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Sex & Nudity

  • Sex and Nudity: 10/10
  • Throughout the film, we see several topless women in loin cloths only. Bare breasts and buttocks are fully visible throughout with glimpses of private areas. We also see several men in loin cloths with their buttocks visible throughout.
  • A woman tells a man she loves him, and they proceed to have sex. She is fully topless with a thong--we can cleary see her breasts and her buttocks. He is wearing a loin cloth (his buttocks are visible) and they kiss and hug each other. They fall back on the bed and continue kissing, moaning and caressing each other, and the scene ends as he begins thrusting. We later see them afterwards after the sex (now nude, her breasts are visible) and we learn that she becomes pregnant as a result.
  • A very lengthy scene were a man and woman have foreplay with several people watching. They are fully clothed but the scene is very long, and some of it is a little explicit. A man looks on with disgust.
  • A man is naked in a bathtub with his servant and two other men watching (they wish to talk to him about buisness matters, and they show their discontent for his nudity. Otherwise the scene is non-sexual). The man gets out and we can clearly see his bare buttocks and a couple of quick glimpses of his penis and testicles.
  • A man stands naked in front of a topless woman, both of them smiling. We see her breasts and his buttocks as she rubs oil all over his body. She is crouching down and rubs oil over his legs and then we clearly see her rubbing the oil over his buttocks. She is evidently in pleasure as she does it.
  • The same man stands naked in front of a few other men while another man rubs oil over him. His buttocks are visible. The scene is non-sexual.
  • We see a kid (perhaps 11 or 12) fully nude. We can see his penis, testicles (he has no pubic hair) and butt clearly and he is with a few other scantily clothed children and a couple of scantily women.
  • We see a naked baby.

Violence & Gore

  • Violence: 7/10
  • Bloody, but not graphic.
  • African warrior armies engage in combat. Several are speared, and blood runs out of the wounds and we see bloodied spears.
  • The main character is stabbed twice in the chest and twice in the back at the end of the movie. His front and back is covered in blood and we see the bloodied spears. He dies slowly.
  • Outnumbered British soldiers gun down several attacking African warriors (no blood).
  • The main character orders a young man to stab an older man. The younger man does so... blood. The main character then procedes to stab the young man with the same results.
  • A young woman is stabbed to death in front of a crowd and her husband. She screams in horror, but dies. Blood.
  • A baby is executed (off screen).
  • We see several dead Africans impaled on long pikes and set up around the camps. Disturbing at first.


  • Profanity: 2/10
  • Mild language like d--n and what the h--l, and a lot of insults, but overall nothing too bad here

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Alcohol, Drugs and Smoking: 4/10
  • One character smokes throughout the movie
  • A couple of scenes where characters drink

Frightening & Intense Scenes

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