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Sex & Nudity

  • The film contains a comical musical number titled "Every Sperm Is Sacred" which satirizes the Roman Catholic stance against the use of birth control techniques (i.e. condoms). Some of the innuendo includes references to "little rubber things" and "semen spilt in vain". There is some mildly sexual dancing, and a brief shot of several naked young children bathing (non-sexual).
  • A Protestant couple discuss the sexual flexibility that their religion grants them over Catholicism. Condoms are mentioned extensively throughout the scene.
  • One scene set within a sex education class contains some very frank discussions on sexual practices. A teacher discusses sexual intercourse in overt detail, including references to foreplay, erections and clitoral stimulation. The teacher demonstrates his teachings by having sex with his wife in front of his class (his buttocks and her breasts are briefly visible as they undress, however the camera is positioned from their shoulders up for most of the scene).
  • A man sings a song titled "The Penis Song", and it includes colloquialisms such as "stiffy", "prick", "dong", "cock" etc.
  • A man is chased by a horde of topless women. One extended shot of the women is played out in slow motion. Many breasts and part of their buttocks are seen. Some of the topless women in this scene can be spotted in a crowd later in the film.
  • Many other sexual references, some quite graphic.

Violence & Gore

  • A "live organ transplant" is conducted, where a man has his internal organs forcefully removed. The scene is very gory, however, it is presented in a melodramatic manner for comic effect.
  • Also includes some other instances of discreet comedic violence throughout the film, such as shootings, severed limbs, and decapitations.
  • An exceedingly obese man explodes, revealing an unrealistic open chest cavity.


  • About 5 uses of "fuck", some uses of "shit", 1 use of "cock", "dick" and "prick". Occasional "hell", "damn", "bastard" and "piss".

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Some characters may be spotted casually drinking and/or smoking throughout the film.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • In the Middle of the Film segment, "Find the Fish," bizarre characters eerily ask the audience to find a fish hidden in frame. These characters are meant to be comical, but could frighten young audiences.
  • One character, who is excessively obese, has a tendency to overeat and vomit profusely. The man eventually explodes, spraying the restaurant and its attendees with vomit. However, this is all for comic effect.
  • Rated R for Language, Nudity, Crude Sexual Humor, and Some Violent Images

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