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Before They Were Famous: Nicole Kidman in 'BMX Bandits'

With her numerous acting awards and constant critical acclaim, it's sometimes easy to forget that Nicole Kidman wasn't always A-list.

Time for a reminder.

While the awesome Aussie first made America—and, reportedly Tom Cruise—take notice as the frizzy-haired woman in peril in the 1987 thriller "Dead Calm," she actually landed her first major role four years earlier, playing, yup, a frizzy-haired woman in peril in the not-so-thrilling "BMX Bandits," which makes its Blu-ray debut this week.

Despite a lackluster plot—a trio of teens find a stash of stolen walkie-talkies, sell them for BMX gear, then are trailed by the crooks—the 1983 flick was a coup for 16-year-old Kidman, who had previously done bit parts in two TV movies as well as "Bush Christmas," which, we assure you, was not a porno but a family film.

"BMX Bandits" didn't exactly turn Kidman into a Wonder from Down Under, however,
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