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Frank Oz Says That Disney Just Doesn't Get The Muppets - "They Don’t Get the True Rebellion"

Back in 2004, Disney bought the rights to The Muppets from the Jim Henson Company and since then we've seen a couple of films and an attempt at a TV series that didn't work out very well. It was also recently announced that they were going to give it another try and develop a new series for their streaming service and they have a Muppet Babies animated series on the way.

Now, I love The Muppets, but I haven't really been that impressed with what they've done with the property so far. I know a lot of fans feel the same way. It just doesn't have the same kind of magic that it used to have. Legendary Muppets performer Frank Oz recently opened up about this and in his comments, he says that Disney just doesn't get it.

Oz recently appeared on Kcrw’s The Business (via The Hollywood Reporter) to
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Frank Oz Thinks Disney Is Ruining The Muppets: They Don't Get It

Frank Oz Thinks Disney Is Ruining The Muppets: They Don't Get It
Longtime Jim Henson collaborator Frank Oz says that Disney just "does not get The Muppets". The iconic Oz voiced Bert, Miss Piggy, Grover, Animal, and Sam Eagle for The Muppets from 1963 to 2004, which would lead one to believe that he knows a thing or two about how Jim Henson envisioned the characters and their rebellious spirit. The Muppets were taken over by Disney in 2004 and many believe that since then, the true spirit of what Henson always had in mind vanished from the beloved characters.

In a new interview, Frank Oz goes out of his way to say that he's not "knocking" Disney and adds that he's never been asked for any input regarding The Muppets in any way. He clearly doesn't have a problem with Disney since he reprised his role of Yoda for The Last Jedi. But when it comes to The Muppets, something has been missing since Disney took control.
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Exclusive: ‘Muppet Babies’ Clip Reveals the New Series’ Kid-Friendly Adventures

Ahead of its premiere next week, we're happy to bring you an early look at Disney's brand-new Muppet Babies series! This contemporary take on the multiple Emmy-winning 80s animated series sees the title characters brought to life in super-cute computer-generated animation as they go on all-new, kid-friendly adventures. In every episode of Disney Junior's reimagined CG-animated series, the Muppet Babies use their imaginations to transport them into a fantasy sequence, each with a distinct style ranging from collage, comic book and classic cartoons to live-action footage. It's a …
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‘Muppet Babies’ Clip: Get Ready For An Abundance of Singing

‘Muppet Babies’ Clip: Get Ready For An Abundance of Singing
The Muppet Babies are coming back to make your dreams come true with an all-new animated series, whether you like it or not. A brand-new Muppet Babies clip introduces you to the cast of characters, and features a lot of singing. So. Much. Singing. Muppet Babies is clearly geared towards very young children, and they will no doubt get a […]

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Muppet Babies Reboot Gets March Premiere Date

The Disney Junior reboot of Muppet Babies will begin airing late this coming March on the Disney Channel and the Disney Now App.

Featuring the voice talents of Jenny Slate (Parks and Recreation, Bob’s Burgers, Venom), Eric Bauza (Batman Ninja, Ultimate Spider-Man), and Dee Bradley Baker (American Dad!), the series will be a re-imagining of the beloved 1980s children’s TV show.
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TVLine Items: Jessie Quick on Legends, Once Casts Haunted Hostess and More

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is getting yet another speed upgrade.

Violett Beane, who recurs as Jesse Quick on The CW’s The Flash, will appear in an episode of sister series Legends, according to

Although it has not been revealed why exactly Jesse is being brought onto the show, her ex-boyfriend Wally West aka Kid Flash (played by Flash alum Keiynan Lonsdale) just this week made his debut on the time-travel drama, as a series regular.

Beane next appears on The Flash on Tuesday, March 6. Legends airs Mondays at 8/7c.

Ready for more of today’s newsy nuggets?
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The Muppets: Disney Planning Another TV Show for Streaming Service

The Muppets are making another comeback. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Disney is planning a new Muppets TV series for their upcoming streaming service.Most recently, The Muppets had a brief live-action series on ABC in 2016. However, the comedy was cancelled after only one season due to low ratings. In other news, Disney Jr. is rebooting the animated series Muppet Babies for a planned March premiere.Read More…
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The Muppets are getting another reboot series

Joseph Baxter Feb 22, 2018

Disney’s developing streaming service will see The Muppets flourish once again, with plans for another reboot series afoot...

The Muppets are, unsurprisingly, not done with television, thanks to Disney’s grandiose self-distribution designs. Consequently, plans for another television platform for the late Jim Henson’s fuzzy anthropomorphic oddities – undoubtedly some of the most recognisable characters around the world – will serve as one of the major television attractions for the Mouse’s developing streaming service.

With Disney’s streaming service seemingly telegraphing the touting of a potent intellectual property catalogue, the unmistakably iconic presence of The Muppets will, indeed, join the streaming cavalcade, according to THR. Of course, this iteration of the venerable puppet property will arrive not too long after Disney – which acquired The Muppets Studio back in 2004 – released its previous television reboot of The Muppets with an updated series that, due to low ratings and harsh critiques,
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Hear the new theme song from the Muppet Babies reboot

Back in October of 2016 it was announced that Disney Junior is set to reboot the classic 1980s animated series Jim Henson’s Muppet Babies, with a new CG-animated show revolving around the new adventures of Kermit, Miss Piggy, Fozzie Bear and company.

This will of course include an updated version of the iconic theme song, sung by Hamilton actress Renee Elise Goldsberry, and Disney has released a new featurette about the recording of the tune, which we have for you here…

And, if you’d like to revisit the original’s opening – and sing along to the theme – you can find that here…

Muppet Babies is set to premiere on Disney Junior this March.

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Video: Watch Tony Award Winner Ren�e Elise Goldsberry Sing the Theme Song For Muppet Babies!

Tony Award-winner Renee Elise Goldsberry Broadway's 'Hamilton' will perform the theme song for Disney Junior's highly-anticipated animated series 'Muppet Babies,' premiering this March on Disney Channel. The iconic theme song has been reimagined for a whole new generation of young viewers by the acclaimed songwriting team of Kay Hanley, Michelle Lewis and Dan Petty 'Doc McStuffins'. It will be released by Walt Disney Records on Friday, February 23.
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Muppet Babies: Renee Elise Goldsberry Sings Reboot's Theme Song — Watch

Muppet Babies: Renee Elise Goldsberry Sings Reboot's Theme Song — Watch
Even the most staunch Muppet Babies fan should be, ahem, satisfied with the Disney Junior reboot’s theme song.

The network has tapped Tony Award winner Renée Elise Goldsberry (aka Hamilton‘s Angelica Schuyler) to put her own twist on the familiar tune, and TVLine has an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at how it all came together.

“The vibe is so fun,” Goldsberry says of the classic tune. “It’s like that wonderful period where music was really bouncy and kind of really melodic. I think it’s the perfect choice for the Muppet Babies.”

Of course, this isn’t the
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Muppet Babies: Jenny Slate to Play Nanny in Disney Junior Revival Series

Jenny Slate is joining Muppet Babies. Recently, Disney Junior announced the Parks and Rec star has joined their upcoming revival series.Based on the original animated series from Jim Henson, the reboot will follow "the hilarious playroom antics of the young Kermit the Frog, Piggy, Fozzie Bear, Gonzo, Animal and brand-new Muppet Baby, Summer Penguin."Read More…
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‘Muppet Babies’ Reboot Will Star Jenny Slate as Miss Nanny

Muppet Babies, Jim Henson’s 1980s animated TV series that imagined Kermit the Frog, Fozzie Bear, Miss Piggy, and his other lovable Muppets as toddlers, is being rebooted on Disney Junior. Last month, we got a quick look at one of the show’s new characters, and today, we’ve learned that the show has hired someone to […]

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Jenny Slate To Voice Iconic Role Of Miss Nanny In Disney’s ‘Muppet Babies’ Revival

Actress Jenny Slate is about to step into a pair of iconic tights. The Zootopia actress is lending her voice to Disney Junior’s revival of Muppet Babies as Miss Nanny. Slate will be taking the Miss Nanny torch from iconic Leave it to Beaver matriarch Barbara Billingsley, who voiced the character in the original animated series from the ’80s. Like the original, Miss Nanny will only be seen from the torso down and will be wearing snazzy tights which will change in each…
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Muppet Babies Reboot: Jenny Slate to Voice the Iconic, Faceless 'Miss Nanny'

Muppet Babies Reboot: Jenny Slate to Voice the Iconic, Faceless 'Miss Nanny'
It takes a certain type of person to successfully wrangle a group of felt-skinned, diaper-wearing puppet people — and that person is obviously Jenny Slate.

RELATEDDisney Channel’s K.C. Undercover Series Finale: Grade It!

More than a year after Disney Junior first announced that a Muppet Babies reboot was in the works, we can finally put a name to one of the series’ most iconic faces bodies, with the casting of Slate as the Muppets’ nanny, appropriately named Miss Nanny.

“As in the original Emmy Award-winning series, Miss Nanny will only be visible from the torso down,” the network explains in a statement.
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‘Stranger Things 2’ Reinforced a Sexist and Ubiquitous Trope, But Season 3 Could Fix That

  • Indiewire
In the first season of “Stranger Things,” the quartet of young men (“the party,” to use the parlance of Dungeons and Dragons) is clearly a direct homage to the show’s love of Stephen King (many of King’s narratives revolve around similar friend groups). But it’s the addition of Eleven to the group — the “mage,” as Mike likes to refer to her — that aligns the show with an even more common trope.

Nearly any child of the ’80s and ’90s will fondly remember, as a part of their youth, watching cartoons. And for boys, there was a lot of fun to be had in identifying with certain characters. You could be a “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” fan, but more intellectual types might consider themselves to be Donatello, while a more rebellious boy might prefer to don the red eye mask of Raphael.

Meanwhile, if you were a girl
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Marc Alan Fishman: Comics Are Dead. Thank you, DC!

  • Comicmix
So, spoiler alert. The comic industry as we know it is going to die. Well, according to Dan Didio and Jim Lee it is. At the San Diego Comic Con – which I clearly didn’t attend because I already knew comics were dying – the DC honchos all but shook their rain sticks at the assembled retailers to eulogize the industry before revealing how they would save it.

Forgive me. You no doubt heard the thundering cacophony of my right eyebrow arching high on my face at a speed worthy of Barry Allen. The speed at which it jutted there clearly broke the sound barrier in a reflex akin only to those meta-humans with the ability to transcend space and time.

There’s literally too much to unpack from all they blabbed on about for me to fit in a single column. And rather than present evidence how the comic industry isn’t dying at all,
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Kermit Actor Fired for 'Unacceptable Conduct,' Muppets Studio Explains

Kermit Actor Fired for 'Unacceptable Conduct,' Muppets Studio Explains
Steve Whitmire may no longer be voicing Kermit the Frog, but he’s hardly remaining silent.

VideosDonald Jr., Sean Spicer and More Audition to Voice Kermit on Late Show

First, some background: News broke last week that Whitmire, who has brought the felt-skinned favorite to life for the past 27 years, was being replaced by another actor named Matt Vogel. Whitmire says he’s been with The Muppets Studio for 39 years.

In an interview published by The Hollywood Reporter on Monday, Whitmire said he was given two reasons for his termination: In addition to being too outspoken about the direction of his character in recent years,
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Big Show unhappy with WWE, shoots on Raw! Money In The Bank plans – WrestleTalk News

Oli Davis rounds up the biggest professional wrestling news in his daily WrestleTalk column…

Flashback Thursdays…

2011 was a different time. The first brand split had come to an end. The Anonymous Raw General Manager wasn’t going anywhere. And six years to the day tomorrow, WWE ran one of its best angles in recent times, with Cm Punk escaping through the crowd with the WWE Championship, blowing Vince McMahon a kiss, after beating John Cena in Money in the Bank’s main event.

Meanwhile, over in the UK during 2011, Raw’s current day Cruiserweight roster were wrestling for Dragon Gate.

We were in the same ring in 2011.#Tbt #205Live

Akira Tozawa (@TozawaAkira) June 15, 2017

Akira Tozawa has shared a photo of his fellow wrestlers from the promotion – the very young looking Noam Dar, Jack Gallagher and Pac, who now wrestles for WWE as Neville. It’s
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TV Rewind: The 9 Shows That Defined 1990, From ‘Twin Peaks’ to ‘Wings’

The year 1990 was the beginning of a new decade that just had survived the neon excesses of the ’80s. This fresh start was seen in the world at large with the reunification of Germany, the unification of Yemen, the release of Nelson Mandela and the resignation of Margaret Thatcher as the U.K.’s prime minister.

It was also the fledgling days of the internet, when the first web server was created, providing a foundation for the World Wide Web as we know it.

Read More: ‘Animaniacs’ Reboot Being Developed by Steven Spielberg, Amblin TV and Warner Bros. — Exclusive

Over on television, “Saturday Night Live” welcomed the new talents of Chris Farley, Tim Meadows, Chris Rock, Adam Sandler, Rob Schneider and Julia Sweeney.

The year also marked the end of an era for shows like “Alf,” “227,” “Newhart,” primetime soap “Falcon Crest,” Nickelodeon’s slime purveyor “You Can’t Do That on Television,
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