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15 Jan. 1984
Robin Hood and the Sorcerer
His family massacred by Norman soldiers, Robin takes on the mantle of the Hooded Man, a champion long prophesied. His first challenge is to free Maid Marion from the clutches of the evil, powerful Baron de Belleme.
22 Mar. 1984
The Witch of Elsdon
The beautiful Jennet of Elsdon rejects the amorous advances of the Sheriff's steward, Sir Guy of Gisburne, and is as a consequence accused of witchcraft by Sir Guy and imprisoned in the Nottingham Castle dungeons together with her husband. The Sheriff, however, realises that Jennet has been set up by his very "susceptible" steward and thus gives Jennet the opportunity to save her and her husband's lives in return for a "small favour". This is an offer that Jennet just cannot refuse...
5 Apr. 1984
Seven Poor Knights from Acre
Crusaders returning from Palestine have their holy symbol stolen by a blind professional thief. Fiercely hunted by the enraged crusaders, the thief runs into the Sherwood Forest outlaws, making the crusaders mistake them for the thief's accomplices. After a long chase, James ends up dead and Much a prisoner.
12 Apr. 1984
Alan a Dale
The Sheriff is getting short of cash and thus decides to get married - although he really hates women - to the 16-year-old Lady Mildred de Bracy, whom he knows will receive a fat dowry from her rich father. John starts to go "fishing" at Wickham, and a stranger with a broken heart and a very bad singing-voice makes his way through Sherwood.
29 Mar. 1984
The King's Fool
The outlaws save the life of Chevalier Deguise, who later turns out to be a disguised King Richard returning from imprisonment in the holy land. The King promises to pardon Robin and his gang members on condition that they go to fight for England and their King in the wars in Normandy. Robin agrees, but soon his band members begin to walk out on him, realising that something is not quite right with the King and all his promises.
17 Dec. 1984
The Prophecy
John has been taken prisoner at Nottingham and makes a friend in fellow prisoner Mark, who, after Robin has found an opportunity to free John and his new found friend, decides to join the band of outlaws. Due to Prince John's imminent arrival in Nottingham, Gisburne begins to repair the castle walls. When Prince John arrives, he brings with him a mysterious masked prisoner, who turns out to be a man returned from the dead.
24 Dec. 1984
The Children of Israel
The Sheriff has borrowed money from the rich Jew Joshua de Talmont, who makes his living as a "money-lender". Reluctant to return the money when the time is due, The Sheriff makes Gisburne arrange a riot in which all Jews in Nottingham will be killed. Gisburne, however, has got a few plans of his own, having secretly fallen in love with de Talmont's beautiful daughter Sarah. Meanwhile, Robin and Will have a major disagreement, resulting in Scarlet leaving the band of outlaws.
31 Dec. 1984
Lord of the Trees
Sherwood Forest and the neighbouring villages are celebrating "The Time of the Blessing", an annual forest tradition. Gisburne, left in charge while The Sheriff does his annual touring of the county, is alarmed by the increasing amount of poaching in the forest and thus invites his old war-friend Bertrand de Nivelle to Nottingham in order to put a stop to Robin Hood once and for all.
17 Nov. 1984
The Swords of Wayland
The village of Uffcombe is getting nightly visits from strangely disguised riders, called "The Hounds of Lucifer" by locals, who kill and drag away terrified villagers. The riders have also been seen robbing a local church, badly hurting the priest who worked there. Gareth of Uffcombe decides to travel to Sherwood to ask "the people's hero" for help against these devils.

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