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Season 1

10 Nov. 1982
Part 1
Rev. Septimus Harding is much-loved in Barchester, perhaps the most beloved citizen in the county. In addition to the work at his church, which includes a superb choir, he is also Warden of a local hospital where a group of elderly gentlemen reside and receive a small stipend from the will of a benefactor who died some 400 years ago. Dr. John Bold has been tasked to look into this will to determine if its wishes are being correctly applied. He is particularly concerned the Rev. Harding is in receipt of an annual stipend of £800 per year - a considerable increase in ...
17 Nov. 1982
Part 2
Eleanor Harding pleads with John Bold to stop his attacks on her father. He doesn't see his attack as personal but one against the perceived corruption of the Church of England whose members live in luxury while the poor starve. In the end he agrees to stop the court action and so informs Archdeacon Grantly, Septimus Harding's son-in-law. Eleanor and John also agree to be married. It's not all that simple for Septimus Harding however. He is greatly disturbed by the accusations made against him and travels to London to speak to the Church's solicitor, Sir Abraham ...
24 Nov. 1982
Part 3
Some years have now passed and Rev. Septimus Harding is happy in his new parish. His daughter Eleanor married John Bold but he died unexpectedly leaving a widow with a young son. Bishop Grantly, well over 80 years old, also dies and his son, Archdeadon Grantly, expects to be named Bishop in his place. Such is not to be however and the new Bishop and his wife soon arrive. Along with Bishop and Mrs. Proudie comes his assistant, Obadiah Slope. Archdeacon Grantly soon concludes that the new Bishop defers decisions to his wife and she to Rev. Slope. When the Bishop asks ...
1 Dec. 1982
Part 4
As suggested by Bishop Proudie, the Rev. Septimus Harding calls on Rev. Obadiah Slope to discuss the possibility of being reappointed Warden of the hospital. Septimus is offended not only by Slope's manner but also the conditions he's laid down should the appointment be accepted. Slope is clearly using the appointment to his own advantage. Rather than arrange for a meeting with the Bishop as Septimus Harding had requested, he reports that Rev. Harding rejected the offer. Slope then offers the post to Mr. Quiverful who is more than pleased to accept, given that his ...
8 Dec. 1982
Part 5
Obadiah Slope continues to manipulate those around him. Having overstepped the mark and offered the position of hospital Warden to Rev. Quiverful, he gets Bishop Proudie to agree that should Quiverful opt to withdraw his acceptance, they would be in a position to offer it once again to Septimus Harding. Slope manipulates the kindly Quiverful into withdrawing his acceptance but doesn't quite count on Mrs. Quiverful who goes straight to Mrs. Proudie to complain. When the Bishop's wife learns that Slope used her name in his dealings with Quiverful, he makes an enemy that...
15 Dec. 1982
Part 6
Obadiah Slope's machinations are slowly catching up to him. The Dean of Barchester Cathedral is on his death bed and many in the community are outraged when an article appears in the local newspaper suggesting that Slope should be named as his replacement. It's apparent to everyone that Slope was the source of the suggestion. At the Thorne's annual garden party, Eleanor Bold is hoping to spend some time with Francis Arabin who she finds attractive and interesting. Slope however seems to interrupt any such attempt and when he finally proposes to her, she has a very ...
22 Dec. 1982
Part 7
Mrs. Proudie is clearly in charge again and Bishop Proudie announces that Mr. Quiverful is to become the new Warden of the hospital. Obadiah Slope's objections fall on deaf ears as does his suggestion that he should be named Dean. He soon realizes that his future is indeed dire. Rev. Septimus Hardinge is thrilled to be offered the post of Dean leading his son-in-law and both daughters to rejoice. They're not prepared however for his response to the offer. Following Madeline Neroni's advice, Eleanor makes her feelings for Francis Arabin known and they are soon engaged ...

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