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Season 9

18 Sep. 1991
A Guy Named Phantom: Part 1
While Harry and Christine try to sort out their feelings, Dan kidnaps her.
25 Sep. 1991
A Guy Named Phantom: Part 2
While Harry and Christine try to sort out their feelings, Dan kidnaps her.
2 Oct. 1991
My Life as a Dog Lawyer
Harry risks an international incident when he jails an arrogant diplomat from a tiny, obscure European nation. And Dan returns to duty but is forced to start out at the bottom, in dog law court.
9 Oct. 1991
Puppy Love
Roz's husband shows up looking for a divorce.
16 Oct. 1991
Pop Goes the Question
Bull feels that he must perform a miracle before he marries Wanda.
30 Oct. 1991
Guess Who's Listening to Dinner?
Dan wants to break up with the daughter of an underworld kingpin.
6 Nov. 1991
Looking for Mr. Shannon
Bull's bachelor party includes no money, no transportation and no Bull.
13 Nov. 1991
Teacher's Pet
Christine's image of her law professor is shattered and Bull tries to regain his virginity.
17 Nov. 1991
The System Works
Harry teaches a law class and Dan hires an artist to draw Christine.
20 Nov. 1991
Get Me to the Roof on Time
At Bull and Wanda's wedding, Wanda refuses to wear Bull's mother's wedding dress, there's a fight over best man, and Christine over-organizes everything.
11 Dec. 1991
Santa on the Lam
Mr. Billachi, an elderly former department store Santa, is brought into court for attacking the robot that replaced him. Disheartened by the commercialism of Christmas, he announces his intention to commit suicide, and Dan is the unlikely person who has to convince him that Christmas is still a time of giving and goodwill. His task is made harder by the fact that his normally cheerful co-workers are all complaining loudly about the mess-ups in their holiday plans.
8 Jan. 1992
Shave and a Haircut
Harry finally becomes buddies with Mel Torme by convincing him to appear as "Man of the Year" at his old fraternity's annual dinner. When he learns that the "Man of the Year" is actually meant to be the victim of a hazing at a public rally, he desperately tries to talk Mel out of it. Dan is employing Will as a bounty hunter and raking in reward money, but bites off more than he can chew when he sends Will after "Eddie the Machete." Bull gets a Walkman and listens to books on tape around court.
15 Jan. 1992
A New York Story
A defendant shows up owning several NYC landmarks and Dan gets to be a beauty contest judge.
22 Jan. 1992
Undressed for Success
Mac has been asked to do an underwear commercial.
5 Feb. 1992
Poker? I Hardly Know Her
Roz has a poker and makeup party, and Dan goes after a new courtroom employee.
12 Feb. 1992
Party Girl: Part 1
Christine is asked to run for a political office.
12 Feb. 1992
Party Girl: Part 2
Christine is asked to run for a political office.
26 Feb. 1992
To Sir with... Ah, What the Heck... Love
Dan starts to brown-nose Harry to get a judgeship when Harry decides to teach full-time.
4 Mar. 1992
P.S. Do I Know You?
Roz dreads meeting her pen pal when she was not entirely truthful with him.
13 May 1992
Opportunity Knock Knocks: Part 1
Harry considers his future - Columbia Law School or touring with his idol, Mel Torme. Christine faces Election Day. Bull is being followed.
13 May 1992
Opportunity Knock Knocks: Part 2
Christine is elected to Congress; Bull sets a trap for the aliens following him; Harry turns down the education job offer.
31 May 1992
The 1992 Boat Show
Dan tries to get into a newspaper society column, but the columnist is enchanted by Roz instead. Bull substitutes for Mac as court clerk. Lisette tells Christine about her erotic dreams featuring Harry.

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