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Michael Currie: Lt. Donnelly



  • [Harry, Lt. Donnelly & Capt. Briggs are meeting in the Commissioner's office, after Harry's confrontation with Threlkis the gangster] 

    Captain Briggs : [shouting]  In more than 30 years of police work, this is the single, most OUTRAGEOUS transgression of authority I ever heard about. What the HELL did you think you were doing?

    Harry Callahan : My job.

    Captain Briggs : Is it your job, to harass & incite an old man into a heart attack?

    Harry Callahan : My job is to investigate homicide. That old man happens to be one of the biggest crime lords on the west coast. How the hell was I supposed to know he was gonna vapor-lock?

    Captain Briggs : But you hoped he would?

    Harry Callahan : The Doker case is mine. It was at a standstill. I was just trying to break it loose.

    Captain Briggs : Sure, with threats and intimidation!

    Harry Callahan : Any way possible!

    Captain Briggs : Are you aware that you have destroyed MONTHS - of intelligence & surveillance work? We're talking thousands of dollar, hundreds of man-hours? Special investigations has been BUSTING ITS ASS preparing a case against Threlkis.

    Harry Callahan : He would have just snaked his way out of it. Maybe we saved the taxpayers a little money.

    Captain Briggs : [with contempt]  I ought to bust your ass down to traffic. Or better yet, kick it off the force! You're a dinosaur, Callahan. Your ideas don't fit today.

    Harry Callahan : Just what ideas are these? That murder's a crime? That it shouldn't be punished?

    Captain Briggs : [sneering]  Hey, don't you lecture me, you son-of-a-bitch. You know who you're talking to, huh? You know MY record?

    Harry Callahan : [disgusted]  Yeah. You're a legend in your own mind!

    Captain Briggs : [angrily]  Goddamn you, Callahan!

    Police Commissioner : Gentlemen, that's enough! Inspector, your methods are unconventional to say the least. Well, you get results. But often your successes are more costly to this department in terms of publicity & physical destruction than most other men's failures!

    Lt. Donnelly : Commissioner, now I...

    Police Commissioner : [cuts Donnelly off]  Please, Lieutenant! The press will have a field day with this latest escapade. There may be further civil & legal repercussions. As a matter of fact there may even be attempts at retaliation. I think it would be wise if the inspector took some time off.

    [Briggs nods approvingly] 

  • Lt. Donnelly : Harry, these bastards are not a bunch of junkies. In their minds you killed Threlkis, same as if you pulled the trigger. They're not gonna stop, they're gonna keep comin' after you.

    Harry Callahan : Good, that way we'll know where they are.

    Lt. Donnelly : You're incredible Callahan!

  • Lt. Donnelly : So this is your idea of rest and relaxation? Peace and quiet?

    Harry Callahan : [exasperated]  Look, am I on the job or not?

    Lt. Donnelly : Yes, you are.

    Harry Callahan : Good. Then I'll get on it.

    Lt. Donnelly : It's not what you think. Remember that cock-shot stiff up near the cliff house?

    Harry Callahan : Yeah.

    Lt. Donnelly : He's been in the city for a few years now. Mostly clean, but definitely out in the shade. He seems strictly small-time. But maybe he just didn't get caught.

    Harry Callahan : What's your point?

    Lt. Donnelly : He came from San Paolo, born and raised. I want you to get down there and find out whatever you can.

    Harry Callahan : What is THIS bullshit?

    Lt. Donnelly : It's a murder case, Harry! Look, you wanna work, then work! You got you assignment, get on it!

    Lt. Donnelly : [as Harry is leaving]  Take all the time you need. You don't have to hurry back!

  • Lt. Donnelly : Helluva way to spend the night off Harry!

    Harry Callahan : You joining the act, too?

    Lt. Donnelly : No for chrissakes! Back off a little! I'm worried about your ass. You're either gonna get it shot off or kicked outta here!

    Harry Callahan : So what else is new?

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