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This is a weird, wonderfully bizarre film....
cakewalkk26 June 2001
What a wonderful film. Bizarre, yes! But in that bizarre way that keeps you coming back to see it again and again. "Liquid Sky" is a low budget, many times cheesy, take on science-fiction, including sci-fi's penchant for social commentary. However, this film is so over-the -top, so visually primitive and so different and funny in its premise that it cannot help but endear itself to you. (Caveat: there are some brutal moments in this film, including several rape scenes; however, these events more than fit into the story of the film and do not appear to be gratuitous at all.) The whole "Punk/New Wave" sensibility that pervades this film reminded me of the humor found in "American Werewolf In London" .... (I mean a Jewish werewolf, what a wonderfully brillant comic juxtaposition.) Same here in LS with Punk/New Wave types and aliens both looking for drugs of one kind or another -- how terrifically different that is from the usual Invasion of the Body Snatchers/X-Files-colonization schtick to which we have become all to accustomed.

Visually stunning in a primitive, low-budget, indie sort of way, with an intriguing storyline and wonderful actors that carry it off.....A definite must see for those who love the bizarre. You will not be disappointed....SEE IT TODAY!!!
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A rare glimpse of USA New Wave
tagomago727 July 2004
Liquid Sky!!

Wow, tough to say a simple few words about this movie. Liquid Sky is a rare film as it documents a time period in the USA when "post-punk" and "New Wave" were truly still underground. Liquid Sky is so easily compartmentalized into gay/lesbian cinema or a "cult classic" when it truly stands alone as a document of an era criminally under represented.

Roger Ebert who in my opinion really understands good cinema, gave this movie strong local press support in Chicago when it played at the Three Penny art Theatre in Chicago. The 3 Penny was across the street from the original Wax Trax record store on Lincoln Avenue which was another "power spot' of this post-punk/early new wave underground in Chicago. Ebert gave this movie a thumbs up and I think 3.5 stars upon the initial release. Ebert understands "dark" cinema which I think few see.

There are few movies in all of cinema that leave you with a "feeling" that Liquid Sky does at the end. By taking you correctly, intelligently into a world (Underground Clubs, Drug Scenes) that do exist, that few see. Donnie Darko is to me "in the ballpark" of the way Liquid Sky makes you feel at film's end.

The musical score (using the then very rare and expensive) Synclavier sampling keyboard was way ahead of it's time by perhaps 20 years. That along with the strong performances, is what makes Liquid Sky not just "weird' or "freak cinema" but something actually special.

If you were part of the New Wave or Post-Punk "underground" of 1981-1983 you will nod your head to what I am about to say: Liquid Sky is just about the ONLY movie that captures the "feel" of this period.

The rare Anne Carlisle! She-popped in with this magical tour-de-force performance and then basically disappeared from cinema. The only other easily obtainable performance of Carlisle is in the Miami Vice episode "Yankee Dollar" where she appears in the last 10 minutes of the episode as the wealthy heiress trying to save her husbands company via an illegal deal.

The DVD review! Wow!! The fact that some people really cared about this movie is seen in the DVD extras. The fact that just the movie made it to an official DVD is enough , but the extras where a huge shock. Actual beta video footage of test run thoughts of scenes. An initial opening 10 minute sequence that was edited to provide a different plot opening to the movie. TV spots, etc..

To use the word "cult classic" then every rare film like this should be treated to such extras on a DVD.

Not for "kids" , but I give Liquid sky a solid 10 out of 10 on the IMDb scale!

While some may see this movie as weird, the movie actually displays a real "truth" of what that scene was like 1981-1983 (minus the aliens of course). Watch Carlisle's monologue while putting on the make-up in the last 15 minutes of the film. You will not find a more "honest" speech about what happens when a girl moves from the country to depths of the inner city underground scene.
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Cult classic
Chris_Docker17 March 2004
I could watch this film again and again for the fabulous retro costumes alone. It is a low-budget sci-fi about aliens in a miniature flying saucers that home in on a chemical released in the brain during orgasm which is akin to heroin. There's very little aliens-action, but lots of psychedelic photography, a cunning rhythm that sucks you into the world of Warhol-like druggies, freelove-devotees, artists, fashion designers, experimental musicians, OTT models, and bisexuals. Liquid Sky is a gem (and also contains perhaps the most realistic lesbian sex scene I've ever seen!) S*d the make-up unless is at least as wild as Ziggy Stardust, leave your gender attitude at the door, embrace existence as rocket-fuelled experience, and tune in to Liquid Sky.
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A sci-fi story set in the New York of alternative lifestyles
mmillington55411 December 2004
Warning: Spoilers
People I've shown or lent this film to on video tend to polarise into two groups - those who loathe it with an intensity bordering on the pathological (and see some of those comments on this site), usually finding it either incomprehensible or repellent; and those who find it fascinating and truly original.

The second group tend to watch it at least twice and usually more often than that. It is not a film that makes imminent sense on the first viewing. The narrative is so multi-layered that it takes two viewings to appreciate the connections between scenes and characters.

It is a film that you have to work at. And it is no less valuable because of that.

If you don't like it and can't make sense of it, then the loss is your own.

For those prepared to suspend belief it is a rare masterpiece of originality. True, the acting is patchy, but like the actors in Warhol films they do not seek to portray common or garden social characters that we recognise from everyday life, the stuff of mainstream cinema; but are personalities constructed at the extremities of social existence - the exceptions, misfits, and exiles. This makes them interesting in themselves.

The science fiction antecedents to the film probably lie in the literary work of William Burroughs as much as in film history. The same social actors are to be found - people searching for something on the edge of reality, where sex and drugs are pursued and traded, all in the name of obsessive self-interest or self-oblivion. Burroughs characters are often as repellent as the characters in this film. Often for the same reasons. The film centres on the ultimate in self-obsessed, self-absorbed, selfish humanity.

The same can be said for the alien invader. In fact the alien manifests all the same characteristics as the actors in the hip New York crowd. All are obsessed with their own personal needs and ambitions to the exclusion of all else. But whereas the humans are mortal and have an inconvenient habit of dropping dead, murdered by the alien at the point of sexual orgasm, the alien itself lacks physical form. It devotes its life to expanding its own consciousness. Heroin will do but a chemical secreted by the human brain during orgasm is even better.

This is no conventional science fiction film with a monster from out of space. The monsters are also the humans. The aliens are already amongst us.

All of this makes it sound like an argument in favour of the repellent view of the film. It isn't. It's intellectually challenging and morally demanding, true. But it's also visually stunning, original in concept, and an interesting social document on the post-punk fashion scene in New York at the time it was made.

Occasionally, very occasionally, a film is made that transcends the ordinary, everyday reality of commercial cinema. Even commercial science fiction. This is one of those very rare films.

Everything about it is unique. The characters, the dialogue, the music, and the social and economic context combine to create a world-view of extreme existence taken to its ultimate limits by the arrival of a creature from outer space. The creature somehow manages to extend the boundaries of existence of those already far, far out there on the very edge of social reality. In the closing scene the main character tries to become at one with the creature. We can only speculate as to whether she succeeds.
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an overlooked low-budget gem
phantom2-23 September 2006
i first saw liquid sky when it came out and was so intrigued i went back to see it four more times. hadn't seen anything before like it, and haven't seen anything like it since. given that it's obviously a no-budget production by non-actors they do an incredible job. c'mon, anybody who doesn't laugh at the interaction between the scientist and sylvia just has no sense of humor. and there are other priceless moments... ordering shrimp, the look on everyone's faces when jimmy vanishes, "i can't have all these bodies", and best of all: "delicious, delicious." there's more creativity in liquid sky than in a whole summer's worth of Hollywood blockbusters. a lot of it is ugly, some is dated 1980s scene stuff, but it's undeniable and there's not a false note by a single performer. anne carlisle's performance(s) is utterly convincing and it's a shame it's been overlooked.
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I am crazy about this weird, beautiful little film!
KeithFromKC4 November 2006
I saw LIQUID SKY at a Midnight Showing here in Kansas City, back in 1983 or 84. I was in my late teens and just discovering Independent and Foreign films. A true cinematic oddity, this was a far cry from most of the schlock I was paying to see at the multiplex at that time. To each his own, but I LOVED LIQUID SKY! It's everything a Cult classic should be. The cinematography and use of color are incredible and has the Empire State building ever looked as majestic on screen? In retrospect, I also think the film is a harbinger of what was to come in the mid-late 80's. It's look at excess and style over substance more or less defined that period in time......and despite the crazy hair and Day-Glo makeup, Anne Carlisle is simply stunning.

About two years ago, I bought the DVD from and although the packaging and overall quality could have been better, I was just glad to finally have a copy of the film in ANY format. Until that time, the only place in KC I could find Liquid Sky, was a beat up copy on VHS from my local Library(!). I probably checked that tape out a dozen times, just to show friends, many of whom, despite what you might think of us simple folk (alleged) here in Middle America, absolutely loved it's warped charms. The film made New York and it's hip, arty inhabitants seem as if they were from another planet. They were no less strange than the killer Alien, or whatever the hell that thing in the film was.

I am curious to know what ever became of Anne Carlisle and Paula E. Sheppard. There is almost zero information about them anywhere in Cyberspace. I did want to join in to say, after viewing the film again last night on DVD for the umpteenth time, that I am crazy about this weird, beautiful little film. It as if an 80's equivalent of Andy Warhol's Factory pooled their money and ideas together to make the coolest low-budget film ever. It captures everything that was fascinating about Independent film in the 80's. A visual experience that is colorful, bizarre, risqué, dark, smart and yes, even funny. I can see how this film would divide people, but if you like it, that's cool. If you don't, well, that's also cool. That I still have it etched in my brain over 20 years later, to me, says a good deal about Liquid Sky's unusual appeal.
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Loved this movie when it first came out
sheryl-293 August 2006
Okay, I'm dating myself here: When I was in college, my best buds and I saw this movie repeatedly and began dressing like the characters. What a trippy experience. We bought the soundtrack -- in vinyl, no less, because there were no CDs yet! -- and wore it out.

I can't give Liquid Sky a 10 because I feel like I have to save that for a film that leaves no doubt about its excellence. But this once shines, if for no other reason than that this mid-40s woman still remembers it vividly from two decades ago.

If Liquid Sky was digitally remastered for DVD, I'd buy it in a second. I'd be a little scared to watch it because I don't know how it would hold up after all these years. (I have similar fears about watching Pink Floyd The Wall again.)
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One of the Weirdest Films That I Have Ever Seen
claudio_carvalho17 March 2012
In New York, a small flying saucer lands on the roof of a penthouse seeking for heroin. In the apartment, the cocaine addicted model Margaret (Anne Carlisle) is a promiscuous bisexual androgynous woman that lives with her lover, the drug dealer Adrian (Paula E. Sheppard). Margaret has sex with many partners asking for cocaine in return.

The aliens discover that the sensation of the orgasm is equivalent to the heroin and they suck the brains of Margaret's lovers, killing them first and then making their bodies disappear. Meanwhile, a German scientist is chasing the extraterrestrial beings and arrives in a building in front of Margaret's apartment to observe the creatures.

"Liquid Sky" is one of the weirdest films that I have ever seen. When I saw this low-budget cult-movie for the first time in the 80's, I remember that I liked it a lot. However, now I have just watched it on DVD I have found the plot dated and the image needs to be restored. My vote is five.

Title (Brazil): "Liquid Sky"
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Crazy Psychedelic 80's Feminist Sci-Fi weirdness!
NateManD25 July 2005
In the film "Liquid Sky", aliens come to earth in search of heroin. Their saucer lands on top of a drug dealer's apartment. The aliens discover that the human orgasm is just as powerful as heroin. Evertime actress Anne Carlisle's character has sex, her partners mysteriously disappear. The screen turns all neon and psychedelic when the aliens get each victim. Then there is a crazy German scientist who is researching UFO's, who is interested in what's been happening. Anne Carlisle also plays a dual role as a nasty male model drug addict. "Liquid Sky" is very vulgar, psychedelic and surreal. Not to mention, the horrific acting makes it hilarious. It may very well be one of the strangest drug cult films of the 80's. It is also extremely colorful, weird and a must watch guilty pleasure. So ignore the awful music in the beginning and enjoy the rest of the film.
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Great to Look At But That's About It
Michael_Elliott31 December 2017
Liquid Sky (1982)

** (out of 4)

A small spaceship lands on an apartment roof in New York and before long the invisible aliens are in need of heroin. Inside the apartment building is a fashion model, a heroin dealer and a bisexual woman and soon the aliens begin playing games.

LIQUID SKY comes from director Slava Tsukerman and it was (I'm told) a huge hit at the midnight circuit back in the day. I somewhat find that hard to believe but at the same time I can see how this film would be a cult favorite to certain groups of people. With that said, I must admit that the look of the film was quite impressive as were the colors but at the same time dragging this film out to nearly two-hours was just murder.

The visual style of the film is certainly the highlight of the picture with its new wave colors that really leap off the screen. Watching this movie on a large screen would certainly enhance your appreciation of how the film looked and there's no question that this here keeps it mildly interesting. The bizarre story is also quite unique in its own way and when viewing the film today it seems even more brave just because of the pre-AIDS attitude.

The performances are good for the most part and technically speaking the film is fine. For me, however, the biggest problem is the fact that the movie just kept going and going and for no good reason. I really did feel as if the film ran twenty or thirty-minutes too long. The characters were unique and weird but I wouldn't say any of them were interesting enough to spend two hours with.
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A study in hate, sci-fi style
Lunar_Eclipse_Scoping23 December 2001
After years of trying to locate this film on vhs I finally bought it from a used vhs retailer a couple of years ago. Upon my initial viewing of the film, I was a bit disappointed. I didn't dislike it, I was just a bit let down. Yet I couldn't get the film out of my mind. The images, the acid dialogue, and especially Anne Carlisle. . . A couple of viewings later, I suddenly came to an unexpected conclusion - I loved this movie! Rarely does my opinion of a film change from tolerance and mild fascination to pure amazement. That's probably because everything about Liquid Sky is so different from ordinary films, even I was a bit disoriented at first, and I'm a true fan of cult and avant-garde films. It presents hatred as such a way of life, even the people who are "friends" in this film hate each other, the contempt for humanity is so second nature, yet it's never "loud" about this . . . everyone just quietly hates everyone around them, and vocalizes it so quietly and precisely-without shouting-that it takes you by surprise! The visuals are excellent, proof that you don't need a big budget to make a superb sci-film - even though Liquid Sky is much more than mere sci-fi. It's a haunting look into the lives of some unforgettable characters. Another unique aspect of the film is the way it alternates very quickly between two or three different scenes, each with different characters. The first time I watched it I didn't really enjoy it because of this. That's another reason Liquid Sky must be watched more than once to fully appreciate it. The film has its flaws, mainly because of some mediocre acting, but Anne Carlisle has huge screen presence in both of her roles. See this immediately if you haven't already, but give it time to sink in. It soon became one of my five favorite films, and it may appeal to you as well if you have some patience. My score: 9.5/10
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Underground Sci-Fi
paulorcbarros29 August 2004
"Liquid Sky" (1982 - 114 minutes), film written, produced and directed by the Russian director Slava Tsukerman, can be considered a classic underground cinema full of fantastic realism. Liquid Sky means "heroin" in the New York slang of that time. This is a scientific fiction movie whose scene is the world of the fashion and the heavy drugs in Manhattan.

The plot seems comic but the result is surprising: a flying saucer lands on the penthouse's roof of a famous model called Margareth [the actress Anne Carlisle, who also interprets the androgynous model Jimmy]. A very small alien creature hidden in a spaceship of the size and format of a little signature TV antenna, captures the energies of the place, earning force through a substance produced in the human brain at the moment of orgasm. So, the extraterrestrial exterminates one by one, the partners of the model. These events are followed by a German astrophysicist that also researches Ufology. The film presents a savage sense of humor and an elaborated visual technique through blown up colors, fluorescent makeup, melting forms, many neon and ultraviolet lights.
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A real alien film
t-h-fields9 July 2002
This one actually seems to have been made by and for aliens. Its view of humanity appears to be that of an onlooker from another world, dispassionately observing us. That's what makes it so different from the usual space alien movie.

Like it or not, you must admit that it's original. There is simply nothing else like it. Perhaps the closest thing is Repo Man. But Liquid Sky is even stranger than that.

This movie lays bare much of the pretense and affectation of our society, particularly those of the shallow, pseudo-intellectual crowd. The lack of any truly likable characters may turn off a lot of viewers, but to me it simply reflects the kind of people being depicted here.

From our perspective, twenty years on, it takes on a still different aspect. Here was life before AIDS, before 9/11 (including a shot of the World Trade Center), and before tattoos and body piercing became fashionable.

Forget ET and MIB. If you want to see a real alien movie, check this one out.
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Me And My Rhythm Box
loganx-29 May 2010
The time is the 80's. Everyone is either A. on cocaine, B. a rapist, or C. a model. Those who are class B and C. are also class A. Everyone is dressed like extras from "Flash Gordon" with more fish-net, and all the music comes out of a Casio. Two androgynous bi-sexual models named Adrian and Margaret compete in the New York fashion underground for who is cattiest bitch and the most stylish a$$. Both characters are played surprisingly well by the same actress, to heighten both the androgyny of "the scene" at the time, and the repetition. Margaret is the main character, described by her male incarnation Adrian as " uptight WASP c*#t from Connecticut.", bookending the film, but being largely absent from its mushy middle. Amidst the usual backstabbing, s*^t talking, runway stomping, and sexual assaults (virtually the only kind of intercourse the film displays) visitors from beyond the stars have also taken an interest in the sordid little events.

These aliens live in a tiny, largely invisible UFO, positioned on top of our heroines apartment where they can observe the events inside through a heavily pixilated color blur that resembles Chris Marker's invented film style "The Zone" from "Sans Soliel" or the heat vision the Rasta-lizard of "Predator" views the world through. This psychedelic point of view is repeated throughout the film, as the aliens are the most constant though silent narrators. Their interest in the Manhattan fashionista junky set comes from the same reason that so many are/were attracted to such places; the sex and the drugs. Human orgasm produces more chemical reactions in the brain than at any other time in life. The brain becomes the body's dealer, and the body explodes, shivers, and shrivels back to down to size, patiently awaiting or screaming for it's next fix. For tiny aliens the only drug in the universe better than our cum-chemical's, are these fluids when they come from the opiate riddled brain of a junky."The ancient Egyptians weren't afraid of euphoria", says a drug addled screen-writer in one of the films many inter-connected sub-plots.

Thus aliens begin turning up at the fringes of "punk sub-culture" where the junk-cum getting is good and no one cares if people go missing. "New Wave" models are the next evolutionary step forward (for one they have more money drugs). So the junkies wait around to score, and the aliens wait for the junkies to score with each other. Unfortunately there is no way for the aliens to extract these chemicals without killing those they take from, which to Margaret who is often being raped by whoever is spilling their seed, it's as if God himself has suddenly taken an interest in her life. Not enough of an interest to stop her from being raped, but enough to make the bodies of the bad men (and women) disappear after they have done their business. It doesn't take long before she realizes that sex with her leads to death. "Margaret: I kill with my c^*t.". This new sexual power gives her both confidence (to get revenge on those who abused her), and a renewed sense of alienation (what little sexual release and connection she did have is now impossible).

"Campy" is something of an understatement for describing "Liquid Sky", a film drenched head to day-glo toe in nihilist attitude, decadent fashion, disturbing sex, and surreal black humor. But also this campiness and seeming lack of "content" and seriousness make enough room for the moments of sincere cultural insight and emotional pathos to stand out in ways that would seem truly alien in a John Waters or Dusan Makavejev flick (two filmmakers "Liquid Sky" is indebted to).

The ending of the film once Adrian and Margaret's feud has come to a literal and figurative "head" (couldn't resist the pun…I'm a bad person) is also surprisingly and even unnecessarily sad and vulnerable than would be required of something this "tasteless". Imagine if at the end of "Rocky Horror Picture Show" Brad and Janet had a serious talk about their changing sexuality, or their stifling childhoods or something. And now imagine that scene being successful.

What would it be like to come to New York in the 80's from the suburbs? What would it be like to suddenly be surrounded by a never ending race for sensual pleasure and aesthetic perfection, where the tongues are either in your mouth or barbed, forked, and spitting venom at anything resembling "sentimental", or "soft"? What would it be like to thrive in this environment? Would it feel like being food for alien creatures, or would it feel it like feeding them. In a world built around the sexual image, would sex feel liberating, or just like another way to be used. "Liquid Sky" is an absurd pageant, but one not based completely in irony, it's cynicism is hard one from experience. Margaret's inevitable "falling in love" with the UFO, feels like a tragic romance, not a schlocky b-movie. The movie contains both styles in the end, and finds a parasitic way of letting one feed the other to make both aspects stronger. Who is top and who is bottom in this scenario is up to debate.

"Liquid Sky" is more of an "attitude" than a film, and I know how cheesy that sounds, but divorced from this attitude the performances fall flat. Devoid of the music the scenes would fall flat. Devoid of the humor the dialog would fall flat, and devoid of the dialog the film would fall flat. If any one part of this film were to be altered the rest would fall into chaos like a game of Jenga.

As it is they all balance each other out in "cult classic" bliss, which may indeed be more style than substance. Of course Adriane might say something like "substance is for ugly people who lack style", and who am I to argue.
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Not a very good movie.
peefyn3 January 2016
I can see what the fuzz is about, but this movie did nothing for me. Reasons for this might be that I was not born yet when this movie was made, I am not a part of any underground/subculture and I have never been to New York.

What I did like was the looks of it, at times. They have played around with fashion and punk styles and made something that is at times very iconic. The soundtrack was interesting, and I appreciate it for being ahead of its time. I also liked some of the progressive opinions that Other than what is previously mentioned: this seems to me as a badly made movie. The actors are giving very poor performances, for one. You can say that it was intentional - but that does not make the performances any less forced or annoying. The acting makes this feel like a cheap porn. The plot is probably not to be taken seriously at face value, and while I can appreciate it being used to make a statement on certain lifestyles - it just doesn't work. And it's told in a way that is almost demonstrably unengaging.
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Nothing quite like this has ever been made before!
Infofreak18 March 2002
Love it or hate it (I lean more towards the former than latter), but don't miss experiencing the seriously bent 'Liquid Sky'! I haven't in all my movie watching years seen anything quite like this one before. Simultaneously campy trash, and an arty, pretentious science fiction movie. You can never tell whether we are dealing with an eccentric film maker with a vision ala Meyer, Franco or Steckler, or some kind of self conscious attempt at an instant Cult Classic ala Troma. 'Liquid Sky' vacillates between the goofy punk put ons of 'Repo Man' and being a 'Psych-Out' for the New Wave crowd. Shoe string psychedelia with miniature alien junkies, gender bending, and a synth score which sounds like Mark Mothersbaugh having a fit, this surely must be Nina Hagen's favourite movie!
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Lots of colors...
invisibleunicornninja23 September 2018
I got to around the 22 minute mark before stopping. There isn't much of a plot or any characters at this point, and all of the acting is pretty bad. I like the colors though.
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It Captures A Particular Time and Place
Fastforward100-18 February 2008
I can understand why many people would hate this film because it is very extreme, but more than any film I've ever seen, it captures that very brief era in New York City. Punk was over and pseudo-bohemianism was coming next but hadn't arrived yet. The film depicted a fantasy, but that's what New York felt like at that time. I remember going to see it with some friends and being astonished because I had never seen anything remotely like it. It was like "The Wizard of Oz" meets "Naked Lunch". I think what made it work was the combination of the clothes, the disaffected people, and the soundtrack which probably sounds a little cheap now, but sounded spectacularly strange and beautiful at the time.

Anne Carlisle's performance as Margaret was a heartbreaker. It wasn't until near the end of the movie that I realized that it was, essentially, a love story between her and the aliens. Paula Sheppard's performance as Adrien was also a standout. Unfortunately it was Paula's last movie, and Anne only had a couple of very small roles after that.

A couple of trivia points: the club they went to was The Underground, which was located at the corner of Broadway and 17th Street, across from Union Square. There is a now a big box pet supply store at that location, but it was kind of a seedy area in those days. I was working down the street at the time and remember the movie being made. The penthouse apartment appeared to be somewhere nearby. I would guess that it was on 18th, 19th or 20th Street, between Fifth Ave and Sixth Ave. It's now a very fashionable area, but in those days it was the photo district, and was semi-industrial with very little residential space.
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Raunchy yet vibrant; like nothing you'll ever seen!
WHF4130 March 2001
I have recommended this film to many friends, some of whom are definitely dismayed by it and mystified as to why I like it so much. I always say that it is definitely a one-of-a-kind movie, a gleefully nasty, punk sci-fi film, and definitely not for everyone. Anne Carlisle has a certain appeal as both Jimmy, a sarcastic, egotisical, drug-addicted male model, and Margaret, his punk yet rather elegant female counterpart. And Paula Shepard, as the misanthropic Adrian, gives an over-the-top performance that breathes ill will. There is a wonderful party scene where assorted NY fashionistas gather to take photos and drugs, at the end of which Margaret gives an absolutely gripping siloloquy concerning how she got to where she is at that point. Truly wonderful. I also tell my friends--only half jokingly--that "Liquid Sky" has all the elements of Grand Opera: love, revenge, and ultimate redemption! If you're looking for a film that is unlike anything you've ever seen, seek this one out.
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Possibly the most awful, incompetent movie of all time
clearbluepeace24 April 2011
Some of the reviewers here must have serious mental issues; they actually talk about the supposed merits of this piece of absolute garbage of a movie. It HAS no merits. It's TRASH. WORTHLESS.

Horribly written. Horribly cast. Horribly acted. Horribly lit. Horribly scored. ATROCIOUSLY edited.

I had to laugh when one reviewer on here actually said that the editing was "sharp."

That would be fine if he had meant, "The editing cuts abruptly to and from scenes with no sense of story or continuity whatsoever," but that's evidently not how this person meant it. He meant it in a complimentary way, which leads me ineluctably to the conclusion that he is on the same cocktail of trendy drugs that the characters are on
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New Wave decadence
tfrazier13 July 2004
The time period this film was made, and the time period it takes place alone make me want to love this movie. I would GIVE anything to be twenty-one in 1982, and not eleven when the original punk/new wave movement was really in full swing. I would so love to have been able to go clubbing on Avenue A in the lower east side in 1982. I still to this day love and worship the aesthetics and music of that long ago era. Although this movie captures that era and culture so perfectly I can't really say that it was done that well. Anne Carlisle does do a good job playing both the male and female characters, and I love low-budget movies, but it's lacking something. It just doesn't seem put together very well. Maybe I was expecting it to be like a Waters or Gregg Araki movie. If you had purple hair or a mohawk and were into Nina Hagen, Lene Lovich, Klaus Nomi, or Siouxsie Sioux in the eighties you will want to see this movie.
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One of the worst films of the 1980s
jwpappas13 June 2003
Its easy to see why this early 1980s relic remains so obscure & why it did poorly here in New York City upon its initial release: it's sub-amateur CRAP!!! This is one of the most irritating movies I've ever seen & the #1 source of irritation is the AWFUL & tinny pseudo new wave synth score which repeats the same 4 notes over & over & over for the nearly 2 hour running time. In attempting to make a statement about 1980s American nihlism the Russian emigre filmmakers (perhaps the Iron Curtain was a good thing) make the fatal error of not knowing a thing about NY where their low brow & low rent scifi/comedy/sociological screed takes place. Streets & landmarks are misidentified, the New Yawk accents are straight out of a bad cartoon (someone unironically says "boids") & their depiction of the early 1980s NYC club scene is so laughably way, way WAY off the mark that it seems as if the filmmakers had never set foot in North America, let alone NYC. The acting is sub-porno, the grainy cinematography is just above 7-11 security cam video, the sound is muddly & apparently the budget was so low that they couldn't afford an editor. I say that because this tedious & grating turd not only drags itself to nearly 2 agonizing hours, it also includes actors just about to hit their marks & looking off camera to get direction. The cast is ugly & uninspired, the movie looks like a 1970s education flick & its easy to see why nobody connected with this overblown freshman film student mess has ever worked on another film.
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Does it get any worse?
RUBBERSOUL-218 July 2001
OK, so it attempts to be deep and loaded. Save your money, wait, save those two hours of your life for something better like an Olsen Twins movie or a Kathy Lee Gifford/Gallagher double bill concert. Seriously, instead watch a student film, or Eraserhead or something else that doesn't attempt to be groundbreaking, but is. At least watch something that has one artistic success, say story, dialouge, acting, visuals (this movie is the first I've seen be successful at making film look like bad video), f/x, content, or anything. It'll have one more success than this piece did. One good thing about this movie is that it might give us aspiring filmmakers hope, that our product can make it, no matter how different it may be. As you can see by the other reviews, it touched many a person. They must think shrimps are more important than duty. Watch the movie and you'll get it, OK.
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1/10 whacked out for you need to be to watch this?
vampyrecowboy7 October 2006
I couldn't sleep this morning, so I dropped this movie in the VCR.

Yes - I even own it...for some odd and unbelievable reason.

If you managed to read the other reviews - you know the deal...

It is a freaky movie.

I think to truly enjoy this, one would need, 800 mg of heroine, 2 kilos of cocaine, 10 ounces of weed, 15 hits of acid, 3 peyote buttons, 18 ecstasy pills, 20 bottles of gin, 8 grams of hash, 16 bottles of tequila and to be whacked with a baseball bat to the side of the head - all while being awake for 21 days.

Since I was sober - that caused a big problem...I was looking forward to something with a plot - even a bad one.

This plot goes way beyond bad and the acting, special effects, camera work and everything else is equally as repulsive.

Advice and advance warning...remember to ask your local drug dealer to medicate you to the ultimate degree before you decide to freely watch this.

The only way to understand this is to be sedated to where your mind and thoughts can believe that the little elf on the Lucky Charms cereal box is a brilliant god and has the answers to the universe in the box of cereal.

Be prepared for atrocious dialog and nasty hairstyles, costumes and horrendous irritating music played repetitively to not release.

If you survive all that, your eyes will have to overcome the over-bearing use of neon and pastels.

If I was only in my 20's in the 80's - wow...what parties I would have gone to.

(on another note) - if you want to help somebody who has a bad drug addiction - make them watch this movie and tell them to make sense of should convince them to quit drugs in all forms.

---Not that I am against drugs - but if this were a real art film, I would not make that comment.

If you can handle your drugs - then by all means - go for it...but this is a good reason to quit...if your best talent is making films of this caliber.
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