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One of the Best
lovelyral18 March 2004
When it comes to Ninja movies, this one is one of the BEST!. Most Ninja movies are terrible. This one however, tries to show the ninja as being a regular man that has endured rigorous training in order to heighten his mental and physical prowess, allowing him to perform astounding feats. There is no supernatural magic here. No flipping up 20 feet in the air to land on a roof. This seems to be the closest you can get to the actual thing. And it's still amazing to watch. HE DOESN'T EVEN CARRY A SWORD ON HIS BACK.
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Best film involving ninjas as characters.
michael77729 June 2000
I have seen a few ninja films. Some were o.k., and others were downright awful. The legend of the ninja in most films was not portrayed very well. It would seem most directors wanted a lot of action in the film and played on the audience's ignorance. This film seems to do a little better than that. I have read a little on the history and techniques of the ninja, and even though this movie is dramatized, it seems to do well by the ninja. It makes the art of ninjistu, not only entertaining, but lets you see the awesome skill of its practitioners.
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Excepting Enter the Dragon, this film by far is the best.
david-11226 May 2004
I have seen this film, which I recorded on vcr some 18 years ago, about 10 times and each time I watch it is like watching a new film. This film is not boring but keeps you glued to the screen and with the exception of Enter the Dragon, this film by far is the best of the others. A great pity that it is not available either on video or dvd and somebody should put together a petition to the studio/distributors which all and sundry could sign on the internet, to put this film on dvd. Michael Beck and Nancy Kwan are well suited to their roles as is Mako who is the guiding hand moulding his adopted son to become "the last ninja".The martial art fight scenes are quite impressive and I would recomend this film to viewers of all ages.
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A very good Pilot...too bad it did not take...
The_Pendragon13 July 2002
Some people have put this show down, but I would love to have a copy of it.

The premise may have been overdone...but the story worked well and the action sequences were great. I especially recall the guys standing in what they thought was back to back, only to find they were sharing it with the main character.

Again...if anyone knows where to find this...let me know.
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Scorpion11384 January 2006
I have seen this movie twice on the Action Channel, and I was amazed at how good it was, and the whole time I was thinking to myself, its a bout *&%#*@ time they made a good ninja movie!!! It was well done being made so long ago. Really good plot and back story with the characters and all. Mako has yet another good appearance in this film. The actors are not known to me at all, I think they were pretty much just a one time deal. It is a shame that it is not put on DVD or VHS. I have been wanting to show all my martial arts friends that movie and can't find it anywhere!! I am searching high and low for a copy so if anyone has one, hit me up at
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The Last Ninja
amcconnell22 June 2010
Yes, this is a great film, I looked about a year ago and it was available on the "Ioffer" web site, which is like eBay. Michael Becks pronunciation of the city "Los Angeles" on the plane ride back after his mission was memorable. Unfortunately it was not made into a TV series as was the intent. American Ninja was kind of a remake without the distinct character of "The Last Ninja". Some of the scenes are very 70's ish but still watchable today. Maka, his adopted father and Nancy Kwan is adopted sisters performances were excellent. It seams many martial arts films have copied this one where it starts out in childhood, such as in "Bloodsport" or "American Ninja" or "The Octagon" but this one beats them all.
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Seen once, impressed forever...
jokrg4 August 2006
I recall this made-for-television movie from a time when I was only a few years into my martial arts training. I wish I had a VCR at the time, as I still have shows from that period in my collection for posterity. THIS ONE WOULD HAVE BEEN A CROWNING ADDITION to that collection. Although I only saw it that one time, I do remember that I admired Michael Beck from that moment forward, even more than I did when I repeatedly enjoyed "The Warriors". And "Mako" was MADE, in my mind, by his role in this movie. I have searched high and low without success in finding a copy of it. If someone is going to submit a request for re-release of this one, I am on your bandwagon. In the meantime, I will continue to hunt to the ends of the earth for a copy of it. Heck, I was surprised to find ANYone else who remembers this movie.
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It seems to have stuck with me
sbaker252 June 2006
Bearing in mind that I saw this movie many years ago - I remember it being a pretty good movie. I have checked back a number of times to see if it was released on DVD. I'd love to see it again. Based on this fact alone, I give the movie a high rating. There aren't many movies that I remember like this one from my youth.

The movie is about an art dealer, who the authorities suspect is a ninja. They want him to assist them in resolving a situation whereby a terrorist group has taken hostage some people on the top floor of a tall building. It's not a big fighting movie (not fight sequence after fight sequence) but I thought the story and character development was well done. During the long, arduous process of undertaking the rescue attempt, the main character has lots of time to flashback to his upbringing.

I think the movie was a bit before its time - i.e. the Ninja craze was just starting or hadn't really started when this movie came out. Having watched many movies along these lines (such as Enter the Ninja, Revenge of the Ninja, American Ninja, and many, many more), I have often thought that The Last Ninja was a better movie.

I didn't realize that this was supposed to be a TV show pilot as another reviewer mentions. It's unfortunate that it didn't make it. It certainly would have made a better show than the one that did make it, "The Master".
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