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There are two major versions of the film. In very limited theatrical release and on HBO in 1984-5, the film featured profanity in a few scenes (Botch's opening monologue to his minions, Botch's dialogue while he's in his bathtub, Botch ordering his minions out to get the spring, Botch's ecstatic response when Rudy returns with the spring, and finally Scuzzbopper muttering "Asshole." when Botch dumps his manuscript out the window). The version released on VHS, Laserdisc, and seen on Cartoon Network uses alternate, 'clean' dialogue during these sequences and is missing two brief scenes lasting about 30 seconds in total: -During the "Out on My Own" scene, where Ralph and Mum chase after the spring, it cuts back to Botch at the Murkworks watching the proceedings on television while bowling. He picks up Ratatooie (thinking he's a bowling ball) and scores a strike. -When Mum, Ralph, and Scuzzbopper make it to Botch's control room, right after Scuzzbopper throws the bowling ball, there's a few extra seconds where Botch flees behind a walled panel and Ralph and Mum follow.
When the film was shown on Showtime in the mid-1980s, yet another different version was used. Until the final reel it's the same as the home video version, but features the additional sequence where Ralph and Mum follow Botch behind a paneled wall, as well as both instances of profanity in the final reel.
John Korty's personal 35mm print, which has only been screened twice -once at Cinefamily in Los Angeles in 2012, and once at the BAM Rose Cinemas in Brooklyn, New York in 2015- features different sound mixing from either the HBO or home video versions. The Lawrence Welk music plays over the entirety of the first Frivoli scene, wherein the other versions of the film there is no music when Flora and the Chef of State are speaking. Additionally, Ralph and Mum's introduction, along with the foreman yelling at them, is completely free of dialogue. There is also different dialogue from FGM after she gets zapped by the transformer, from Ralph when the Cosmic Clock stops, and again from Ralph before and after the nightmare sequence (for instance, in the 35mm print, he no longer says "What a jerk." after Rod Rescueman leaves).

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