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4 Jan. 1996
Kendo Killing
Jessica's delivery to a motorcycle racer in Japan speeds up a series of events that result in the death of another racer.
7 Jan. 1996
Death Goes Double Platinum
Desi Ortega and his Latin group have a single climbing the charts until Max Daniels wants to own the group. When Daniels' assistant turns up dead, has someone in the group struck back?
11 Jan. 1996
Murder in Tempo
Seth's benefit concert to save the woods near Cabot Cove is endangered when the lead singer is permanently silenced.
1 Feb. 1996
The Dark Side of the Door
Jessica's friend Erin is haunted by being kidnapped as a child, and when Erin reads a novel with a story too close for coincidence, Jessica makes a shocking revelation.
8 Feb. 1996
Murder Among Friends
The producer of a hit TV show featuring an ensemble cast is about to kill off one of the characters when she is found dead in her office.
15 Feb. 1996
Something Foul in Flappieville
After Jessica's story for children becomes a television puppet show, she must find the fiend who used one of the puppets as a murder weapon.
25 Feb. 1996
Track of a Soldier
On vacation in the Tetons, Jessica encounters jewel thieves and a man from her Army vet host's past.
28 Mar. 1996
Evidence of Malice
Jessica has to solve two murders to clear the name of her old friend Deputy Andy, who becomes a suspect when a murder weapon is found in his car.
4 Apr. 1996
Southern Double-Cross
In Australia, Jessica may be the legal owner of a valley that the sheepherders and miners are arguing over, and may be the cause of the disappearance of Jessica's lawyer.
28 Apr. 1996
Race to Death
Jessica investigates when a wealthy yachtsman is murdered two days before a big race, and the daughter of his rival is charged with the crime.
5 May 1996
What You Don't Know Can Kill You
Johnny is engaged to Seth's niece Amy but enrages Les by visiting Sherri. When Johnny is the victim of a motorcycle accident, Amy insists that it was murder.
12 May 1996
Mrs. Parker's Revenge
A switched packet of amateur-written stories involves Jessica in an international plot to steal a biological-weapon virus.
19 May 1996
Death by Demographics
A radio station's new manager is murdered after changing their format from classical music to hard rock.

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