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One of the best comedies out there!
Chromium_530 September 2004
I love this movie so much, I even have a poster of it hanging on my door, eh! I first viewed it in my eighth grade geometry class (where we never did anything but watch movies--this class also introduced me to classics such as "Back to the Future" and "Little Shop of Horrors").

This is from the peak of the so-stupid-it's-funny era of comedy (which is starting to become popular again, only this time around it's just not funny), and it may very well be the best of them all, even better than "Airplane!". It's one of those beautiful comedies where all the jokes are incredibly stupid and incredibly smart at the same time. The courtroom scene and the "death" scene rate as two of the funniest moments in comedy history, in my opinion.

Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas have perfect chemistry together, too. The stupid bickering between Bob and Doug is hilarious (I love it when they have to go in separate directions for the first time in their life). If you haven't seen this, I cannot recommend it enough.

9/10 stars. Now take off, eh!
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Beauty movie eh?
chvylvr8022 July 2003
Strange Brew rules. Those who have not seen the film must see it immediately or remain ignorant like the rest of the human filth. Strange Brew is yet again one of those movies that I have been watching since I was a kid and it has not lost any of it's charm. Dave Thomas and Rick Moranis have come up with two great characters in the McKenzie Brothers. Not too bright and surviving on donuts and beer, the film follows the McKenzies as they get a job at a brewery to get free beer and in the process stop a world takeover by power mad Brewmeister Smith. This flick doesn't really have much in the way of plot or acting or effects or anything that usually makes a movie great. It doesn't need all that though because just having Bob and Doug onscreen is worth the price of admission or in this case the DVD. Just watching Bob and Doug attempt to function is funny enough. I heard that Moranis and Thomas were working on a sequel and were just getting ready to film when the financing fell through. That really sucks and I hope that they can bring Bob and Doug back to the screen before they get too old to play them. Bottom Line: This movie is a must have. It's great, deal with it, buy it and then look at Canada (The Great White North) in a different light.
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Brilliant!!! This movie actually made me LOVE Shakespeare!
planktonrules29 May 2005
I never liked Shakespeare when I was a student. I found it boring and long-winded. However, after seeing this movie I realize that the Bard was a genius, as this movie is (believe it or not) a modern re-working of HAMLET! In fact, the first time I saw the movie, I didn't even realize this. It was only the second time, I began putting things together (the name "Elsinore" for the brewery as well as the basic plot when you subtract Doug and Bob from the equation).

In fact, I would say this is far BETTER than Shakepeare. Who wants to hear "alas, poor Yorik I knew him,...." or see a crazed Ophelia when instead you can see a flying dog and maniacal hockey players? Brilliant! I only wish Doug and Bob had taken on other dull literary favorites and converted them to modern Canadian classics! A must see for all weird movie buffs.
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A cult classic!
Apostle18 January 2003
I have to take exception to imdb user "dwpoller" who touts this movie as being "one of the most un-funny 1 1/2 hour stretches" of a movie. Having never seen the SCTV skit until after the movie's release, I found myself rolling on the floor at the Canadian stereotypes from hell, known simply as the MacKenzie Brothers. Being 1/2 Canadian myself, I never once felt offended by the somewhat negative stereotypes. (i.e. ice hockey watching, doughnut slamming, beer swilling half wits.) But rather, I was able to laugh at myself and my other Canadian bretheren through this VERY FUNNY movie.

OK, ok. So it didn't win any major awards, nor should it have. "Strange Brew" is not that kind of movie. You have to know going in that this is not Academy award winning materiel. Oh, and guys, don't bring the wives in to watch this either, they won't get it. (For the same reason they don't get the Three Stooges) You just can't explain why it's so funny, it just is.

3 1/2 stars out of 5.
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It's a Jelly...
Thor77715 June 2002
"How's it goin', eh". Those of us blessed to live within the TV reception area of the Canadian Broadcasting Company (CBC) had been privy to Bob & Doug on SCTV long before this movie was released. The running gag on SCTV was that Bob & Doug wandered into the studio one day, the star of a live talkshow was absent and the station manager threw the brothers on stage to fill the dead air. They were a hit and soon were given their own show-within-a-show called "The Great White North". In short order they demanded star treatment as they understood it and soon the stage was surrounded by cases of beer, boxes of donuts and the guys had a campstove to cook Canadian bacon on. Classic. Each show they would have their 'topic of the day' and discuss important issues like 'snow routes', bottled beer verus canned and other things Canadian. You just can't help but love these innocent buffoons. This was the basis of Strangebrew. As silly comedies go, this one is a benchmark. No swearing, hilariously cheesy effects and bathroom humor that is actually funny and not disgusting (see American Pie if you want disgusting). What amazes me is that EVERY single scene with Bob & Doug is funny. Some scenes are truly classic. The dialogue and nuance of this film is so easy to imitate you'll find yourself doing it with friends who have also shared this gem of a film and laughing yourself silly. ("Did you see the way she was looking at me...") See this film, you'll thank me, eh.
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For all you hosers, this movie is awesome, eh?
tvgm2129 January 2004
If you love stupid comedy this movie is DEFINITELY for you! Animal House, Super Troopers, & The Blues Brothers. If you liked these movies you'll love Strange Brew. It's classic! A MUST SEE!!! Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas make an awesome team of crazy Canadian brothers, or should I say "hosers", eh? The plotline is kinda sketchy, but then again, the movie isn't exactly made for a great plotline. It's made for the comedy. Made in 1983 and it still kicks some royal butt! So sit back and enjoy as the two "hosers" bumble their way to some crazy times!
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The grand-daddy of the "dumb-guy" movies
slstrongarm25 October 2001
Being a former Canadian national, people ask me, "Have you seen this movie?" The answer is, "You bet!" Fact is, I've got this movie almost memorized.

There have been so many "dumb-guy" movies out there, from "Night At The Roxbury" to "Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back", but none live up to the true campiness of "Strange Brew". It features stupid people, but the movie doesn't become stupid. It set the mold for those movies. Plus, it satirizes filmmaking itself. Very few movies are able to do that without going into the "anything for a laugh" style of the Mel Brooks films or "National Lampoon's 'Loaded Weapon 1'". With satirical films, it's either feast or famine. "Strange Brew" finds a nice balance. Can you imagine? Shakespearian drama in a dumb-guy movie? A bold maneuver that obviously paid off.

Max von Sydow must have either needed employment, or wanted to do a comedy. Paul Dooley gets to break out of his typecasting of playing intelligent, father-figure roles by playing a complete dunderhead for once. Once again, bold ploys that paid off. I wish I could have seen Lynne Griffin headline other movies. She's good. I know she guested in other venues, but I can't seem to find them on video.

Interestingly enough, I happened to see "Strange Brew" action figures in a semi-recent trip to the toy store(August 2001). The twenty-year anniversary won't occur for two more years, and yet, here they are. They're NOT action figures. Bob and Doug are frozen in the seated position, and the only things you can bend on them are their elbows. Instead of the Kung Fu grip, it's more like the Elsinore grip. I'm surprised you can separate them from their couch.

All in all, this is one of those movies where you can sit back and be entertained without having to turn your brain off.
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Welcome to the Great White Movie, eh.
Hey_Sweden2 July 2018
Comedy legends Dave Thomas and Rick Moranis bring their lovable, beer-guzzling, very Canadian dolts to the big screen in this very funny vehicle for Bob & Doug. They were riding high after the success of the characters on the 'SCTV' show and the Great White North album, and devised this very amusing script, along with future director Steve De Jarnatt ("Cherry 2000", "Miracle Mile"), a not-so-subtle goof on "Hamlet", of all things. Ultimately, they decided on directing the movie themselves.

Bob & Doug manage to get jobs at Elsinore brewery, and don't let their lack of wits stop them from trying to save the day when diabolical brewmeister Smith (the great Max von Sydow, in the mightiest role of his career) intends to manipulate scores of beer drinkers by putting a drug in the brew. They encounter former hockey player Jean LaRose (Canadian character actor Angus MacInnes, who played Gold Leader in "Star Wars"), who falls in love with Pam Elsinore (lovely Lynne Griffin of "Black Christmas" fame), the young lady who's legally inherited the brewery.

Yes, "Strange Brew" does lag at times, but the good news is that there is always another inspired bit of lunacy around the corner, as Thomas and Moranis gleefully leave reality FAR behind and turn the adventures of Bob & Doug into a sort of live action cartoon. In addition to von Sydow, they also enlisted the services of another legend, voice-over artist Mel Blanc, who provides the voice of Bob & Doug's dad. The excellent Paul Dooley ("Breaking Away") rounds out the main players as Pam's nefarious but bumbling uncle Claude.

This picture really is a beauty, eh. You can't get more Canadian than having hockey, toques, beer, back bacon, and a dog named Hosehead in your story. It gets off to a wonderful start by putting a fresh spin on MGM's famous logo sequence, and having Bob & Doug premiere their micro budget end of the world saga in a theatre to a flurry of negative responses. The effects are often quite cheesy, but in a largely harmless lark like this, that hardly matters.

Are you still reading this, hosehead? Take off! Go see the movie, eh.

Eight out of 10.
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Good fun
grantss26 June 2020
Two slackers, Bob and Doug McKenzie, get a job at the Elsinore Brewery. However, strange things are afoot at the brewery: the previous owner has just died under mysterious circumstances and his brother is trying to take over the company. In addition, the chief brewer is also a doctor at the local insane asylum and is testing the beer on the patients.

An unconventional comedy, complete with writer-director-actors Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas introducing their own movie. Very funny at times, has great momentum and never tries to be serious.

Also, very silly or incoherent at times. Some parts miss the mark completely and some gags get overused to irritation.

Still, it's never dull and overall is good fun. In addition, you can see the influence of this film on subsequent comedies. One of my favourite comedies of the 90s is Wayne's World and this reminds me of Wayne's World in many respects.
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A Classic
Bam_pontius7 January 2004
This movie was amazing, you have to like SCTV to understand the humor. This movie is fully of stereo-typical canadian humor, but that's why it's good. It's stupid humor at it's finest. A true classic. This is a must see movie for people who like: Beer, back bacon (or to you non-canadians, Canadian Bacon), Flying dogs, murders, or just bob and Doug McKenzie. This is the movie for you
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Before Wayne and Garth, there was Bob and Dog McKenzie.
MovieAddict201613 May 2005
"Strange Brew" is a spin-off of the Bob and Doug McKenzie shorts on Canada's export "SCTV" (which started in the early '80s on US television and won some awards). This movie is very much low budget and doesn't concern itself with continuity or much of a plot either -- it's a retread of "Hamlet" (that's right!) and one William Shakespeare even gets a co-writing credit.

Anyway, the film is not by any means a masterpiece but it's amusing in a so-bad-it's-good kind of way. (And incidentally this was purposefully bad, and Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas -- who directed and wrote it -- make no effort to conceal this.) The best part is actually the beginning when Bob and Doug reveal their movie about a man who survives the holocaust and wonders the earth in search of beer. I've rarely laughed so hard. "Pss, act!" is one of the funniest lines in cinema history.

After that it goes downhill but remains entertaining... Bob and Doug become embroiled in a plot by mad scientist Mad Von Sydow, who wants to take over the world and all the other stuff mad scientists like to do.

I've never seen such a pieced-together, fragmented movie in all my life. A number of scenes pay nothing to the film whatsoever. One hockey game sequence goes on for about seven minutes and doesn't really have anything to do with... well... anything! On top of that, characters come and go and disappear without mention again -- towards the end of the film, one of the bad guys gets his comeuppance, but the film doesn't even reveal how! Also the woman playing the ex-brewster's daughter is supposed to be about 21 but she's clearly in her mid to late thirties... and at one point her birthdate is revealed in the film, and according to the date of the film, it places her at a much older age... so evidently Moranis and Thomas didn't really care at all about trying to convince audiences of anything with this film.

And it's better that way. This is a really smug and self-knowing comedy, but in a good way. It's light-hearted and doesn't take itself seriously. Even during the end credits, Bob and Doug give their film a review and mention its plot weaknesses, but claim it's just good family fun and worth five bucks, and I agree. On an aside note I will have to say that the film's best sequences are those in which Bob and Doug are actually hosting their show, and sometimes I wonder if that would have made a better 90 minutes than attempting to come up with a half-a$$ed plot. But oh well, it's still pretty funny and amusing as it is.
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fun characters
SnoopyStyle26 August 2015
Brothers Doug (Dave Thomas) and Bob McKenzie (Rick Moranis) are the idiot Canadian presenters on the television show SCTV. They show a movie that they've made. It doesn't go well. They try the mouse-in-the-bottle scam to get free Elsinore beer. They rescue Pam Elsinore (Lynne Griffin) from a jam gate. The owner died and Pam is set to inherit the brewery upon turning 21. Claude Elsinore (Paul Dooley) married his brother's wife and took over the company. Claude tries to buy out Pam but she refuses. Pam hires the brothers to inspect for mice. Brewmeister Smith (Max von Sydow) is experimenting the new brew on lunatics from the neighboring asylum with disturbing results.

The idiot brothers are hilarious and one of the best part of SCTV. The self-aware opening is fun. The rest of it is ridiculous idiocy. It needs some breaking down the 4th wall. This is for McKenzie brothers' fans and people who like their brand of silly. Von Sydow provides important acting power. It's likable fun.
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After further review
PIST-OFF12 April 1999
My friend and I took a two day road trip to Canada. Windsor to be exact. We went there to drink, meet Canadian chicks and drink some more. After having a taste of Canada we've come to the final conclusion that the movie Strange Brew is not a comedy. It is a documentary on Canadian culture! The use of the word "eh".....true. It's not just a stereotyping of Canadian people. The beer stores with the conveyer belts......true! Endless donut shops as far as the eye can see........true! The obssesive love of back bacon.......true. It's true, it's all true!!!! I talked to locals, I visited The Beer Store, I went into Canadian bars. It's a documentary TRUST ME!
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Real beauty of a comedy, eh?
Woodyanders12 September 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Lovable beer-swilling hosers Bob (likable Rick Moranis) and Doug McKenzie (the equally engaging Dave Thomas) have to stop the evil Brewmeister Smith (smoothly played with lip-smacking wicked relish by Max Von Sydow) from succeeding with his diabolical plan to take over the world with drugged mind-controlling beer. Writers/directors Thomas and Moranis amiably mine an amusing line in hysterically silly and harmless good-natured humor, with the best and most inspired jokes sweetly poking fun at movie clichés and conventions. Moreover, Thomas and Moranis display an utterly winning easy'n'breezy natural chemistry as our endearingly lunkheaded protagonists. The rest of the game cast has a ball with the zany material: Lynne Griffin contributes a charming turn as the bubbly, yet feisty Pam Elsinore, Paul Dooley does well as the smarmy Claude Elsinore, and Angus MacInnes makes a favorable impression as friendly and heroic hockey player Jean LaRose. Favorite gags: A lawyer beats up a bunch of pesky reporters with fancy karate moves and the McKenzie Brothers dog Hosehead flies to the rescue at the end. Charles Fox's dynamic score hits the spirited melodramatic spot. Steven Poster's sharp cinematography provides a neat polished look. An enjoyably dumb hoot.
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Love this movie
rabid_halfling4 June 2003
I saw this on TV first, when I was 12.. Loved it to dead.. These guys were the only reason i watched SCTV.. Got the Dvd of it as well.. Now about the Stereotypes, yeah we drink beer, but it isn't stereotypical.. Doesn't the States (tho weaker and tasteless), and we do not all say eh, or aboot.. Adjust... Anyhoo, I regress.. This movie was one of the best comedies out in the earlier 80's. Pure Canadiana...
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This silly slapstick comedy somehow seems smart
cricketbat8 August 2021
I don't think Strange Brew is a comedy everyone will enjoy, but for me it's a beauty, eh? This silly slapstick comedy somehow seems smart. Dave Thomas and Rick Moranis created unique & memorable characters on SCTV, and they managed to bring them to the big screen in an oddly natural way. I loved this movie as a kid, and I still love it as an adult today, hosers.
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Even stupider now.
Muffy-522 November 2002
The last time I saw "Strange Brew" was when it appeared on one of the Canadian Pay TV channels...and I hated it. It was chaotic, confusing, silly, and dumb. I mean, using music and drugged beer to force mental patients to fight while playing hockey? Some skinny woman's father coming back as a ghost and using a videogame to speak to people? A flying dog? I dismissed it.

But now, with the fullness of time and maturity, I've watched it again and I can say with confidence that it's STILL chaotic, confusing, silly, and dumb...but it's also hilarious!

This movie captures the sort of ad hoc, "yeah, whatever" style of SCTV, which could get dull over time, but the hosers have managed to draw it out for 90 minutes by putting in a lot of rich detail (what confused me as a child were the references to Hamlet, mainly), endlessly quotable dialogue, and scenes that are just plain funny (I particularly like the nurses arguing about whose responsibility it is to remove dead patients from their beds). I usually find "dumb" humour annoying, but Dave Thomas and Rick Moranis are so GOOD -- almost subtle -- at being dumb, and so lovable at the same time, that even the fart/booze/puke jokes became funny.

And what's more, the movie is WEIRD. If anybody can explain why Hosehead the dog ROLLS up the edge of the roof, please let me know, because it's giving me nightmares. And am I the only one who's noticed pointed musical references to Mel Brooks' "Young Frankenstein" (when they first see Elsinore Brewery, and when Rosie and Pam are reunited again, the score sounds almost EXACTLY like similar moments in "Young Frankenstein"...but not QUITE exactly...)

I recommend this movie to anybody who can handle some dumb with their wit, in just the right amounts. The DVD features a preview for their upcoming cartoon which looks spectacularly unfunny, so please don't judge them on that.
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You hoser, this movies over 10 years old.
cobitt13 September 2006
Let's break this down into the "positive" and "potentially negative if you're a glass is half empty type"

"Potentially negative if you're a glass is half empty type"

  • Perceived length - First of all let me just say, I can't believe that the run-time of this movie is only 90 minutes. If you sit down to watch it, you'll swear it was 2 ½ hours long.

  • Overall quality - The budget looks pretty slim.

  • Fart jokes - If you hate the stupidity of Beavis and Butthead you'll hate Bob and Doug.

  • Soundtrack - Horrible theme song, absolutely horrible.


  • Perceived length - You'll swear the movie is 2 ½ hours long. There is so much going on and the plot is so intricate, albeit borrowed. It ends up feeling like about 4 different movies combined into one.

  • Brotherhood hilarity - This perfectly captures the interactions of young siblings and/or close friends, especially the larger and smaller dynamic. I mean come on, who has never been "steamrolled" as a child?

  • Beer drinking - If you want something to make drinking beer seem more exciting, watch this movie. For an added bonus, try the Strange Brew drinking game while watching the movie.

  • Repeat watchings – As with any favorite movie, Strange Brew lends itself to repeated watchings where subtleties and nuances that were previously overlooked can now be enjoyed. Strange Brew continues to grow on you the more times you watch it.

The positives could go on and on. Watch it yourself and see. Watch it all at once. Watch it in pieces. Watch it!!!!
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This is my favorite move of all time
treelineresiding25 May 2004
I don't see how anyone can dislike this movie. It is laugh out loud fun from beginning to end and there is not a single scene that is not hilarious. This team sure shows what a positive affect alcohol has on Canadian comedians. I would have to say this is the best movie ever made and I give it an A++ for effort, hilarity, and genius, eh. The reason it is so great is that it is incomparable to any other movie of its comedy genre. It is a journey into the world of two brothers who have never been apart, and their adventures. While trying to get beer for their father, they stumble upon Elsinore Brewery, and get jobs checking for rodents in the bottles. While there, they discover some strange things are happening at the brewery. It is a must see for all ages.
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Certainly strange, definitely entertaining.
jeffro517-783-12195619 October 2013
When it comes to guilty pleasures this film is on my top ten list for sure. Now I can thank Netflix for bringing it into my home. It brings to mind a better time when Rick Moranis was popular (couldn't they find something else for him to shrink or blow up?). It may not be big budget but it stands up as a great comedy even today. The film stars Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas. Also featured is Oscar nominee Max von Sydow.

The film follows Doug and Bob McKenzie, two Canadian brothers, as they attempt to quench their insatiable thirst for beer. After some poorly designed attempts to get free beer they end up as employees of the Elsinore Brewery. There they find that something strange is brewing and unwittingly become part of the solution.

I'm not going to rave about this film. I would suggest this one for anyone who liked Spies Like Us, Airplane, or any films similar to those. It's goofy and silly and fun, something I think the whole family can enjoy.

I give this 2.5 out of 5 stars, but I love this film so much!
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Why Canadian Bacon?
caspian197817 October 2001
After seeing a film like this, made in 1983, why would anybody want to make a film like Canadian Bacon to better signify the Canadian people? Strange Brew captured the true stereotypes of the Canadian people and culture in this off the wall (Shakespeare like) comedy. From their language, their love for beer, their devotion to hockey, and their wardrobe, the true Canadian look is captured best in Strange Brew.
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jswansburg198122 September 2018
How is this only rated 6.8? This is one of the greatest comedies of all time..... OF ALL TIME!!
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Hosers Get A Bit Repetitive, Eh?
ccthemovieman-118 October 2006
Boy, this was a fun movie to watch once, at least for me. Additional viewings just didn't have the comedic effect that first one did. It's like good beer that has gone flat. Maybe because by the second viewing I knew I was going to hear "eh" 5,000 times and "hoser" about 500 times. It's fnny at first, but gets a little too annoyingly repetitive after that. It's like, "Ok, we get the joke!"

The movie starts off funny, somewhat of a forerunner of a Wayne's World flick with the boys pretending to be in a film or on TV. Here, the two "stars" are Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas, both of whom make light of a couple Canadian guys who love their beer, and little else. Everyone is a "hoser" and every sentence ends in "eh?" Actually, as one who lives close to the border and has been in Canada many times, I laughed at that stuff on the first viewing.

However, that - and the lame gags in here - got just too stupid and plain dumb on subsequent viewings. Yes, I even gave this a third look about a month ago, but only lasted about a half hour. I canned the tape and "cracked open a cold one - a beer not mentioned in the movie but a big favorite around these parts: a Labatt's Blue. It was a lot better than the film.
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Just a Tad Too Canadian
gavin694221 April 2012
Canada's most famous hosers, Bob and Doug McKenzie, get jobs at the Elsinore Brewery, only to learn that something is rotten with the state of it.

My biggest problem with this film is the overdoing of the Canadian voice (with the "eh", "hoser" and "take off"). I know that is the joke, the exaggeration of the stereotypes, throwing in the Molson beer and the hockey (and the doughnuts are probably from Tim Horton). But it is just too much.

This film's saving grace is Max von Sydow. Such a classy guy and a great villain, I could watch anything he does in English or any other language. In fact, without him, I think this film would be forgettable rather than the cult classic it has become. It is not a bad film, but it is not much more than a good film, either.
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A different kind of funny
spacegoonie9 December 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Strange Brew in a word is... FUNNY! (Or at least I think so?!) I have owned this movie for about 11 years, and i've shown it to most of my friends at one time or another; However, only a few seem to share my enthusiasm for the McKensie bros. Here's a tip for those who didn't like it. The lion at the beginning, it didn't roar. No siree! It... burped. That is a huge clue as to what kind of movie you are watching. If you didn't laugh, then SHUT THE VCR/DVD player off! If you almost laughed, watch the next few minutes and then quickly make your decision because that is a good indication of how the movie begins, flows, and ends.

How many movies can you see 30 or 40 times and still enjoy? Strange Brew is that type of movie for me. I have to admit though, that it isn't quite as strong towards the end. It's almost as though the writers got tired. That is why I only give it 8 out of 10 stars.

You don't have to be a fan of SCTV to enjoy Strange Brew, but it sure helps. Going back to the roots of Bob and Doug McKensie just makes the movie that much better for me, mostly because of the differences between the characters in the movie adaptation.

Now given that this movie has been out for so long, and that Bob and Doug McKensie have crossed so many genres, you probably know all about what i've said and then some. If that is the case, quit reading and go watch Strange Brew!
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