into the area of Drama for the first time,as the unease between Bobby and Benji makes this a refreshing Popsicle.
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definitely the best popsicle ever
daworldismine11 October 2005
Warning: Spoilers
i love and i do mean love the lemon popsicle movies me and my mate aaron love the characters but this is by far the best of the series. the comedy is funny actually it's very funny but also the drama and friendship of the three lads expecialy benjie and bobby because you never really saw there love for each other until this movie but here it's very clear. an amazing movie it is a sex comedy and it always will be but this movie has a otherside that dosen't come out until near the end i don't want to spoil it for anyone so you'll have to watch the movie, and don't worry if you haven't seen the other movies in the series that's one great thing about the series you don't have to see them in order. i recommend.
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