Risky Business (1983) Poster


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Metropolis (1927)
a clock runs backwards: while Freder is working in the machine-room, and while Joel is waiting for class to end
Annie (1982)
When Joel revs the Porsche engine at the girls in front of the movie theater, an Annie movie poster can be seen in the background.
Rocky III (1982)
poster in record store

Referenced in 

Saturday Night Live: Danny DeVito & Rhea Pearlman/Eddy Grant (1983) (TV Episode)
Title mentioned by Dr. Ruth on Weekend Update.
Trinity Brown (1984)
A large poster is displayed outside of the studio.
Troll (1986)
The scene in which Joel dances is referenced.
Valerie: Executive Material (1986) (TV Episode)
David mentions having seen the movie
Mr. Belvedere: Reunion (1986) (TV Episode)
Wesley impersonating Tom Cruise dancing to Old Time Rock and Roll
Memories of Videodisc (1986) (Video)
Newhart: Good-Bye & Good Riddance, Mr. Chips (1987) (TV Episode)
George mentions Cruise's dancing.
St. Elsewhere: Good Vibrations (1987) (TV Episode)
Dr. Craig says to Ebenezer Wright, "This is a risky business but I'm a top gun so we're going to cruise through this."
Three O'Clock High (1987)
same music used in love scenes
The Real Ghostbusters: Sticky Business (1987) (TV Episode)
Title reference.
Video Violence (1987) (Video)
Video case is shown in a video store.
Night Court: Russkie Business (1988) (TV Episode)
title reference
License to Drive (1988)
the sunglasses Corey Feldman wears looks exactly like the one's Tom Cruise wears in that movie.
At the Movies: Working Girl/I'm Gonna Git You Sucka/Rain Man/Torch Song Trilogy/Haunted Summer (1988) (TV Episode)
Referenced during the "Rain Man" review.
Chip 'n' Dale Rescue Rangers: Risky Beesness (1989) (TV Episode)
Title reference.
Out of This World: Frisky Business (1989) (TV Episode)
Title is a reference.
Doogie Howser, M.D.: Frisky Business (1989) (TV Episode)
Title reference.
At the Movies: Stella/Heart Condition/Men Don't Leave/Flashback/Cinema Paradiso (1990) (TV Episode)
Referenced during the "Men Don't Leave" review.
At the Movies: The Hunt for Red October/House Party/Courage Mountain/Rosalie Goes Shopping/Too Beautiful for You (1990) (TV Episode)
Gene Siskel contrasts "House Party" (1990) with this teen movie and one other.
Aerosmith: Sweet Emotion (1991) (Video)
he video is also a homage to the 1983 film Risky Business, in that the opening scenes of the young man talking to the woman are almost identical to the scenes in the film of Tom Cruise's character talking on the phone to the call girl.
At the Movies: Life with Mikey/Super Mario Bros./Guilty as Sin/What's Love Got to Do with It (1993) (TV Episode)
Referenced during the "Guilty as Sin" review.
Mrs. Doubtfire (1993)
Daniel/Mrs Doubtfire is vacuuming and sweeping hallway in a similar manner to Tom Cruise's character dancing to 'Old Time Rock and Roll'
Boy Meets World: Risky Business (1994) (TV Episode)
title reference
The Nanny: Pishke Business (1994) (TV Episode)
Title reference.
Northern Exposure: Little Italy (1995) (TV Episode)
Movie is mentioned
Almost Perfect: Risky Christmas (1995) (TV Episode)
Title reference.
King of the Hill: Peggy the Boggle Champ (1997) (TV Episode)
Bobby dances down the hallway in his underwear listening to Old Time Rock and Roll and also Luann says she rented an edited verison of this movie from blockbuster.
Monument Ave. (1998)
Mentioned by characters in conversation
Chicago Hope: Risky Business (1998) (TV Episode)
title reference
Almost Heroes (1998)
Never Been Kissed (1999)
Rob's prom costume comes from this film.
Dawson's Creek: Like a Virgin (1999) (TV Episode)
Most of the episode is based on this movie. Dawson crashes his father boat and his friend Pacey helps him raise the money to fix it.
Dawson's Creek: None of the Above (1999) (TV Episode)
Pacey with shades on is inspired by Tom Cruise and Rebecca De Mornay's respective main chaacters from the film to host a strip joint within Dawson's to work up the money to repair damages. Eve and Dawson also discover the romantic sub-plot of the film, drawing comparisons between their relationship
The King of Queens: Meet By-Product (2000) (TV Episode)
Doug claims it is the greatest movie ever made
Round the Twist: The Big Rock (2000) (TV Episode)
Gribbs dressed as Joel.
Whipped (2000)
Titans: Frisky Business (2000) (TV Episode)
Title reference.
City Guys: Frisky Business (2000) (TV Episode)
Title reference.
The Devil You Know: Inside the Mind of Todd McFarlane (2001)
Todd reenacts Joel dancing in a shirt and underwear.
Gilmore Girls: There's the Rub (2002) (TV Episode)
Lorelai mentioned this movie, when Rory is packing Lorelai's clothes.
Dexter's Laboratory: Oh, Brother/Another Dad Cartoon/Bar Exam (2002) (TV Episode)
Dexter's father dancing in his underwear while no one is at home is a reference.
Saturday Night Live: Salma Hayek/Christina Aguilera (2003) (TV Episode)
Title referenced during cold opening.
Anus Magillicutty (2003)
mentioned in dialogue
Voodoo Vince (2003) (Video Game)
A store in the game is called "Risky Burlesque"
100 Greatest Sexy Moments (2003) (TV Movie)
Referenced by name
Funky Monkey (2004)
Michael slides across the floor in a dress shirt and underwear during a music montage.
Dead Like Me: Last Call (2004) (TV Episode)
When Reggie is home alone, she and J.D. recreate the scene where Tom Cruise slides in the hallway in his socks.
Tripping the Rift: All for None (2004) (TV Episode)
Chode dances in his underwear like Tom Cruise
The Squid and the Whale (2005)
Frank repeatedly listens to the score cue "Love on a Real Train" from the Risky Business soundtrack.
Veronica Mars: Ruskie Business (2005) (TV Episode)
title pun
The O.C.: The Risky Business (2005) (TV Episode)
title reference
Gilmore Girls: Always a Godmother, Never a God (2005) (TV Episode)
Lorelai and Bo talk about the movie.
The Office: Office Olympics (2005) (TV Episode)
referenced in dialogue
The Lead (2005) (Short)
References to the lead acting role of Joel Goodson by movie star Tom Cruise
Arrested Development: Development Arrested (2006) (TV Episode)
To celebrate the Bluth Company's stock upgrade to "risky," an employee dresses up in a dress shirt and no pants, like Joel Goodsen in "Risky Business."
Naturally, Sadie: Risky Business (2006) (TV Episode)
Title reference.
Joey: Joey and the Big Move (2006) (TV Episode)
mentioned by Joey
Jeopardy!: Episode #22.217 (2006) (TV Episode)
correct response in "The Roles of Tom Cruise" category
Pretty Cool (2006)
Howard's Tom Cruise dream mentions him "dancing in my underwear"
How I Met Your Mother: First Time in New York (2007) (TV Episode)
Barney tries to say that his first time having sex was like a scene from this movie.
Notes from the Underbelly: Pilot (2007) (TV Episode)
Lauren and Andrew watch this movie as inspiration for sex
30 Rock: Secrets and Lies (2007) (TV Episode)
Lemon calls call this movie 'Risky It' because it means business.
It Takes Two: Episode #3.3 (2008) (TV Episode)
Grant Denyer mentions this movie before Russell Robertson and Kate Ceberano perform the song Old Time Rock'n'Roll.
My Name Is Earl: Killerball (2008) (TV Episode)
T.R. looks at Earl and calls him risky business, on account of his dark glasses.
Tropic Thunder (2008)
Tom Cruise dances solo in an empty room in the final scene/closing credits, like his famous dance scene in Risky Business where he dances solo in an empty room (the living room of the character's family home)
Gossip Girl: Never Been Marcused (2008) (TV Episode)
When Chuck meets the Duchess, Gossip Girl ponders whether this is Risky Business or strictly business.
Chuck: Chuck Versus the Cougars (2008) (TV Episode)
Referred to by the kegger at the BuyMore while the manager is away
The Other End of the Line (2008)
a boy, left home alone, slides into view dancing in white socks
Make or Break TV: EZ Streets (2008) (TV Episode)
Listed as one of Joe Pantoliano's credits
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire: Episode #7.69 (2008) (TV Episode)
Included in a $25,000 question
My Name Is Earl: Got the Babysitter Pregnant (2009) (TV Episode)
Referenced in a flashback
Life on Mars: Coffee, Tea, or Annie (2009) (TV Episode)
While under cover, calling himself Tom Cruise, Sam tells one of the women at the swingers party, "I'm about risky business...with the color of money, and a few good men."
The Rotten Tomatoes Show: The Informers/The Soloist/Tyson (2009) (TV Episode)
Poster shown in "Shade Tippin'" montage
I Love You, Beth Cooper (2009)
mentioned and quoted
Dance Your Ass Off: Lights, Camera, Dance! (2009) (TV Episode)
Ruben mentions the movie by name.
The Cleveland Show: Ladies' Night (2009) (TV Episode)
mentioned in dialogue
The Girls Next Door: Stay Tuned (2009) (TV Episode)
the "Guitar Hero 5" commercial is inspired by the movie
Family Guy: Something, Something, Something, Dark Side (2009) (TV Episode)
Mentioned by Luke while talking to Yoda
The Jay Leno Show: Episode #1.79 (2010) (TV Episode)
Jay shows an Internet video of people trying to imitate Tom Cruise sliding across the floor in the movie
Criminal Minds: Risky Business (2010) (TV Episode)
Episode title
Tosh.0: Crystal Light Dancers (Reunion) (2010) (TV Episode)
Mentioned in dialogue
Tosh.0: Risky Business Girls (2010) (TV Episode)
Girls recreate a scene from the film
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire: Million Dollar Movie Week 5 (2010) (TV Episode)
Subject of a $7,500 question presented by Joe Pantoliano
Jeopardy!: Episode #26.161 (2010) (TV Episode)
Subject of a $400 clue in the category "Inside the Actors Studio"
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire: Episode #8.162 (2010) (TV Episode)
Included in a $10,000 question
Brief Film Reviews: My DVD/Blu-Ray Collection (2010) (TV Episode)
DVD cover shown.
Top Gear: Episode #15.5 (2010) (TV Episode)
Tom Cruise mentions this film
Tosh.0: Season 2 Web Reflections (2010) (TV Episode)
Mentioned in dialogue
CSI: NY: Damned If You Do (2010) (TV Episode)
Billy wears Ray-Ban sunglasses and a gray jacket "just like Tom Cruise in the movie".
Jeopardy!: Episode #27.35 (2010) (TV Episode)
correct response in "Car & Driver" category
The Cleveland Show: How Do You Solve a Problem Like Roberta? (2011) (TV Episode)
cleaning up the house/dropping the vase in slow motion
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno: Episode #19.158 (2011) (TV Episode)
Kevin Bacon says he auditioned for the film
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno: Episode #19.185 (2011) (TV Episode)
Ben Bailey says he has been a fan of Tom Cruise since the film
Top Gear: Episode #17.6 (2011) (TV Episode)
Title mentioned during Car in Reasonably Priced Car segment
House: Risky Business (2011) (TV Episode)
title reference
Suburgatory: The Casino Trip (2012) (TV Episode)
mentioned in dialogue
Community: Contemporary Impressionists (2012) (TV Episode)
Troy throws out the actors portraying Joel Goodson and his "prostitutes" from his and Abed's apartment.
American Reunion (2012)
Rebecca De Mornay's line, "Are you ready for me, Stifler?" is an homage to her line, "Are you ready for me, Ralph?" in Risky Business.
Hell's Kitchen: 14 Chefs Compete (2012) (TV Episode)
Clemenza mentions sliding across the floor in his underwear like in Risky Business
Bunheads: Inherit the Wind (2012) (TV Episode)
Melanie mentions Charlie having his Risky Business moment when their parents went to Tahoe.
Kendra on Top: Risque Business (2012) (TV Episode)
Title reference.
Chelsea Lately: Episode #6.133 (2012) (TV Episode)
The phrase "risky business" is used in association with Tom Cruise.
Parks and Recreation: Soda Tax (2012) (TV Episode)
Ben's t-shirt reads "Disc-y Business."
Saturday Night Live: Daniel Craig/Muse (2012) (TV Episode)
Referenced in the Mars colonization segment
Wedding Band: Get Down on It (2012) (TV Episode)
Tommy: "This is Tom Cruise with his daddy's Porsche in 'Risky Business'."
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: Risky Business Class (2012) (TV Episode)
Title reference
Raising Hope: Sex, Clown and Videotape (2013) (TV Episode)
mentioned by Jimmy
Burning Love: Limo Introductions (2013) (TV Episode)
Julie re-creates the "Old Time Rock and Roll" scene from the movie.
Burning Love: Puppet Show (2013) (TV Episode)
Referenced by Robby Z.
Glee: Girls (and Boys) on Film (2013) (TV Episode)
the boys do a mashup of "Danger Zone" and "Old Time Rock and Roll".
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno: Episode #21.132 (2013) (TV Episode)
Tom Cruise quotes a line from the film
The Simpsons: Whiskey Business (2013) (TV Episode)
Title reference
Chelsea Lately: Episode #7.93 (2013) (TV Episode)
Heather Locklear mentions the movie by name.
Grown Ups 2 (2013)
Greg dresses up as Joel Goodsen.
Saturday Night Live: Edward Norton/Janelle Monae (2013) (TV Episode)
Referenced by Anthony Crispino on Weekend Update
Come Dine with Me Canada: Marise Muir: Block 5 (2013) (TV Episode)
The narrator mentions the movie by name.
Midnight Screenings: Ender's Game/The Shining (2013) (TV Episode)
Mentioned in dialogue.
Midnight Screenings: Risky Business/The Best Man Holiday (2013) (TV Episode)
movie is reviewed
Super Fun Night: Dinner Party (2014) (TV Episode)
mentioned by Marika
Enlisted: Pete's Airstream (2014) (TV Episode)
Hill strips to his underwear, and slides across his trailer while "Old Time Rock N' Roll" is playing.
Duck Dynasty: Foul Playhouse (2014) (TV Episode)
Jase Robinson mentions this movie by name
Rick and Morty: Ricksy Business (2014) (TV Episode)
Title, party throw while parents are away.
The Goldbergs: Livin' on a Prayer (2014) (TV Episode)
Mentioned by Adam.
Honest Trailers: Top Gun (2014) (TV Episode)
Mentioned by the narrator
The PoseidonGodofWater20 Show (2014) (TV Series)
James dances to Ol' Time Rock 'n' Roll in the season 4 Easter special
Hail Ceasar with Joe Pantoliano (2014) (Video)
mentioned once
Epic Ink: The Duel and the Dark Knight (2014) (TV Episode)
mentioned in dialog
Beat Bobby Flay: Risky Business (2014) (TV Episode)
Title reference
How to Get Away with Murder: It's All Her Fault (2014) (TV Episode)
A club named "Risqué Business" is referenced.
Mike & Mike: Episode dated 21 October 2014 (2014) (TV Episode)
title mentioned
Last Man Standing: Risky Behavior (2014) (TV Episode)
Title reference
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: Sir Paul McCartney/Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga (2014) (TV Episode)
Jimmy mentions the title in his monologue, and the saxophone solo of "Old Time Rock and Roll" is played
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: Blake Shelton/Bob Costas/Mötley Crüe (2015) (TV Episode)
In Jimmy's opening monologue the saxophone solo of "Old Time Rock and Roll" is played after he remarks about being home alone
Workaholics: Trivia Pursuits (2015) (TV Episode)
Mentioned in dialogue
Outside Xbox: 5 Insane Call of Duty Moves Only the Pros Can Pull Off (2015) (TV Episode)
The movie is mentioned.
Community: Laws of Robotics & Party Rights (2015) (TV Episode)
Abed says, "I see the real-time stakes of 'Can't Hardly Wait,' the subversive raunch of 'Risky Business,' and the mumbly pointlessness of everything after 2003."
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: Queen Latifah/Sam Rockwell/Something Rotten! (2015) (TV Episode)
Sam Rockwell says that he used to watch the movie a lot
Rookie Blue: Open Windows (2015) (TV Episode)
mentioned by Sam
Mr. Robot: eps1.4_3xpl0its.wmv (2015) (TV Episode)
The song played during the subway scene is the same one played during the train scene in this film.
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: Tom Cruise/Dick Cavett/Ashley Monroe (2015) (TV Episode)
During the Lip Sync Battle, Tom Cruise slides to the microphone the way he did in the movie to the song "Old Time Rock and Roll"
The Goldbergs: A Kick-Ass Risky Business Party (2015) (TV Episode)
Referenced numerous times.
iZombie: Zombie Bro (2015) (TV Episode)
Joel Goodsen costume
The Middle: Risky Business (2015) (TV Episode)
Title reference
Night City (2015)
Both movies feature young men falling in love with prostitutes who then move in with them
iZombie: Max Wager (2015) (TV Episode)
Chapter title, "Risky Business."
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: I'm So Happy That Josh Is So Happy! (2015) (TV Episode)
Josh says, "There's plenty of room to slip and slide around in our socks, like in 'Risky Business.'"
De slimste mens ter wereld: Episode #7.16 (2016) (TV Episode)
Answer to a question; still shown
Saturday Night Live: Larry David/The 1975 (2016) (TV Episode)
Title referenced on Weekend Update by Derek Zoolander & Hansel
Bob's Burgers: House of 1000 Bounces (2016) (TV Episode)
"Wristy business"
Stranger Things: Chapter Five: The Flea and the Acrobat (2016) (TV Episode)
When Steve mentions 'All the Right Moves', he says "you know, with your loverboy from Risky Business."
BoJack Horseman: The BoJack Horseman Show (2016) (TV Episode)
Poster 'Frisky Business' in Marv's office.
Honest Trailers: The Emmys (2016) (TV Episode)
'Rusky Business'
Late Night with Seth Meyers: Common/Pamela Adlon/John Prine with Iris DeMent/Hannah Welton (2016) (TV Episode)
Photo of Joe Biden superimposed on still of Joel dancing in the monologue
30 for 30: Catholics Vs. Convicts (2016) (TV Episode)
A still is featured.
2 Broke Girls: And the Turtle Sense (2017) (TV Episode)
Mentioned by Earl.
Mayhem (2017)
Quoted and mentioned in dialogue.
The Cinema Snob: Windy City (2017) (TV Episode)
"Now to reenact their favorite scene from Risky Business."
Odd Mom Out: Frisky Business (2017) (TV Episode)
title reference
Fresh Off the Boat: It's a Plastic Pumpkin, Louis Huang (2017) (TV Episode)
a guy at Deidre's party is dressed as Tom Cruise from "Risky Business"
Stranger Things: Chapter One: MADMAX (2017) (TV Episode)
The Ray Ban Wayfarers Steve Harrington wears are the same type made famous by Tom Cruise in Risky Business.
Stranger Things: Chapter Two: Trick or Treat, Freak (2017) (TV Episode)
Nancy and Steve dress up as Lana and Joel.
The Cinema Snob: Let There Be Light (2018) (TV Episode)
The Snob mentions it.
Under the Silver Lake (2018)
A VHS copy of this movie is seen in Comic Man's room
Life Sentence: Frisky Business (2018) (TV Episode)
Title reference
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: John Travolta/Sophia Bush/Dierks Bentley (2018) (TV Episode)
Reference in the monologue to the "Old Time Rock and Roll" sequence
GLOW: Viking Funeral (2018) (TV Episode)
Beiroet asks if it would not be better to glance over the sunglasses, like in Risky Business.
Family Guy: Big Trouble in Little Quahog (2018) (TV Episode)
Brian and Stewie discuss '80s movies that might have lattice scenes
Cinematic Excrement: The Lonley Lady (2018) (TV Episode)
Smeghead brings it up as a film released around the same time as The Lonely Lady.
Best of the Worst: Plinketto #7 (2018) (TV Episode)
Mentioned on the back of the Quigley DVD.
Late Night with Seth Meyers: Saoirse Ronan/Mike Birbiglia/Patrick Droney (2018) (TV Episode)
On the subject of Donald Trump and Nancy Pelosi, Seth says, "She's Tom Cruise - he's Risky Business"
Deadly Class: Mirror People (2019) (TV Episode)
Shandy says he does a full risky business, tighty whities and all


Workout (1982) (Video)
two boys lustfully watch this video on a TV in a shop display window

Featured in 

Precious Images (1986) (Short)
At the Movies: Tom Cruise: The Star Next Door (1990) (TV Episode)
Clips are shown of various Tom Cruise movies, including this one.
At the Movies: They'll Do It Every Time: Part Two (1992) (TV Episode)
A clip is shown.
Sex, Censorship and the Silver Screen: Forward Into the Past (1996) (TV Episode)
Clips shown in a montage of "Teen Sex" films
100 Years of Comedy (1997) (Video)
Clip shown.
I Love the '80s Strikes Back: 1983 (2003) (TV Episode)
Clips from the film are shown while the cast comment on it.
100 Greatest Sexy Moments (2003) (TV Movie)
Clips are shown
AFI's 100 Years... 100 Songs: America's Greatest Music in the Movies (2004) (TV Movie)
Old Time Rock and Roll is #100.
Indie Sex: Teens (2007) (TV Movie)
A clip is shown
Roommates (2007) (Short)
Shown on television in Shri's room
20 to 1: Sexiest Movie Moments (2007) (TV Episode)
Clips shown in a segment on Tom Cruise dancing around the house in a shirt, underwear and socks.
20 to 1: Scene-Stealing Songs (2009) (TV Episode)
Clips shown in a segment on the song Old Time Rock and Roll.
20 to 1: Hollywood's Hot List (2009) (TV Episode)
Clips shown in a segment on Tom Cruise.
Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy (2010) (Video)
Mark Patton mentions it. Also, footage of this movie is shown.
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno: Episode #18.77 (2010) (TV Episode)
a clip is included in a montage of Tom Cruise films
The Rotten Tomatoes Show: Knight and Day/I Am Love/The Killer Inside Me (2010) (TV Episode)
Brett's #2 Tom Cruise Line
Hollywood's Top Ten: Hit the Dance Floor (2011) (TV Episode)
Runner-Up segment.
WatchMojo: Top 10 Coming of Age Comedies (2012) (TV Episode)
Risky Business is #7.
JonTron: Home Alone Games (2014) (TV Episode)
"Pete Townshed! Risky Business! End of Platoon! Risky Business again!"
1,001 Movies You Must See (Before You Die) (2014) (Short)
Tom Cruise dancing
WatchMojo: Top 10 Unexpected Dance Scenes in Non-Dance Movies (2014) (TV Episode)
The dance scene in Risky Business is #3.
The Greatest 80s Movies (2014) (TV Movie)
Number 39 in the Countdown
WatchMojo: Top 10 Memorable Movie Underwear Scenes (2014) (TV Episode)
The underwear scene with Tom Cruise is #1.
WatchMojo: Top 10 Songs that Gained Popularity Through their Use in Movies (2015) (TV Episode)
"Old Time Rock and Roll" by Bob Seger is #6.
The Oscars (2015) (TV Special)
Footage in the opening theme "Moving Pictures"
WatchMojo: Top 10 One-Hit Wonder Movie Directors (2015) (TV Episode)
Paul Brickman, the director of Risky Business, is #3.
WatchMojo: Top 10 Spoofed Movie Moments (2016) (TV Episode)
Underpants Dance gets an honorable mention.
Tom Cruise: Reel Life (2017) (TV Movie)
Clips shown
WatchMojo: Top 10 Movies That Made an Actor a Household Name (2018) (TV Episode)
Risky Business, which made Tom Cruise a household name, is #5.

Spoofed in 

Electric Dreams (1984)
Musical montage: guy with technology slides in on floorboards wearing socks - to a hip tune.
Kinky Business (1984)
Film is a takeoff on the mainstream film from a year earlier.
Saturday Night Live: Ron Reagan/The Nelsons (1986) (TV Episode)
Spoofed during cold opening
ALF: Looking for Lucky (1986) (TV Episode)
ALF does Tom Cruise's famous dance scene.
Parker Lewis Can't Lose: Home Alone with Annie (1992) (TV Episode)
Parker says, "The time is right for a little risky business," sliding into view to "Old Time Rock and Roll." He then adds, "I hate that song" and walks off.
Encino Man (1992)
the scene where Sean Aston leaps to catch the bowl is identical to a scene featuring Tom Cruise catching a precious crystal egg in Risky Business.
The Ben Stiller Show: With Bobcat Goldthwait (1992) (TV Episode)
Spoofed as part of the comedy routine in "Tom Cruise: Dress Casual"
The Simpsons: Homer the Heretic (1992) (TV Episode)
Homer dances in his underwear in a parody of a scene from this film.
Doug: Doug's Derby Dilemma/Doug's on His Own (1992) (TV Episode)
Doug does the dancing in underwear scene while home alone
Saturday Night Live: Presidential Bash (1992) (TV Special)
Spoofed by Ron Reagan Jr.
Saturday Night Live: Nicole Kidman/Stone Temple Pilots (1993) (TV Episode)
Nicolle copies Tom's dance from this movie
The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air: The Philadelphia Story (1994) (TV Episode)
Geoffrey lip-syncs and dances in his underwear as "Old Time Rock and Roll" plays in the background.
The Nanny: Canasta Masta (1995) (TV Episode)
Niles in dress shirt and underwear lip syncs and dances to "Rock and Roll Music" in the manner of Tom Cruise's character, Joel Goodsen.
The Critic: All the Duke's Men (1995) (TV Episode)
spoofed in the "Interview with the Vampire" sequel
Step by Step: Roadie (1995) (TV Episode)
Mark does Joel's caught juvenile fan-in-underwear-routine
Married... with Children: Breaking Up Is Easy to Do: Part 2 (1997) (TV Episode)
Al dances in his underwear to Bob Seger's "Old Time Rock and Roll" just like Tom Cruise.
Sabrina, the Teenage Witch: You Bet Your Family (1998) (TV Episode)
When the women are gone Salem comes out dressed in a white shirt and slides across the floor, parodying Joel's scene in Risky Business.
NewsRadio: The Lam (1998) (TV Episode)
Mr. James dancing to "I Like That Old Time Rock and Roll" in his underwear.
South Park: The Wacky Molestation Adventure (2000) (TV Episode)
Kyle dances down the hallway in his underwear and a pair of sun glasses to Old Time Rock and Roll.
Mission: Improbable (2000) (TV Short)
The Lone Gunmen: Eine Kleine Frohike (2001) (TV Episode)
The famous dance scene originally performed by Tom Cruise.
Lizzie McGuire: Bad Girl McGuire (2001) (TV Episode)
Matt dances like Tom Cruise when he stays up late.
Not Another Teen Movie (2001)
guy pressured into princeton, guy has party at parents house while they're away
The New Guy (2002)
The Guru (2002)
Johnny Bravo: It's Valentine's Day, Johnny Bravo! (2003) (TV Episode)
Johnny is seen dancing in his underwear
Days of Our Lives: Episode #1.9658 (2003) (TV Episode)
Rex says to call him Tom Cruise before performs his version of the air guitar-scene in underwear
The Reagans (2003) (TV Movie)
President Reagan watches his son Ron imitate Tom Cruise in Risky Business on Saturday Night Live.
Neighbours: Episode #1.4399 (2004) (TV Episode)
Karl is dancing around in his underwear while home alone
Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude (2004) (Video Game)
Adult movie at store: "Fisty Business"
Soundtracks Live (2004) (TV Movie)
Tom Cruise's underwear dance is recreated
Veronica Mars: Ruskie Business (2005) (TV Episode)
Logan shows up drunk at an 80s dance, dressed as Tom Cruise in this movie (white shirt, underwear, and sunglasses)
The O.C.: The Risky Business (2005) (TV Episode)
explicitly uses the crystal egg, as such, in a charity sale, and even has it saved from a crashing fall by a last second dive
Totally Awesome (2006) (TV Movie)
after he gets a million dollars, the little brother puts on similar sunglasses and smooth-talks everyone like Tom Cruise's character in this movie
Pretty Cool (2006)
in the opening Tom Cruise dream, the main character is in a pool wearing Ray-Bans and surrounded by women
Scrubs: My Identity Crisis (2007) (TV Episode)
spoof of scene where Joel dances in his underwear
Beethoven's Big Break (2008) (Video)
crazy credits: poster "Frisky Business"
10 Things I Hate About You: Fight for Your Right (2009) (TV Episode)
Kat reenacts the famous dance slide scene.
Greek: Camp Buy Me Love (2010) (TV Episode)
At the 9-s party, a random frat guy wears the iconic Tom Cruise sunglasses, dress shirt and underwear
Furry Vengeance (2010)
During the closing credits, Tyler is seen mimicking Joel Goodsen's slide across the floor in "Risky Business."
Robot Chicken: Star Wars III (2010) (TV Movie)
Boba Fett slides out to a musical number in his underwear.
The Actor (2010) (Short)
Sock slide
Parásitos: Parásitos Begins (2011) (TV Episode)
Jaime dances like Tom Cruise
T.U.F.F. Puppy: Frisky Business/Hot Dog (2011) (TV Episode)
Title spoof and the famous scene where Tom Cruise slides with no pants on is parodied by Dudley where he slides and slips and fails.
Big Time Rush: Big Time Invasion (2013) (TV Episode)
Jennifer Knight frequently imitates Joel Goodsen while trying to clean the house
My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic: Three's a Crowd (2014) (TV Episode)
Discord slides and dresses like Tom Cruise in this movie.
American Dad!: CIAPOW (2014) (TV Episode)
Stan's team slides down the hallway while wearing only socks, shirts, and underwear as "Old Time Rock and Roll" plays
Sunset Overdrive (2014) (Video Game)
One of the respawn animations features your character imitating the "Old Time Rock and Roll" dance
The Goldbergs: A Kick-Ass Risky Business Party (2015) (TV Episode)
Spoof episode.
Out of the Ordinary (2016) (Short)
Parodies a scene from Risky Business.
The Loud House: No Such Luck/Frog Wild (2017) (TV Episode)
In "No Such Luck", Lincoln celebrates his Me Time by sliding into the room and wearing the same attire that Tom Cruise wore in the movie.
The Flash: Mixed Signals (2017) (TV Episode)
Barry lip-syncs and dances in his underwear as "Old Time Rock and Roll" plays in the background.
Thrifty Business (2018) (Short)
Henry Danger: Rubber Duck (2018) (TV Episode)
Episode features a model Porsche that is wrecked just as in the film.
The Neighborhood: Welcome to the Anniversary (2018) (TV Episode)
Dave attempts the famous dance scene.
American Dad!: Wild Women Do (2019) (TV Episode)
Steve attempts to parody the Dance scene and a song parody of "Old Time Rock n Roll" plays

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