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Season 3

25 Sep. 1986
Bring 'Em Back Alive
Rudy sees a snake in the basement. Cliff and Theo cannot capture it, so Clair calls an exterminator. Theo and his friend plan a party with lots of girls attending.
2 Oct. 1986
Food for Thought
Cliff has to go on a diet. Rudy does not want her own room.
9 Oct. 1986
Golden Anniversary
Cliff, Clair, and the children plan an elaborate celebration for Cliff's parents 50th wedding anniversary. The Huxtable's perform a musical number for the parents and take them to a club for music and dancing.
16 Oct. 1986
Man Talk
At school, a classmate starts flirting with Theo. Theo is flattered and interested, but he already has a girlfriend. Rudy wants to have a tea party and since her sisters are busy, she asks Cliff to the tea party.
23 Oct. 1986
Mother, May I?
Vanessa starts wearing makeup without her parents' permission. Clair talks to Vanessa and reminds her she must wait until she's 15. Meanwhile, Theo is taking a fire-safety class at school and quizzes his parents on procedures.
30 Oct. 1986
The March
Theo has to rewrite a school paper on the 1963 March on Washington. Cliff & Clair, and Cliff's parents, who were actually there during the march, tell Theo what really happened and how they experienced it. He gets to really feel the event.
6 Nov. 1986
Theo's Flight
After a member of the Tuskegee Airmen makes a speech at Theo's school, Theo and Cockroach want to take flying lessons. Cliff and Clair agree, but then the reality of lessons and commitment hits Theo and Cockroach. Rudy has a new friend, Kenny.
13 Nov. 1986
Vanessa's Rich
Vanessa mentions to the popular cheerleaders the amount of money her mother paid for an art painting. Vanessa is then accepted on the pep squad and starts being picked on for being rich.
20 Nov. 1986
Denise Gets a 'D'
Clair has a pinched nerve and has to stay in bed. Cliff and the children try to make her day easier by doing chores around the house. At college, Denise gets a D in one of her classes and is afraid to tell her parents.
4 Dec. 1986
A Girl and Her Dog
Cliff's left alone with the kids for a day before they go on a trip out to Washington. A dog follows Rudy home and she has trouble letting go when the dog's owner comes to get it.
11 Dec. 1986
War Stories
Russel and his friends visit Cliff to play pinochle. Cliff's father and his friends reminisce about their days in military service.
18 Dec. 1986
Cliff in Charge
Clair is asked to help plan a celebration that honors the retiring president of Hillman College in Atlanta. While she is gone for ten days, Cliff has to take care of the house and children.
8 Jan. 1987
Monster Man Huxtable
Sondra comes home from college and brings Elvin along with her. Theo is written up in the school paper about his wrestling skills. Elvin helps him learn a few new moves and shares with Theo that he is going to propose marriage to Sondra.
15 Jan. 1987
Rudy Spends the Night
Rudy is spending the night with her grandparents. Denise is going with friends to The Village and invites Vanessa to go with her. Theo is waiting for news to go out with a girlfriend. When that falls through, Cliff creates Mens Night.
22 Jan. 1987
Say Hello to a Good Buy
Cliff buys a new car, but must contend with a tough salesman. Meanwhile, Rudy creates a collage of animals by cutting pictures out of Cliff's encyclopedias.
5 Feb. 1987
Denise Gets an Opinion
Denise makes a date with a guy she's only talked to on the phone. Robert stops by to get advice from Cliff and others about girls, romance and relationships.
12 Feb. 1987
Calling Doctor Huxtable
Cliff goes to the hospital to deliver a baby and finds out three patients are ready to deliver. Theo is in charge at home, and Vanessa has a friend over who smokes a cigarette in Vanessa's room.
19 Feb. 1987
You Only Hurt the One You Love
Theo talks Rudy into playing circus and when he tries to do the tumbling act, accidentally injures her.
26 Feb. 1987
The Shower
Denise gives her friend Veronica a bridal shower. Denise finds out Veronica and her fiancé planned to get pregnant just so they could get married.
12 Mar. 1987
Cliff's 50th Birthday
Cliff is turning 50 years old and the family plans a lot of surprises for him. He finds out all the things that are older than him, get a key chain that works for everyone except him, and has a party with some special friends.
19 Mar. 1987
I Know That You Know
Sondra and Elvin announce their engagement. Since Cliff always says he knows everything that goes on, Clair and the kids decide to play a joke on Cliff about the engagement. He finds out before the joke and turns the tables on the others.
2 Apr. 1987
Andalusian Flu
Both Cliff and Clair are sick in bed with the flu, leaving Theo in charge; Theo orders Vanessa and Rudy around to clean up the house while he takes the credit for it even though he's planning to go out with a girl.
9 Apr. 1987
Bald and Beautiful
Cockroach shaves his head to audition for a music video and tries to convince Theo to shave his head also. Cliff's friend from the Navy visits.
30 Apr. 1987
Planning Parenthood
Cliff takes Rudy & her friends to a fancy restaurant. All dressed up in their best clothes, they go to the restaurant. Chaos ensues despite Cliff's effort to show them elegance. Clair's sister visits and announces she wants to have a baby.
7 May 1987
Cliff, Clair, Theo, Vanessa, and Rudy visit Denise at Hillman College and meet her friends.

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