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7 Jan. 1987
All That Glitters
When a major fire threatens a neighborhood, Jonathan and Mark (in the guise of priests) re-open an abandoned church as a shelter, and one of the people who take shelter there is a hustler also disguised as a priest who has found a briefcase containing $1 million and needs a place to hide from the hoods who lost it.
14 Jan. 1987
Jonathan and Mark's latest assignment is Wally, a lovable elderly hobo and street puppeteer whose caring and goodness have made him, without his knowing it, an angel. But he may be powerless to help a critically ill little boy ... unless he appeals to a higher authority.
21 Jan. 1987
A Song of Songs
Gabe, a jazz musician, is reunited with his old flame. He finds out that after all these years, the woman he once loved has changed.
28 Jan. 1987
A Night to Remember
Mark and Jonathan help Danny and Kate overcome their height issues as they get ready for prom.
4 Feb. 1987
A Mother and a Daughter
A much-beloved movie star is being honored, but her estranged daughter is writing a vengeful expose about her mother, and Jonathan must help the daughter remember the truth about the past ... an assignment Mark hopes Jonathan will fail at, since success means that Jonathan will return to Heaven forever.
11 Feb. 1987
Normal People
Jonathan and Mark next assignment takes them to a halfway house for people who were confined to mental facilities and were released because they're deemed no longer a danger to society but not really fully treated. The other members of the neighborhood were they are doesn't want them there. So they make their feelings very clear. But when each of them meets them, they begin to realize they're people also.
18 Feb. 1987
The Hero
A veteran feels like society let him down because he needs some dental work done which he can't afford. He was hoping his Veterans' benefits would pay for it but because his dental problems are not related to his military service he is denied.
25 Feb. 1987
Parents' Day
Jonathan and Mark, as police detectives investigating drug selling in schools, become involved when the son of a famous news anchorman and leading anti-drug proponent learns that his father is a secret cocaine user and informs the police, leading to a cover-up and betrayal of trust by the father.
4 Mar. 1987
A Father's Faith
When Jonathan and Mark decide to take some time off, they visit Mark's friends to go fishing. When they arrive, they discover, the son of Mark's friends was in an accident a few years ago and after being taken off life support is still alive and is a convalescent home. And the father spends all his time with his son practically ignoring his wife. And the tension between them causes problems for their daughter who hasn't visited her brother because she was with her brother when he had his accident.
18 Mar. 1987
Heavy Date
A pregnant young woman finds true love, and a fresh start.
1 Apr. 1987
Ghost Rider
A lonely female novelist is in love with a legendary spy hero who has been dead for 20 years. She buys His sports car, that is being auctioned off, only to find out that His ghost comes with the car. She is overjoyed, until She finds out that His personality is less charming, than what She imagined.
6 May 1987
The Gift of Life
Jonathan and Mark's latest assignment is to try and get cold hearted businessman R.R. Benson to change his ways. When subtlety fails, Jonathan decides to try the direct approach and tell Benson who he is and why he is here. When Benson refuses to change, Jonathan tells him to read the Bible. And it's during the night that a burglar breaks in and shoots Benson. Later Jonathan and Mark find Benson but he's now a spirit. That's when Jonathan takes him on a tour of his life and what he has done. Upon seeing that Jonathan tells him he's being given the opportunity to ...
16 Sep. 1987
Man's Best Friend: Part 1
A runaway dog helps bring together a boy in an orphanage whom nobody wants and the dog's human family, the parents of which are trying to have another child through a surrogate mother.
23 Sep. 1987
Man's Best Friend: Part 2
The orphan boy has formed an attachment to the dog, although he is going away to living with a new foster family.
30 Sep. 1987
Fight for Your Life
A young fighter must make a choice between right and wrong.
21 Oct. 1987
The People Next Door
When a black family tries to move next door to a successful doctor in an exclusive community, Jonathan and Mark must help the doctor confront a secret he's kept from everyone, including his own family.
28 Oct. 1987
I Was a Middle Aged Werewolf
During Halloween night, Jonathan helps a little boy get over his fears (and in the process get even with his older sister).
4 Nov. 1987
Playing for Keeps
Jonathan tries to mend the relationship between a comedian and his son whose a serious actor. He goes about it by getting them to work in a play. Problem is the comedian hasn't been serious in his relationship with his son, which carries over into the play which is a drama.
11 Nov. 1987
Amazing Man
A little boy's father has died, and now His Mother and grandfather are shielding Him from focusing on His Father's death. Now, the little Boy has a super hero figurine that He calls " Amazing Man ", and Amazing Man has become His imaginary friend. Jonathan tries to help the little boy let go of His grief about His father.
18 Nov. 1987
All the Colors of the Heart
Frank, an athlete who expects to gain his sight, must council another man who's sure to lose his.
25 Nov. 1987
Why Punish the Children?
Jonathan and Mark's latest assignment has them going to a women's prison. It seems that the inmates are not allowed any physical contact with their children. Jonathan thinks that policy should be changed but Mark doesn't at first. Jonathan tries to get the warden to change things but he's not moved until he gets a dream of not being able to be with his children. Jonathan tries to get one of the children of an inmate, who resents her mother for her actions, to see her.
2 Dec. 1987
A Dream of Wild Horses
An aging rancher gives up, and places all the responsibility on His stressed out daughter. Jonathan and Mark show up to offer support.
9 Dec. 1987
In with the 'In' Crowd
Jonathan and Mark go to a school as policemen trying to help find who is selling drugs that killed a student. Another policewoman goes undercover and she thinks she knows who the dealer is. She uses a student to get to him. When she drops him, he confronts her. When he gets rough she uses her cop skills to fend him off. Later he learns from the dealer what she is and he claims she used illegal methods to get him to help her. She was hoping that the wire she wore recorded the whole thing. Bur Mark erroneously stopped recording so she can't prove her version of what ...
23 Dec. 1987
With Love, the Claus
It's Christmas and Jonathan and Mark's latest assignment is to try and get a divorced couple who are still bickering with each other and use their son as a pawn to stop. They go to work for the father who is a lawyer. They take their son to the department store to see Santa. The Santa there really believes himself to be Santa and doesn't approve of the stores marketing policies - he goes into a rage. He gets arrested and Jonathan defends him. The department store owner tells their lawyer, the boy's mother to get him (Santa) to shut up. So parents go at it in court.

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