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Season 6

24 Sep. 1989
Appointment in Athens
Jessica is detoured from a scheduled book tour after encountering MI6 agent Michael Haggerty and he convinces her to pose as his wife in Greece.
1 Oct. 1989
Seal of the Confessional
Cabot Cove's new priest finds himself in a sticky situation when a murderer confesses their crime and he recruits Jessica to help him uncover the truth without violating his oath of silence.
8 Oct. 1989
The Grand Old Lady
Jessica narrates a story from 40 years ago when another female mystery writer helped to solve a mysterious murder aboard the Queen Mary.
15 Oct. 1989
The Error of Her Ways
In Palm Springs, Jessica teams up with the local chief of police to figure out who killed a local investor and what happened to a large amount of money.
29 Oct. 1989
Jack and Bill
Jessica narrates the story of an ex-football player turned private eye who investigates the murder of his old teammate with the help of a savvy pooch.
5 Nov. 1989
Dead Letter
Jessica's acquisition of an old bureau at a rummage sale unleashes a chain of events that leads to the death of a local volunteer fireman in a furniture store.
12 Nov. 1989
Night of the Tarantula
Voodoo black magic is the apparent cause of death of her host, leaving Jessica to figure out the truth while visiting an old friend in Jamaica.
19 Nov. 1989
When the Fat Lady Sings
Jessica is drawn into an appropriately melodramatic situation when a renowned opera singer is accused of murder in San Francisco.
26 Nov. 1989
Test of Wills
On a dark and stormy night on a remote island, Jessica finds herself in the middle of a wealthy family squabbling over the inheritance of a millionaire.
3 Dec. 1989
Class Act
Jessica narrates the tale of a police detective sent to teach a university criminology class and challenges his students to solve a real homicide.
17 Dec. 1989
Town Father
Scandal abounds during election time in Cabot Cove when the Mayor is reputed to have a secret wife who comes to confront him with murderous results.
7 Jan. 1990
Good-Bye Charlie
Jessica narrates her newest novel about a bumbling private eye and his girlfriend inadvertently solving a murder by trying to cash in on a dead relative's will.
21 Jan. 1990
If the Shoe Fits
A womanizing Cabot Cove landlord is found murdered and Jessica must prove the innocence of a young boy's mother who is accused of the crime.
4 Feb. 1990
How to Make a Killing Without Really Trying
Jessica's trip to New York City to meet with her stockbroker becomes complicated when the broker is found murdered and his secretary charged with the crime.
11 Feb. 1990
The Fixer-Upper
Intrigue abounds in sunny California when Jessica's niece, Victoria, is accused of the murder of a rich movie heiress in Beverly Hills.
25 Feb. 1990
The Big Show of 1965
Murder occurs at the reunion of a variety show, site of a similar crime 25 years earlier.
4 Mar. 1990
Murder -- According to Maggie
A show cancellation coincides with a network executive's murder.
25 Mar. 1990
O'Malley's Luck
Jessica's friend, police Lt. O'Malley, and his rookie niece solve the case of a businessman's wife's apparent suicide.
8 Apr. 1990
Always a Thief
Jessica's friend, former jewel thief Dennis Stanton, solves a high-society collector's coin theft and murder.
29 Apr. 1990
Shear Madness
When a murder is committed shortly after the release of a mentally ill man, Jessica helps the man's sister prove his innocence.
6 May 1990
The Szechuan Dragon
While Jessica is out of town, her nephew, Grady, and his pregnant wife, Donna, house sit. When woken at night, they find a peg-legged man murdered on the living room floor.
20 May 1990
The Sicilian Encounter
Cross, double-cross, and triple-cross as Michael Hagarty and representatives of other governments try to elicit information and money from a Mafia family.

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