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Freddie Jones: Ynyr



  • Seer : The temple is at the center of the swamp where three trees grow as one.

    Prince Colwyn : How can anything grow in that place? It smells of death.

    Ynyr : Death and power are close cousins.

    Torquil : I don't think I like your relatives, old man.

  • Ynyr : We all risk our lives on this journey. My risk is no greater than yours.

  • Ynyr : The beast has many weapons. This was one of them. A changeling.

    [Looks at Rell] 

    Ynyr : How did you know?

    Rell the Cyclops : I found the seer's body in the quicksand.

    Prince Colwyn : He gave his life for us.

    Titch : He was my only family.

    Prince Colwyn : We're your family now.

  • [Ynyr leaves to go see The Widow of the Web] 

    Ynyr : From here, I go on alone.

    Prince Colwyn : I'm going with you.

    Ynyr : No. If two approach, she would certainly kill both. Alone, I may have a chance.

    Torquil : Each to his fate, Colwyn.

    Ynyr : Yes... Yes, each to his fate.

  • Ynyr : I cannot stop the sand.

    Lyssa Widow of the Web : You cannot stop time. Go now. Save the other Lyssa.

  • Lyssa Widow of the Web : These are the sands of my life. Accept them and the spider will have no power to harm you. But your own life runs out with the sand.

    Ynyr : But what about your life?

    Lyssa Widow of the Web : I give it to the girl who bears my name.

  • [Ynyr has fixed Colwyn's wounds and starts to leave] 

    Prince Colwyn : Lyssa?

    Ynyr : They will hold her in the Black Fortress.

    Prince Colwyn : Can you lead me to it?

    Ynyr : You must have help.

    Prince Colwyn : I'll find men on the way.

  • Prince Colwyn : Who are you?

    Ynyr : I am Ynyr.

    Prince Colwyn : The old one?

    Ynyr : Well, not as old as all that.

    Prince Colwyn : You've come down from the Granite Mountains?

    Ynyr : Yes. I'm needed now.

  • Ynyr : [Seeing the Widow of the Web as the Lyssa he remembers]  How could I have left you?

    Lyssa Widow of the Web : Your vision is your gift to me.

    Ynyr : [Kneeling beside her]  And your vision can be your gift to me.

  • Ynyr : There are kingly virtues other than bravery. Courtesy is one of them.

  • Ynyr : We three will go on. The rest will remain here.

    Ergo : We four will go on. I'm not staying behind with these criminals.

  • Prince Colwyn : Lyssa!

    Ynyr : She's alive.

    Prince Colwyn : Where?

    Ynyr : Stay still.

    Prince Colwyn : Where?

    Ynyr : For now, beyond your reach.

  • Ynyr : I came to find a king, and I find a boy instead.

  • Ynyr : Well, I too was young once. I too loved as you do. But your love will be luckier than mine. What I told you was that I knew how to find the fortress and that is by seeking the vision of the blind emerald seer.

    Prince Colwyn : But his place isn't known either.

    Ynyr : It is known to me. It is a day's journey from here. Come.

  • Prince Colwyn : Now we have no way to find the fortress.

    Ynyr : There is one who might help.

    Prince Colwyn : Who?

    Ynyr : The Widow of the Web.

    Torquil : That creature helps no one. For none who go there return.

    Ynyr : She has great powers.

    Torquil : Yeah, to kill.

    Ynyr : She may not kill me. For I know her name.

    Torquil : Her name is death.

    Ynyr : She had another name once. An ancient and powerful name.

    [Torquil has a look of disbelief and this gets Ynyr mad] 

    Ynyr : We all risk our lives on this journey. My risk is no greater than yours. I must try.

  • Ynyr : Do not use it until you need it.

    Prince Colwyn : How will I know when?

    Ynyr : You'll know.

  • Ynyr : I seek the widow.

    Lyssa Widow of the Web : Enter here, and die.

  • Ynyr : In the fortress you will need more than men and swords. You will need the power of the glave.

  • Prince Colwyn : The glave is nothing but an ancient symbol. It doesn't really exist.

    Ynyr : It exists. Up there in a cave on the highest peak.

  • Ynyr : Lyssa? Lyssa?

    Lyssa Widow of the Web : Who speaks that name?

    Ynyr : It is I, Ynyr.

    Lyssa Widow of the Web : [Lyssa turns her hourglass upsidedown]  I give you this time.

  • Ergo : You are no great chooser of roads, old man.

    Ynyr : This way will save us half a day's travel.

  • Ynyr : [Last lines. Voiceover, reciting a prophecy]  A girl of ancient name shall become queen. And she shall choose a king. Together they will rule the world. And their son will rule the galaxy.

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