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Sex & Nudity

  • In the opening credits we briefly see a sign for a nude sex show on a theatre.
  • At a party, a number of female guests are briefly shown topless.
  • A woman is seen waiting in a man's bed topless (we briefly see her bare breasts); it's clear she wants to have sex with the man but he sends her away.
  • A prostitute woman is enters a room and while changing her clothes, she takes off her dress to reveal her bare breasts and the scene pauses for 4 to 5 seconds while she talks to the man with her.
  • After taking the man's temperature to confirm he is sick, a woman undresses exposing she is topless and in a thong.
  • A man and woman strip down to their undergarments and proceed to kiss passionately (sex is implied; no nudity).
  • A man loudly says that a few other prisoners in a police station holding cell tried to rape him (he goes so far to say "those men wanted to have sex with me..." and "they tried to bend me over..."). Played for laughs.

Violence & Gore

  • A few fist fights.
  • A man holds another man at gunpoint and threatens to shoot him (no one is hurt) and in another scene, one man holds three men and a woman hostage at gunpoint (again, no one is hurt).
  • One of the main characters tries to commit suicide twice; once with a handgun (but it doesn't go off) and another by overdosing on pills (he survives, though).
  • An elderly man suffers an apparent heart attack (he survives, though).
  • No serious violence and no deaths.


  • Use of "motherf*cker", "f*ck", "f*ggot" and "n*gger".
  • Moderate to strong language is present throughout.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A man is seen planting drugs and drug paraphernalia in another mans desk drawer.
  • Cigarettes and cigars are smoked throughout the film.
  • There are mentions of PCP and heroin (the former is seen briefly and orally tested by a police officer).
  • A man has 1 puff of marijuana but is interrupted and puts the whole thing in his mouth.
  • People are seen drinking alcohol during various scenes throughout the film (at bars, parties, etc...), some to the point of drunkenness. One of the main characters is seen drinking hard liquor straight from the bottle and seen stumbling about (he is clearly inebriated).
  • As mentioned above, a man nearly overdoses on pills in an apparent suicide attempt.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Although it's played for laughs, some people may be shocked at how quickly Lewis' mental state deteriorates.


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Frightening & Intense Scenes

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