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A scene that is available only in the television version is where Valentine first enters the Duke and Duke building. The cut version shows Coleman dropping off Valentine for his first day of work, then shows a smiling Valentine exiting an elevator and speaking to a receptionist. The uncut scene (television version) has Valentine entering the main hall of the building and going through a series of interactions with the same people that was nearly identical to the scene near the beginning when Winthorpe enters the building to go to work. This scene is one of the many ways of portraying contrasts in the movie; in this case "not knowing what to expect rookie" versus "veteran snob". This scene also shows why Valentine has a smile on his face as he exits the elevator and speaks confidently to the receptionist. Valentine surely was nervous before he entered the building talking to Coleman, but he gains confidence as he progresses down the main hall toward the elevator.
When aired on Spike TV, the scene of the train speeding between Philadelphia and New York is cut as well as the scene where the Dukes and Billy Ray and Louie are walking outside of the World Trade Center. In this edited version, as soon as Billy Ray and Louie go down the escalator at 30th street station in Philadelphia, it cuts straight to The World Trade Center right where Louie says, "Well this is it the last bastion of real pure capitalism on earth."
A scene in the movie that was not included in the final cut, but can be seen when the movie is shown on television (presumably to fill a longer time slot with commercials), occurs after Clarence Beeks talks to the Dukes via telephone, and Billy Ray eavesdrops on their scheme. In the original cut, he goes from the phone booth to the Amtrak train platform, holding the briefcase with the crop report. In the added scene, Beeks goes and procures the reports from a secured vault where he drugs a security guard and uses the guard's keys to open a safe-deposit box.
When Ophelia (Jamie Lee Curtis) takes Louis (Dan Ackroyd) home with her, she undresses and examines her makeup in a large vanity mirror. In the theatrical release, she is bare-breasted; the scene was filmed again with her clothed for the television version (in some other countries outside of the United States there's no difference between theatrical and TV release, with bare-breast scenes uncut).

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