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  • The Dukes hired Beeks to steal the top secret government orange crop report which was a detailed forecast of how the new year's orange harvest was supposed pay out: if the weather in Florida and other orange producing states (like California) was cold in the winter, it would have an effect on the orange crop: oranges might freeze on the trees and be unusable to make orange juice. Therefore, the price of orange juice for the new year would rise. Billy Ray & Louis steal the crop report from Beeks on the train and replace it with a fake one that told the Dukes the orange harvest for the year would produce fewer oranges. When the Dukes arrive at the stock exchange, they tell their buyer in the pits to keep buying stock in oranges which drives the price of oranges up. However, when the real report is read and the Sec of Agriculture says the cold weather will have no effect on the orange crop, the price starts coming down and Billy Ray & Louis start buying up the stock futures from the sellers, driving the price of oranges down again. They end up cornering the market and earning hundreds of millions of dollars and also gain their revenge by forcing the Dukes to come up with the money they accumulated while buying the orange stocks and driving the price up. That amount, as read by the stock exchange manager, is $394 million. The horrified Dukes say they don't have the money and they wind up with their assets frozen, their seats on the exchange put up for sale and their possessions seized to pay that amount. The final insult to the Dukes is how Billy Ray and Louis made a $1 bet to see if they could do it and how they flaunted that to the Dukes on the floor. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • The actual amount isn't given but we can probably assume it's at, near or more than what the Dukes had to pay which was $394 million. Edit (Coming Soon)


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