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Alternate Versions

Broadcast version uses separate title sequence similar to original Superman - The Movie titles, with adapted John Williams theme. Theatrical and home video versions had difficult-to-read titles over opening slapstick sequence.
In some versions, Lorelei sees that Gus has scrawled the circuit diagram and states, off her guard: "It's a computer." Before hastily adding, in her bimbo voice: "Or a hairdryer! Is it a hairdryer?"
In the scene where Richard Pryor (Gus Gorman) is trying to get Gavin O'Herlihy (Brad) drunk (where Pryor is wearing the giant cowboy hat) there is extended dialogue on the UK TV version (cut out from the UK video release) where O'Herlihy talks about his high school nickname 'Smallville Flash'. Which is then referenced a couple of minutes later when Pryor is dragging him into the computer room.
In a ITV broadcast of the film in the late 1980s, a deleted scene which a brain surgeon is about to operate on a patient is reinstated.
The televised version contains numerous scenes not included in the theatrical release. For instance, one scene has Vera reading a book on computers while Lorelei and Superman can be heard fooling around in the next room. Gus Gorman's speech about Superman's feats while wearing skis is longer, and so forth.
The UK television release included an extended title sequence.
The section that is still included on the video release where a bank is robbed; is extended on the TV release to include a scene where superman catches the bank robber who drops his stolen money bag on to a nearby seesaw with a child on it. The child is catapulted into a tree, and is then rescued by superman and returned to his/her mother.
Also on some TV/Video versions there is an additional shot of Pryor knocking open a utility room and scaring himself in a mirror.
In the scene where Lorelei (Pamela Stephenson) is on top of the Statue of Liberty the UK TV version has the police officer with the megaphone saying "Don't jump... you have everything to live for... trust me I've seen you", whereas the UK video release has him saying "don't jump... please don't jump" etc.
Some television broadcasts also have two little extra moments not shown in the theatrical/video release during the scene where Clark gives Lana a diamond ring. Instead of ringing Lana's doorbell, Clark knocks on the door with a "Shave and a Haircut" melody, which is copied by a man knocking on a door behind him. This explains why Clark is looking back when Lana opens her door. Also, after Clark sends Brad speeding back into an elevator on top of a food trolley, a lady assistant remarks "No wonder they send it back."

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