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Season 5

4 Nov. 1988
Hostile Takeover
Crockett, as Burnett, murders and manipulates his way to the top of the crime organization he works for.
11 Nov. 1988
Redemption in Blood
Burnett begins to remember who he really is, as Tubbs and the rest of the squad decide he must be taken down.
18 Nov. 1988
Heart of Night
A conflicted Castillo protects his ex-wife from a drug lord who is trying to kill her and her new husband.
2 Dec. 1988
Bad Timing
Trying to come to grips with himself after the trouble with Burnett, Crockett takes a vacation that becomes a pursuit with three escaped convicts and their hostage.
9 Dec. 1988
Tubbs and Switek go undercover and pose as drug dealing middlemen to take down Borrasca, a very dangerous counter revolutionary who uses drug money to fight the war against communism in his country.
16 Dec. 1988
Line of Fire
A drug kingpin on trial for murder puts a million dollar contract out on a punk rocker who is the star witness for the prosecution. The FBI want Crockett and Tubbs to safe house the witness, but keeping him alive is going to be a challenge.
13 Jan. 1989
Asian Cut
Trudy poses as a prostitute to help Crockett and Tubbs catch a serial killer who they suspect is Asian because of the ritualistic way in which he mutilates his female victims.
20 Jan. 1989
Hard Knocks
Switek sinks into drunkenness and self-destructive behavior after a dangerous mobster forces him to talk his indebted quarterback buddy into throwing a game to pay off his own enormous gambling debts.
3 Feb. 1989
Fruit of the Poison Tree
Crockett and Tubbs' efforts to bust a major drug dealer are repeatedly thwarted in court by a shady big-shot southern gentleman attorney and his loyal protege Lisa, whose father was a prosecutor murdered for crusading against drugs.
10 Feb. 1989
To Have and to Hold
Crockett goes on leave to spend some time with his young troubled son Billy, who can't adjust to the unexpected new situation in the household. Tubbs falls for the widow of an assassinated drug lord, whose family is now being targeted.
17 Feb. 1989
Miami Squeeze
Crockett recruits the young cop from the Line of Fire episode to assist in an investigation of a dandy British drug lord and his operation in Miami, which includes the son of an anti-drug legislator. Also, Sonny visits a shrink.
3 Mar. 1989
Jack of All Trades
Crockett's estranged cousin Jack, the swindling but lovable black sheep of the family, needs Sonny's help after he unknowingly robs the underboss of a dangerous, flamboyant drug lord obsessed with Shakespeare to pay off a debt.
10 Mar. 1989
The Cell Within
Tubbs is held prisoner by a "reformed" psycho he put away years ago, who is obsessed with eradicating crime through extreme methods.
17 Mar. 1989
The Lost Madonna
When a drug bust nabs artwork instead of drugs, Crockett and Tubbs enter the underground art scene, but a cop from New York (Michael Chiklis) takes control of the operation to protect the artwork.
28 Apr. 1989
Over the Line
When a routine bust goes bad, the team gets approached by a group of rogue cops who have their own vigilante justice in mind. Castillo approves Crockett and Tubbs decision to infiltrate the group, but when one good cop is killed, that decision comes into question.
5 May 1989
Victims of Circumstance
Sonny infiltrates a KKK-like hate group to catch the serial killer responsible for the death of several Holocaust survivors. However, he might be looking at the wrong place.
21 May 1989
Crockett and Tubbs, figuring they're on their way out, are recruited by the government to help a dictator escape from his war-torn country - with double-crosses at every turn.
14 Jun. 1989
World of Trouble
Experimental EMP railgun is stolen by the son of Al Lombard, Sonny's recurring frienemy and former mob underboss, who vanished after his boss Librizzi sent hitmen after him. When Al reappears to visit his kid, the hitmen find them.
21 Jun. 1989
Miracle Man
The team has double trouble, first with a strung out vigilante (Miracle Man) messing up their busts, and second, a TV crew who wants to film it all for a reality TV show.
28 Jun. 1989
Leap of Faith
The Young Victims Unit, a new squad of undercover officers, are put to the test when a new deadly drug begins to circulate on a college campus in Miami. They suspect a reputable but dangerous college professor.
25 Jan. 1990
Too Much, Too Late
Valerie returns to Miami to help a friend turned junkie, whose teenage daughter is being preyed upon by her abusive drug dealer. She also hopes of possibly rekindling her romance with Tubbs. Meanwhile Stan returns to his gambling ways.

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