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Season 3

26 Sep. 1986
When Irish Eyes Are Crying
Gina falls for an Irish pacifist who believes there is no point fighting fire with fire anymore - or so she thinks.
3 Oct. 1986
Stone's War
When Ira Stone films a video of American forces on illegal operations in South America, Crockett must protect him from their old nemesis Maynard, who will stop at nothing to silence Stone.
10 Oct. 1986
A major drug dealer that's being investigated and his ruthless partner, a brothel madam, frame a professional jai alai player for murder of a prostitute to blackmail the athlete's customs agent brother into selling Crockett and Tubbs out.
17 Oct. 1986
Tubbs goes undercover in a penitentiary to try and smoke out a group of corrupt prison guards.
24 Oct. 1986
The Good Collar
Crockett attempts to help a high-school football star achieve his dream, while others pressure him to help bring down a teenage drug lord.
31 Oct. 1986
Shadow in the Dark
Crockett risks his sanity to try and enter the mind of a creepy, bizarre serial home invader, who might change his exhibitionist m.o. to murder or worse unless he's stopped in time.
7 Nov. 1986
El Viejo
Crockett and Tubbs have their hands full with an impatient old-timer (Willie Nelson) anxious to make a deal with a deadly Bolivian cocaine importer.
14 Nov. 1986
Better Living Through Chemistry
Tubbs' attempts to stop synthetic cocaine of the highest purity from hitting the streets are threatened by his ex-NYPD-partner, whose career was destroyed by Tubbs' testimony regarding a confused shooting.
21 Nov. 1986
Baby Blues
The team learns of a baby selling ring when one of the children's mother comes to Miami looking for her child. The trail leads them to a sleazy lawyer. When the lawyer manages to tie up any loose ends, they decide to use the mother to trap him.
5 Dec. 1986
A prostitution bust at a motel snares an officer from another precinct. Castillo wants to take his badge, but Crockett haves him hold off and uses the officer to find the source of pure cocaine found on one of the prostitutes, a girl the wayward cop is in love with.
12 Dec. 1986
Forgive Us Our Debts
New evidence leads Crockett to fight against the execution of Frank Hackman, put on Death Row for murdering Crockett's old partner.
9 Jan. 1987
Down for the Count
Zito goes undercover as a boxing manager to take down a crooked bookie, but pays the ultimate price for it.
16 Jan. 1987
Down for the Count: Part II
Shaken and angered by Zito's death, Switek and the squad pull out all the stops to take Guzman down.
23 Jan. 1987
Cuba Libre
Crockett and Tubbs go undercover to move on a major Miami dealer and stumble into a runaway paramilitary group with blood in their sights and plans of their own for the deal money.
6 Feb. 1987
Duty and Honor
When some prostitutes are being killed, Castillo recognizes the M.O. as similar to some killings he saw when he was in Vietnam and working with a Vietnamese investigator. And the investigator shows up in Miami.
13 Feb. 1987
Crockett plans to marry his latest girlfriend, an ER doctor from the UK. However, she has a dark secret. A major drug dealer whom Sonny has recently busted uses it to both free himself and make Crockett look dirty.
20 Feb. 1987
The Afternoon Plane
Tubbs wins a free vacation and he brings his girlfriend with him. But when he arrives, he discovers a man he arrested. He eventually learns that he's been set up by Calderone, who is arriving on the next plane. Tubbs is trapped and with no weapon and no one is willing to help him. He also eventually discovers another woman he knew who is now with Calderone.
27 Feb. 1987
Lend Me an Ear
Crockett and Tubbs' investigation of a paranoid dealer is complicated by a surveillance expert who decides to play both sides against one another.
13 Mar. 1987
Red Tape
Crockett and Tubbs along with a couple of other cops were about to make a bust but instead are ambushed and one of the cops is killed. It seems that this was not the first time this happened. It's evident that someone on the inside is giving dealers info on busts. Tubbs then loses it. Later he is approached by a cop who wants him to work with him. The partner of the cop who was killed is determined to find out what happened. And when he sees Tubbs with the cop, he follows him.
20 Mar. 1987
By Hooker by Crook
A call girl witnesses two henchmen take her client and ultimately murder him, causing her to go into hiding, confiding and staying with a friend, a woman Crockett falls for big time. Unknown to him, there is far more to her than he knows.
27 Mar. 1987
Knock, Knock... Who's There?
While Crockett and Tubbs are meeting undercover with a dealer, DEA agents raid the buy and take the cash and drugs. The DEA admits to nothing, setting in motion an Internal Affairs investigation into Crockett himself. Crockett decides to talk to someone he knows in the DEA, who, unbeknownst to him, is the one responsible for stealing the money.
3 Apr. 1987
Viking Bikers from Hell
A member of a violent biker gang is accidentally killed during a drug sting by Crockett. The other members of his biker gang avenge his death by killing everybody that may have been a part of it until they find the wire.
1 May 1987
Everybody's in Show Biz
While under cover, Tubbs and a powerful drug lord are robbed and taken in the process is a brief case. Now the two brothers are marked for death by the drug lord.
8 May 1987
Heroes of the Revolution
The team is working on a Cuban named Pedroza. They discover another man keeping tabs on him. They learn that he's a Communist agent. He goes to see Gina and tells her that he knew her mother when she was still in Cuba and that she was murdered by a jealous ex-lover, Pedroza.

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