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The movie's not without charm. There's a fresh, sweet relationship between one of the girls (Phoebe Cates) and her boyfriend, in which she is permitted to have the normal fears, doubts and reservations of anyone her age. I'm not sure how that plot got into this smarmy-minded movie, but it was like a breath of fresh air.
Movies like Private School usually make money, no matter how sleazy or derivative they happen to be.
Washington Post
The lowest common denominator of smutty amusement [03 Aug 1983, p.B2]
Miami Herald
Strange as it sounds, the failure of this tawdry little odyssey into mammalia is that it doesn't make any sense. The smallest effort by writer, director or producer could have meant a movie with laughs as well as the capacity to anesthetize adults. [02 Aug 1983, p.C5]
The film features a complete absence of plot, character, drama, comedy and acting.

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