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24 Apr. 1984
A Scandal in Bohemia
Sherlock Holmes finds himself evenly matched when he is employed by the King of Bohemia to retrieve an indiscreet photograph from the American actress and singer, Irene Adler.
1 May 1984
The Dancing Men
A gentleman is baffled when the childish drawings of little dancing men terrify his American wife. Sherlock Holmes soon discovers why.
8 May 1984
The Naval Treaty
An unknown thief steals an important naval treaty from a Foreign Office clerk; Sherlock Holmes sets out to find it.
15 May 1984
The Solitary Cyclist
A strange man on a bicycle follows a young music teacher as she bicycles on a lonely road to and from the city.
22 May 1984
The Crooked Man
Col. Barclay is found dead and his wife is arrested for the murder, but Holmes is convinced a missing door key will reveal the true killer.
29 May 1984
The Speckled Band
A young woman asks for Holmes' help when her ill-tempered stepfather moves her into the same room where her sister died under mysterious circumstances.
5 Jun. 1984
The Blue Carbuncle
When the Countess of Morcar's priceless blue carbuncle is stolen, a reformed thief is charged with the crime.

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