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Season 3

27 Oct. 1986
Good-bye Mr Henstridge
Mr Henstridge, an elderly library user, passes away. He has long been an admirer of Alison and so she persuades Tom that they should go to his funeral. Afterwards his sister gives Alison a gramophone but when she discovers its contents she learns that he was not exactly the sweet, clean-living old gentleman that she had imagined him to be.
3 Nov. 1986
Guess Who's Not Coming to Dinner
Alison is very nervous as Tom is taking her for a weekend visit to his uncle and cousins,who live in a country house. They would seem to be rather upper crust and Alison fears that they will look down on her. However the relatives are equally nervous as they are well aware of Tom's unfortunate habit of getting himself involved in 'coincidences' - and they are proved right.
10 Nov. 1986
The Blessing
Tom is supposedly on a cricketing tour of Norway and so Mr and Mrs Little use the opportunity to try and talk Alison out of going ahead with her wedding plans. Then a mysterious visitor Mr Mungo arrives on the scene and,at the same time, a mysterious being appears to be eating things in the house - two coincidences which lead to the discovery that,having missed his flight to Norway,Tom was in the vicinity all along.
17 Nov. 1986
The Once and Future Chance
With Tom still undecided as to whether he really wants to walk down the aisle he and Alison go to visit the Reverend Dodge,not the most enthusiastic of vicars,to sort out the wedding arrangements. However due to yet another of Tom's 'coincidences' and an involvement with philanthropic Lady Stockbridge,the couple find that they have 'accidentally' adopted six children and a couple of dogs, a matter which once more brings them in contact with long-suffering Sergeant Gough when they are charged with abduction.
24 Nov. 1986
Pre-Matrimonial Tensions
It is the day before Alison becomes Mrs Chance and she is very excited - Tom a little less so. They are preparing for the wedding rehearsal - but somehow it would seem that they have lost the best man,the bridesmaids and all the guests - not to mention the honeymoon tickets. And this is all before lunch.
1 Dec. 1986
The Wedding
Unaware that their guests - due to their misdirections - have got stuck in the sewer Tom and Alison have wedding eve celebrations. She dresses as a tart for a vicars and tarts party and gets arrested for soliciting when she goes into an off-licence. Tom is dressed as a vicar but then a thief who disguises himself as a vicar is in town with a bunch of genuine clergymen and of course,due to his customary mistaken identity,Tom ends up in the cell next to Alison. Fortunately Sergeant Gough realizes what has happened and releases them along with a vicar to ensure that the ...

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