Superman III (1983) Poster


Pamela Stephenson: Lorelei



  • Evil Superman : Well I hope you don't expect me to save you, 'cause I don't do that anymore.

    Lorelei : Don't worry about me. I'm long past savin'.

  • Lorelei : [reading Immanuel Kant's "Critique of Pure Reason"]  How can he say that Pure Categories have no objective meaning in Transcendental Logic? What about Synthetic Unity?

  • Gus Gorman : [to Superman]  Hey, man!

    Lorelei : That's his last name. He likes to be called Superman.

  • Vera Webster : If you don't mind, we're trying to hold a meeting here!

    Lorelei : Why don't you hold your breath instead? Maybe you'll turn blue. Ha! Improvement.

    Vera Webster : Pay attention, people, I'm about to take a human life!

  • Vera Webster : Activate circuits 29 through W7 and start full-power coordinates on exterior defensive systems.

    Lorelei : In other words, push this red button.

    Vera Webster : How did you know about that?

  • Lorelei : Thought you'd never get here.

    Evil Superman : Well I hope you don't expect me to save you because I don't do that anymore.

    Lorelei : Ha! Don't worry. I'm long past saving. Well. Don't let me keep you from anything.

    Evil Superman : I'm not in a rush. What did you have in mind?

    Lorelei : Lot's of things.

    Evil Superman : Oh, yeah?

    Lorelei : [Superman picks up Lorelei by the arm]  Woo! If you'll do me one little favor first.

    Evil Superman : What's that?

    Lorelei : Well. See, there's this little boat, and its not going where it's supposed to go and...

    [Superman flies out to the oil tanker ship at sea and punctures the ship's hull, making the oil spill out. Then as Superman returns to Lorelei's pad] 

    Lorelei : Hi.

    [Superman slowly walks into Lorelei's room] 

    Lorelei : How about a little après-ski?

    [as Superman walks closer to Lorelei,] 

    Lorelei : Champagne?

    [Superman proceeds to make out with Lorelei] 

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