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Season 14

25 May 1994
Born to Be Mild
The fantasies of middle aged men are the stuff legends are made of, when Greg seriously considers getting a Harley.
1 Jun. 1994
Rebel Without a Clue
Jenny's new boyfriend has her pondering a problem. How is a girl supposed to rebel if people keep letting her do what she wants?
8 Jun. 1994
Your Wish Is My Command
Arthur is sick and tired of being ordered around by Ben and Tracy, so he plots his revenge.
15 Jun. 1994
The Joy Luck Social Club
Greg and Ben are looking forward to meeting Helga at the work social club.
22 Jun. 1994
Romancing the Stunned
Ben gets put in a sticky situation when his girlfriend visits from Taree.
29 Jun. 1994
Betty's New Flat
The family helps Betty move flats, but the boys get locked inside without the key.
6 Jul. 1994
Cart Blanks
As Tracy's new boyfriend is 30, she puts her age up to 23.
13 Jul. 1994
Sink or Swim
It looks like there could be a flea plague in the house, so Ben arms himself with a super-duper pest bomb.
20 Jul. 1994
Current Events
Greg gets a gold card, while Tracy tries to save money on electricity by using only the one outlet.
27 Jul. 1994
Broom and Board
Greg organises a work roster to try and get the place cleaned up.
3 Aug. 1994
Phoning at the Mouth
Tracy tries to persuade Greg to get her a mobile phone. Ben cons Betty into helping with his university assignment.
10 Aug. 1994
Hoot's Boots
Greg's father, a conservative architect, arrives unexpectedly, and is living life to the full.
17 Aug. 1994
What a Blast!
A bank robber on the run takes the household hostage. But will he survive in the mayhem?

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