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Season 9

9 Nov. 1992
Fighting with Windmills
The Colonel and Gruber's escape plan went awry and they now want to make General Von Klinkerhoffen believe the Resistance had kidnapped them.
16 Nov. 1992
Missing and Presumed Dead
While everybody thinks he's dead, René is kept underground in the hide-out of the communist Resistance as a love slave.
23 Nov. 1992
René Artois Is Still Dead
Taking advantage of the fact the Germans think René is dead, Michelle has planned for him to go to England to help the British win the war.
30 Nov. 1992
The Fishmonger Float
Herr Flick and Von Smallhausen plan to kidnap Yvette and Mimi, dress up like them and, using their keys, go to the café to search for the painting.
7 Dec. 1992
A Fishy Sendoff
While René and the others make the final preparations for the parade, the general, the colonel and Gruber - during a game of golf - discuss the plot to blow up Hitler.
14 Dec. 1992
A Winkle in Time
Rene and the Cafe staff prepare to welcome the invading British troops, and soon find that the invasion party includes a couple of old friends. Lieutenant Gruber and the Colonel are ordered by the General to stay and fight the invaders, rather than surrender. However, seeing as their defeat is almost certain, the two German officers decide to go AWOL, disguised in stolen British uniforms. The second half of the episode is set many years after the war ends. Gruber, the Colonel and Helga, now private German citizens, return to their old French garrison in search of the ...

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