Trading Places (1983) Poster

Denholm Elliott: Coleman



  • Billy Ray Valentine : [watches Louis clean his shotgun]  You know, you can't just go around and shoot people in the kneecaps with a double-barreled shotgun 'cause you pissed at 'em.

    Louis Winthorpe III : Why not?

    Billy Ray Valentine : It's called assault with a deadly weapon. You get twenty years for that shit.

    Louis Winthorpe III : Listen, do you have any better ideas?

    Billy Ray Valentine : Yeah. You know, it occurs to me that the best way you hurt rich people is by turning them into poor people.

    Coleman : You have to admit, sir, you didn't like it yourself a bit.

  • Billy Ray Valentine : [on his first day of work]  What if I can't do this job, Coleman? What if I'm not what they expected?

    Coleman : Just be yourself, sir. Whatever happens, they can't take that away from you.

  • Billy Ray Valentine : [as Louis is choking him]  lt - was - the - Dukes! lt - was - the - Dukes!

    Louis Winthorpe III : YOU'RE A DEAD MAN, VALENTINE!

    Billy Ray Valentine : [gasping, after Ophelia and Coleman stop Louis from choking Billy Ray]  The Dukes used us as guinea pigs, man! It was an experiment, to see how our lives would turn out. They made a bet.

    Coleman : I'm afraid it's true, sir.

    Ophelia : I believe him, Louie.

    Louis Winthorpe III : The Dukes... ruined my life... over a bet. For how much?

    Billy Ray Valentine : A dollar.

    Louis Winthorpe III : One dollar. Fine. That's the way they want it - no problem.

    [cut to Louis cleaning and loading an array of shotguns in the den] 

  • Louis : My God. The Dukes are going to corner the entire frozen orange juice market!

    Ophelia : Unless somebody STOPS them.

    Coleman : Or *beats* them TO it.

    [all turn and look at him] 

    Coleman : Eggnog?

  • Billy Ray Valentine : [after breaking a vase]  Hey, sorry about that.

    Randolph Duke : It's perfectly all right William. It was your vase.

    Billy Ray Valentine : That was a cheap vase, right? That was a fake? Right?

    Randolph Duke : I believe we paid $35,000. But if I remember correctly, we valued it for the insurance company at $50,000. You see, Mortimer? William has already made us $15,000.

    [Coleman, Mortimer, Randolph, and Billy Ray start laughing] 

    Billy Ray Valentine : You want me to break something else?

    Randolph Duke , Mortimer Duke , Coleman : NO!

  • [first lines] 

    Coleman : [holding a breakfast tray while Louis is still asleep]  Your breakfast, sir.

  • Coleman : [offering Billy Ray a sip from his flask; Coleman dressed as a priest, Billy Ray in African garb]  Would you like a sip of whiskey?

    Billy Ray Valentine : I do not drink, it is against my religion!

    Coleman : Religion is a good thing I say, taken in moderation.

  • Coleman : My life's savings, sir. Try not to lose it.

    Billy Ray Valentine : Lose it? Why, in a couple hours you gonna be the richest butler that ever lived, man.

    Ophelia : I worked real hard for this, Louie. I hope you know what you're doing.

    Louis Winthorpe III : Thank you, Ophelia.

    Ophelia : What are you doing?

    Billy Ray Valentine : [Their train number is called over the loudspeaker]  That's us, Louie.

    Louis Winthorpe III : Coleman, could you hold this?

    [handing him Ophelia's envelope of money before he kisses her for good luck. Then just before they embrace she takes her chewing gum out of her mouth, smiles and hands it to Coleman, who rolls his eyes upwards in subtle gee-thanks look] 

    Coleman : [He turns to Ophelia]  I could use a stiff drink. Would you care to join me?

    [With a slight smile to each other, they lock arms walking of together] 

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