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Season 4

27 Apr. 1988
The Nun's Story
Punky believes she has donated an urn containing Henry's Aunt Mabel's ashes to a convent.
28 Apr. 1988
Punky has a crush on an older boy.
29 Apr. 1988
Going to Camp
Punky, Cherie, and Margaux go to Camp Kookalookie.
2 May 1988
Poor Margaux
Margaux believes that Punky and Cherie won't want to be her friends anymore because her family has gone bankrupt.
3 May 1988
Brandon's Commercial
Punky pushes Brandon into doing a TV commercial for dog food.
4 May 1988
Passed Away at Punky's Place
Punky and Cherie believe that a man has died at Punky's Place. When a newspaper's restaurant critic eats there, they fear that this will hurt the restaurant's reputation.
5 May 1988
Christmas Hero
During the Christmas season, Punky finds a briefcase full of stolen money.
6 May 1988
Cosmetic Scam
Punky and Cherie make money selling cosmetics with unexpected side effects.
9 May 1988
See You in Court
When Henry teaches Mrs. Johnson how to drive, mutual lawsuits result because of an accident. The judge hears contradictory testimony from both of them.
10 May 1988
Radio Daze
Punky, Cherie, and Margaux perform a radio drama.
11 May 1988
Aunt Larnese Is Coming to Town
Betty's sister Larnese, a world famous singer, asks Cherie to come live with her in France.
12 May 1988
Dear Diary
While Henry tries to throw out souvenirs he has collected over the years, Punky tries to read Cherie's diary. After it accidentally goes out with the garbage, Punky and Margaux search the dumpster to try and find it.
13 May 1988
The Reading Game
Cherie's cousin Paula is a talented artist. When it is suggested that she enters a contest, she balks at filling out the entry form because she doesn't know how to read.
16 May 1988
Punky is afraid to undergo an appendectomy.
17 May 1988
No No, We Won't Go
When Margaux's father buys the apartment building, Mrs. Johnson can't afford the rent increase he has proposed. Punky, Cherie, and Margaux protest the rent increase by going to his office and chaining themselves to his desk.
18 May 1988
Bad Dog
Brandon's behavior receives complaints from other tenants.
19 May 1988
Vice Versa
In Punky's dream, Henry and Mrs. Johnson are the children while she and Cherie are the parents.
23 May 1988
Wimped Out
Punky - who has a broken leg - and Cherie are stuck in an elevator with a pregnant woman in labor.
24 May 1988
One Plus Tutor Is Three
Punky has a crush on her math tutor, who is more interested in Margaux.
25 May 1988
The Dilemma
Punky tries to juggle two dates at the same time.
26 May 1988
What's Your Sign?
Punky befriends a deaf girl.
27 May 1988
Wedding Bells for Brandon
Though Henry finds it ridiculous, Punky arranges for Brandon to get married to Myron's dog Brenda.

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