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20 Sep. 1984
Without consulting Angela, Angela's mother Mona told Tony Micelli he can be Angela's new housekeeper.
27 Sep. 1984
Briefless Encounter
Tony has a date and, thinking Angela won't be home for hours, decides to take a bath in her tub.
23 Oct. 1984
Angela's First Fight
Angela firmly and Tony mildly lecture Sam for fighting in the park and thus causing Jonathan to trade his first punches. Instead of learning a lesson, Sam tells Jonathan all about 'cool, exciting' Brooklyn life. When she decides to run back, Jonathan insists to tag along. Tony and Angela set out to get them back. They succeed, and are invited by Mrs. Rossini for dinner. While Tony shows her around, she gets in a surprisingly lively argument herself with rude waitress Teresa, who still has an eye on Tony.
30 Oct. 1984
Mona Gets Pinned
Mona is dating a much younger man.
13 Nov. 1984
A Rash Decision
Angela has landed an account with a commercial, so Tony and Mona 'invite' themselves to come along. Client Larson insists Italian stallion Tony must replace the actor scheduled for the 'Machismo' shaving cream shower scene. He does great, but gets a terrible rash afterward. Larson wants Angela's agency and Tony for an even bigger account, but refuses to retract the cream, which lab tests say irritates 2 to 3 percent of users.
20 Nov. 1984
Dinner for Two
With Mona and the kids away for a couple of days. Tony makes a date. And Angela has a guy coming in to see her so she arranges for a meal to be catered. When the guy doesn't show up, and when caterer does, he convinces Tony not to leave Angela alone.
27 Nov. 1984
Sorority Sister
Mona warned Angela against hosting former college rival Trish Baldwin who is in town to attend their sorority reunion. The incorrigible siren sets her mind to Tony, who is all to flattered to let the foxy female flirt while he 'shows her Connecticut'. Angela gets obviously jealous of their quality-time. But as she feared and warned, when the former college-class super-stud arrives and offers Trish a pre-reunion hotel-date, Tony is dumped as her escort. Yet the sting is in the tail.
4 Dec. 1984
Truth in Dating
Tony is dating a woman who thinks he's very rich while Angela is seeing a guy who thinks she's a secretary.
11 Dec. 1984
Sports Buddies
Angela's new boyfriend upon meeting Tony and knowing he's a former player latches on to him. And they hang out a lot. But when Tony sees him pick up another woman, he doesn't know whether to tell Angela or not.
18 Dec. 1984
When Mona discovers Tony spends time and seems to need an extra income, she follows him to Brooklyn. Assumptions he either has mob debts or a new York lover are found false, he actually pays for the apartment where he was raised by his deceased father. Angela tries to convince him to cut that irrational tie to the past.
8 Jan. 1985
Samantha's Growing Up
Tony is worried when Samantha acts uncharacteristically shy and uninterested in their baseball. The ladies figure out she's growing into a bra-build. Tony gathers the courage to face a haughty, condescending 'supportive underwear' sales clerk, only to be told his choice doesn't live up to current 12 year-old girls fashion. So he lets Angela take Sam shopping at Bloomingdale's, only to see Sam outfitted like a mini-adult. AS she seems to like that stuff, he starts doubting about her long-desired birthday gift, a pitching mitten.
15 Jan. 1985
Paint Your Wagon
Angela has something painted and left instructions of what color she wants. But Tony thinking her choice is dull, decides on a different color. And when she sees what he did, she lays down the law on who is the boss and who is the maid. That's when Tony becomes subservient. And her neighbor upon learning the friction between them decides to make Tony an offer to work for her.
22 Jan. 1985
Protecting the President
When Angela hears her firm's owner is retiring, she fears competent colleague VP Jim Petersen will maneuver to replace her as president. She tries to win the board's sympathy by staging a party when Jim has a family function, but he turns up, sports talk stirs the old boys network and unrepentant Tony's temper makes things worse.
29 Jan. 1985
Guess Who's Coming Forever?
Mona has been evicted from her apartment for keeping a dog. Tony's family sense practically forces Angela to invite her mother to move in. Tony hires father and son Battaglia from Brooklyn to convert an old barn into a separate apartment, but mother and daughter bicker endlessly and bitterly over every concept and every detail. Tony intervenes again when they are on non-speaking terms.
5 Feb. 1985
Angela's Ex: Part 1
Angela's husband Michael, a researcher in the jungle, shows up after she sent him divorce papers.
12 Feb. 1985
Angela's Ex: Part 2
After leaving Angela, Tony finds a new job. And the old problems between Angela and Michael resurface.
19 Feb. 1985
Eye on Angela
Angela announces proud as a peacock she has been chosen as next guest-subject in regional TV star presenter Roberta 'Bobby' Barnes's show, which is renowned for scandal. Tony and Mona are eager to be in the home section. Mona moves into the house temporarily. That and Sam's nightmare lead to cascade of children crawling into beds with adults, who later sneak into the kids' rooms. By morning, Tony and Angelo unsuspected wake up besides each-other. And Jonathan innocently ushers to TBobby Barnes crew upstairs to the bedroom door.
26 Feb. 1985
Double Date
School coach Tony opposes his Sam attending the school dance, suspicious of boys, until he realizes the 'suitor' is utter klutz Bobby Michaelson from his soccer team. However, the kids are increasingly annoyed and embarrassed as Tony and his camera hover around every step to the dance, horrified to hear his surprise: he volunteered last minute as chaperon. Even that is topped by Tony being seen dancing and kissing with 'old' Lois Scranton, their foxy teacher.
5 Mar. 1985
Tony's Father-in-Law
Tony isn't amused when his father-in-law Nick Milano comes spend quality time with granddaughter 'Sambina' and spend a fortune of her. Nick didn't dare tell he's about to be thrown in prison, so he jumps at a way out when Tony assumes he's terminally ill, even before he realizes that's an opportunity to be spoiled, waited upon hand and foot and speed-seduce Mona.
12 Mar. 1985
Just Like Tony
When Tony tells Jonathan about some of his misadventures, Jonathan decides to try doing it and when Angela learns of this, she insists that she be involved with everything in relation to Jonathan which disrupts her work. When Jonathan decides to see a boy whom Tony forbade him to see, he goes behind his back to Angela who allows him to. And later the police arrive to arrest him.
9 Apr. 1985
Keeping Up with Marci
Despite the fact he doesn't have the money for it, Tony tells Sam she can go on a school ski trip.
16 Apr. 1985
First Kiss
Tony and his Connecticut sports buddy Jeff accept to be drinking test subjects for a safe driving course demonstration. The kids visit Brooklyn. Angela is surprised Mona listened for once to her traditional pea against a surprise birthday party, actually disappointed, so she gets drunk with rich neighbors, who envy her hunky Tony. When he arrives as drunk, talk and food fight end up with him carrying her to bed and her kissing him.

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