Octopussy (1983) Poster


Desmond Llewelyn: Q



  • Vijay : Is he still there?

    Q : You must be joking! 007 on an island populated exclusively by women? We won't see him till dawn!

  • James Bond : [Q's mechanized version of the "Indian Rope Trick" malfunctions]  Having problems keeping it up, Q?

    Q : Experimental model!

  • [Bond and Q are floating in a hot air balloon] 

    James Bond : I trust you can handle this contraption, Q?

    Q : It goes by hot air.

    James Bond : Oh, then you can.

  • Q : [Q is demonstrating a pen filled with acid]  Dissolves all metals.

    James Bond : Wonderful for poison pen letters...

    Q : Pay attention, 007!

  • Q : [being kissed by Octopussy's girls after knocking out a bandit]  Cut it out! We don't have time for that! Later perhaps.

  • James Bond : Ah, Q - how are you?

    Q : Most unhappy, 007, thanks to you. How can I be expected to maintain the quality of my work? Sent out here at a moment's notice! No proper facilities!

    James Bond : Yes, well, you wouldn't have a small piece of thread, now. Somebody seems to have stuck a knife in my wallet.

    Q : Ah, they missed you. What a pity!

    James Bond : I've also mislaid my PPK.

    Q : Anything else?

    James Bond : No, that's all Q.

  • Q : Really, 007! Look, I haven't time for these adolescent antics!

  • [Q has caught James Bond playing around with the latest liquid crystal TV camera by zooming in on a woman's cleavage] 

    Q : [genuinely outraged and annoyed]  *REALLY*, 007! I do not have time for these adolescent antics!

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