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Season 1

30 Sep. 1984
The Murder of Sherlock Holmes
Former English teacher Jessica Fletcher travels to New York to celebrate the success of her debut novel. But when an unwanted guest is murdered by gunfire at a costume party, she wishes she'd stayed home.
7 Oct. 1984
Deadly Lady
A mysterious man who briefly stops by Jessica's house turns up dead -- supposedly swept overboard during a hurricane before Jessica even met him.
14 Oct. 1984
Birds of a Feather
Jessica's niece Victoria Brandon is horrified when her fiancé Howard Griffin is arrested following the gunshot murder of nasty San Francisco drag club owner Al Drake.
28 Oct. 1984
Hooray for Homicide
Jessica protests when her book is turned into a tacky B-grade horror movie, and winds up as the prime suspect when producer Jerry Lydecker is murdered with a blunt instrument.
4 Nov. 1984
It's a Dog's Life
There's in-fighting and backstabbing galore when wealthy Denton Langley snubs his family and leaves most of his estate to a dog, which is discovered after his fatal fall from a drugged horse.
18 Nov. 1984
Lovers and Other Killers
While in Seattle for a series of lectures, Jessica is drawn into a dangerous case involving young secretary David Tolliver accused of killing his wealthy older lady friend Allison Brevard.
25 Nov. 1984
Hit, Run and Homicide
Jessica and the police are baffled by a seemingly driver-less car that suddenly appears in Cabot Cove and runs down a visitor who had fired local inventor Dan O'Brien.
9 Dec. 1984
We're Off to Kill the Wizard
Jessica gets mixed up with a nasty scheme involving a theme park creator whilst visiting relatives.
16 Dec. 1984
Death Takes a Curtain Call
Two Soviet ballet dancers on tour in the States are wanted following the murder of a man backstage during their debut performance.
30 Dec. 1984
Death Casts a Spell
A popular nightclub hypnotist is discovered murdered during a private press-call.
6 Jan. 1985
Capitol Offense
When a congressman suddenly dies from a heart attack, Jessica is asked to temporarily replace him in Washington.
13 Jan. 1985
Broadway Malady
Former Hollywood star Rita Bristol and her daughter Patti are about to open in a big new Broadway musical, until Patti is gunned down in a bizarre robbery attempt.
3 Feb. 1985
Murder to a Jazz Beat
A trip to New Orleans gets off to an eventful start when the leader of a popular jazz band is poisoned during a performance.
10 Feb. 1985
My Johnny Lies Over the Ocean
When Jessica's recently widowed niece takes a cruise to get away from it all, a would-be murderer follows her.
17 Feb. 1985
Paint Me a Murder
The birthday celebration for a renowned Mediterranean artist is cut short when the guest of honor winds up dead.
24 Feb. 1985
Tough Guys Don't Die
A private detective, hired by Jessica to research an old case, is suddenly murdered.
3 Mar. 1985
Sudden Death
Jessica uncovers the ugly side of sportsmanship when she inherits part-ownership of a football team.
10 Mar. 1985
Footnote to Murder
Jessica sets out to clear the name of a friend who is a prime suspect in a murder case.
17 Mar. 1985
Murder Takes the Bus
Jessica and a slew of passengers are forced to take refuge from a storm at a remote diner when one of the passengers is found stabbed in his seat on a bus to Boston.
31 Mar. 1985
Armed Response
While in the hospital with a fractured leg, Jessica investigates the murder of a doctor.
7 Apr. 1985
Murder at the Oasis
An unpopular show-business personality discovers that elaborate security systems are no guarantee of safety.
21 Apr. 1985
Funeral at Fifty-Mile
Jessica has to unravel the secrets and threats at the funeral of a friend in Wyoming.

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