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Exclusive: Danny McBride says the new Halloween references every other Halloween movie

Back in February of last year, it was announced that David Gordon Green and Danny McBride were developing a brand new instalment in the Halloween franchise, which would see John Carpenter returning to the series as executive producer, as well as Jamie Lee Curtis reprising her role as Laurie Strode.

It was subsequently revealed that the new film will be a straight sequel to the 1978 original, ignoring the events of the subsequent instalments, and ditching the supernatural elements of the latter movies. However, as McBride has revealed to Flickering Myth’s Rafael Motamayor at SXSW, there will still be plenty of references to these discarded entries for fans to pick up on.

“This picks up after the first one,” said McBride. “The Halloween franchise has kind of become a little bit of like choose your own adventure, you know like there’s some many different versions, and the timeline is so mixed up,
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John Carpenter Hasn’t Seen All Those ‘Halloween’ Sequels Either

“Halloween” turns forty this year, and it’s hard to believe that John Carpenter‘s horror classic has spawned ten films to date. However, it’s safe to say the quality has been in steep decline. Technically speaking, Carpenter’s credits on those pictures finished after “Halloween III: Season of the Witch,” but he was fine to cash cheques and go along with whatever direction the series headed.

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Crypt of Curiosities: The Cat People Films

  • DailyDead
Next to Universal, few studios have had such a big impact on horror than Rko Radio Pictures. Started in 1927, Rko was the first studio founded to make exclusively sound films, a then-brand-new invention that served as a major draw for the studio. Rko’s life was relatively short (it was killed just 30 years after forming), but during their time, they put out a seriously impressive number of classics, including Top Hat, It’s a Wonderful Life, The Informer, and most notably, Citizen Kane.

Of course, Rko didn’t shy away from horror. While their output wasn’t nearly as prolific as, say, Universal’s, it was still quite impressive, boasting some of the most formative and important horror films of old Hollywood. Rko saw the release of a few all-time classics, including I Walked With a Zombie, The Thing From Another World, King Kong, and the topic of today’s Crypt,
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Michael Myers and Jamie Lee Curtis Cozy Up in New Halloween Photo

Michael Myers and Jamie Lee Curtis Cozy Up in New Halloween Photo
This time next year, fans will be able to see a new Halloween movie in theaters, and not only that, but the first in over 15 years to feature Jamie Lee Curtis as her iconic character Laurie Strode. Since today is the actual Halloween holiday, the actress decided to share a bloody new promo photo, featuring her and her on-screen brother, Michael Myers, laying in a pile of leaves. The photo also shows her blouse ripped, with a rather nasty gash on her arm, presumably caused by her brother and his butcher knife. Here's what the actress had to say on social media this All Hallows Eve.

"Some Wounds Never Heal. Michael & I will see you all next Halloween."

The #H40 hashtag symbolizes the 40th Anniversary of this iconic franchise, with the original Halloween movie from director John Carpenter hitting theaters on October 25, 1978. Last May, it was confirmed that this new
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Stranger Things season 2 spoiler-filled review

Dan Cooper Nov 1, 2017

Stranger Things season 2 lives up to the high expectations set last year. Spoilers ahead in our review...

This review contains spoilers. Our spoiler-free review is here.

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Considering their affinity for the punk rhythms of The Clash, the creative team behind Stranger Things would have been very aware of the trickiness of that ‘difficult second album’ following a smash-hit first season on Netflix that earned the show rapturous critical and commercial praise. After all, Difficult Second Album Syndrome is a real thing, (it has to be, I’ve already started capitalising it now… at this rate it’ll be an acronym before long) and there are many bands out there, The Clash included, who found it impossible to deliver on the promise of their breakthrough success second time around.
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The Unpopular Opinion: ‘Halloween III: Season of the Witch’ is the Best ‘Halloween’ Sequel

The Unpopular Opinion: ‘Halloween III: Season of the Witch’ is the Best ‘Halloween’ Sequel
(Welcome to The Unpopular Opinion, a series where a writer goes to the defense of a much-maligned film or sets their sights on a movie seemingly beloved by all. In this edition: Halloween III: Season of the Witch, which famously abandoned Michael Myers, is actually the best of the many Halloween sequels.) The Halloween franchise has […]

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The ‘Halloween’ Franchise Ranked From the Worst to Best Slash

The ‘Halloween’ Franchise Ranked From the Worst to Best Slash
There was no way to predict that a low-budget, independent horror movie with a no-name cast would go on to become one of the most influential films in cinematic history. But 40 years ago, John Carpenter built the framework for one of the most successful franchises ever and helped create the “slasher” genre with the 1978 smash Halloween.

In the ensuing years, Michael Myers (aka The Shape) became one of culture’s preeminent boogeymen, Carpenter’s haunting theme continued to set an ominous mood and the fictional town of Haddonfield dealt with a serious body count problem. While the motivations for Michael’s actions grew more convoluted, he remained a terrifying force four decades later.

Now, with a new Halloween in the works from director David Gordon Green and writer Danny McBride, featuring original star Jamie Lee Curtis as the ultimate survivor, Et decided it was time to look back on the franchise to determine which film is a dull
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John Carpenter Will Score New Halloween Movie Soundtrack

John Carpenter Will Score New Halloween Movie Soundtrack
For whatever reason, the Friday the 13th franchise can't seem to get going again, but Jason's biggest rival, Michael Myers, is coming back to the big screen next year. John Carpenter, the man who directed the original Halloween and brought the modern slasher movie to life, is on board as an executive producer. So, even though he isn't directing, he's pretty heavily involved. Now we have word that he's officially signed on to score the soundtrack for the Halloween reboot as well. It's early, but this sounds like it could be awesome.

The horror legend has been doing scores for his movies for a very long time now and did the score for the original Halloween, including coming up with that iconic theme. Music has been his main focus these days, but he hasn't actually scored a Halloween movie since Halloween III: Season of the Witch, otherwise known as the
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[Podcast] We Need To Talk About Horror Episode 12: Recommendations for 31 Days of Halloween

Andy, Mike, Joseph and Jeremy join forces to come up with some recommendations for 31 Days of Halloween. We also do a double-up on Horrorlimination with 4 years of films to argue about.

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Show Notes:

00:02:45 – Discussion about disgusting assholes in our community.

00:09:40 – What We’ve Been Watching

Mike – Little Evil, The Houses That October Built 2 (review), Leatherface

Joseph – It (2017), read the comic My Friend Dahmer, Let Me Make You A Martyr (review), Compliance

Jeremy – It (2017), Poltergeist III, The Strain Season Finale, Firestarter, Blood Drive

Andy – mother!, Psycho III, The Killing of America, Better Watch Out, Synapse Films’ 4K Restoration of Suspiria

00:48:20 – #GetUpInDemGuts: 20 film recommendations for 31 Days of Halloween:

Sleep Tight, Rebirth, Hell House LLC, Lady In White, Compliance, Shutter Island, Marebito, The American Scream, The Eclipse, Funny Games (1997), Halloween III: Season Of The Witch, Murder Party, Grabbers, The Mothman Prophecies, Behind The Mask: The Rise Of Leslie Vernon
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August 1st Blu-ray & DVD Releases Include Shin Godzilla, Colossal, Slither Collector’s Edition

August’s home entertainment releases are off and running in a big way with this week’s crop of horror and sci-fi titles, as we have nearly two dozen movies coming our way this Tuesday.

Scream Factory is putting in overtime with a handful of stunning steelbooks celebrating three great John Carpenter films—They Live, The Fog and Escape From New York—as well as a Collector’s Edition of James Gunn’s Slither and the indie horror films Don’t Knock Twice and House on Willow Street (which they’ve teamed up with IFC Midnight for).

As far as recent genre movies go, Colossal, Shin Godzilla, and Phoenix Forgotten are all primed for their home bow on August 1st, and both Paramount and Universal are dusting off a bunch of recent titles on both DVD and Blu-ray, including Disturbia, The Machinist, Red Eye, and the unrated version of The Ruins.
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Looming Legal Battle Surrounding Friday The 13th Threatens To Tear The Franchise Asunder

Knowing that the franchise has been on ice since 2009, it certainly did nothing to lift the spirits of longtime fans of Friday the 13th upon hearing that the long gestating re-reboot had been scrapped earlier this year. And although bumps in the road are to be expected in this industry, we always take solace in knowing that it’s only a matter of time before a horror icon such as Jason Voorhees graces cinemas once again.

Well, that is until you come across news like this, which feels about as great as a machete to the gut.

Now, I’m no big city lawyer, but the details presented by The Hollywood Reporter are nothing short of disturbing. So, here’s the long and short of it: Back in the 1970’s, U.S. Congress amended copyright law by allowing authors or their heirs to terminate a grant of rights and reclaim ownership.
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Drive-In Dust Offs: Amityville II: The Possession (1982)

Full disclosure: The Amityville Horror films do not make up my favorite franchise. And it has nothing to do with the central “haunted house” premise, but rather the execution of the series thus far, from the serviceable ground zero template, The Amityville Horror (1979) through the (as yet unseen) upcoming Amityville: The Awakening, with some stops in between at DTVville (not to mention the Ryan Reynolds remake; but I said not to mention, so not mention I shall). The name is so shopworn now that “Amityville” has become synonymous with “poopy”.

But, but, But…let’s rewind to a time when a follow up to the kind-of goofy James Brolin (and his glorious perm) starrer was actually anticipated. That film was a smash success at the box office, and the powers that be wanted to revisit the village of Amityville to see what other demons they could find in the basement.
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John Carpenter Might Score the New Halloween Movie That He Is a Creative Consultant On

John Carpenter is going to return to the Halloween film franchise as an executive producer and a creative consultant on the new film being developed by Miramax and Blumhouse Productions. This will be the first Halloween film that he's been a part of since Halloween III: Season of the Witch, and producer Jason Blum is trying to get the filmmaker to score the new film. He talked about Carpenter's involvement during a Facebook live interview with Fandango in which he said:

John Carpenter is our executive producer. I also am hoping he’s going to do the music for the movie. The deal isn’t done, but I’m a good negotiator.”

I hope he's as good as he says he is because it would be pretty awesome to see Carpenter come back and score another Halloween film! The filmmaker hasn't really done much with movies recently. The last
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Today in Halloween Movie Culture: 'Guardians of the Galaxy' Halloween Special, Horror Icons Assembled and More

  • Movies.com
Here are a bunch of little bites to satisfy your hunger for movie culture:   Weirdified Trailer of the Day:  Aldo Jones's latest Weird Trailer reworks the new spot for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, and it's a Halloween special:   Horror Character Assembly of the Day: The latest brilliant mashup from Antonio Maria da Silva brings all the icons of horror movies together for "Boogeymen's Anthology":   Poster Mashup of the Day: The latest great redo of the iconic poster for The Breakfast Club celebrates the cult favorite sequel Halloween III: Season of the Witch (via Kindertrauma):   Supercut of the Day: For Fandor Keyframe, Daniel Mcilwraith compiled "looks of fear" from...

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8 Halloween Movie Marathons Worth Checking Out This Weekend

  • BuzzSugar
Planning on holing up this weekend with a big bowl of fun-sized candy (trick-or-treaters be damned) and some movies? You're in luck, because there are lots of great films playing on basic cable. Favorites like Hocus Pocus, Paranormal Activity, and Zombieland will be playing on various channels all weekend. Of course, there are lots of spooky movies on Netflix, but this way, you can just turn on one channel and plug in for hours. Check it out! Freeform: 13 Nights of Halloween Saturday, Oct. 29 7 a.m. — The Nightmare Before Christmas 8:35 a.m. — Corpse Bride 10:35 a.m. — The Hunger Games 1:45 a.m. — The Hunger Games: Catching Fire 5:15 p.m. — The Addams Family 7:20 p.m. — The Addams Family Values 9:25 p.m. — Hocus Pocus 11:30 p.m. — Sleepy Hollow Sunday, Oct. 30 7 a.m. — Corpse Bride 9 a.m. — Spooky Buddies 11:05 a.m. — Scooby-Doo 1:10 a.m. — Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed 3:15 p.
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Why Halloween III: Season Of The Witch deserves another look

Oct 24, 2016

Missing the franchise's main villain, Halloween 3 may not be a canonical Halloween movie - but it's much better than you remember...

No matter how undeniably great a film Halloween was, by the middle of Halloween II some of us - seven or eight of us anyway - were already pretty bored with the idea of watching Michael Myers carving up even more teens. That’s why for that small handful, Halloween III: Season Of The Witch - no matter how different and unexpected and strange it was - came as a blessed relief.

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Following the mind-boggling success of the 1978 original, John Carpenter and Debra Hill had a clever idea. Instead of traditional repetitive sequels, they’d turn Halloween into an
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The Best Movie You Never Saw: Halloween III: Season of the Witch

  • JoBlo
Welcome to The Best Movie You Never Saw, a column dedicated to examining films that have flown under the radar or gained traction throughout the years, earning them a place as a cult classic or underrated gem that was either before it’s time and/or has aged like a fine wine. This week we’ll be looking at Halloween III: Season Of The Witch The Story: A troubled doctor (Tom Atkins)... Read More...
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Chicago’s Music Box of Horrors 2016 Lineup Includes Halloween III: Season Of The Witch, Popcorn, Street Trash

  • DailyDead
Featuring 24 hours of onscreen frights, the Music Box of Horrors marathon returns to Chicago's Music Box Theatre this October with a lineup that includes Halloween III: Season of the Witch, Popcorn, Street Trash, Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein, and more.

Press Release: Music Box of Horrors creeps back to Chicago for its 12th Anniversary at The Music Box Theatre.

This 24-hour marathon will run from Saturday, October 15th, through Sunday, October 16th, 2016!

The Music Box of Horrors remains an absolute highlight on The Music Box Theatre Calendar and includes some scary surprises where only the strong survive.

Every October, for one 24-hour period, The Music Box Theatre transforms into…the Music Box of Horrors. The 2016 Music Box of Horrors is an unrelenting full day of scares and chills, featuring some of the most frightening and entertaining horror films around!

This year’s marathon includes a plethora of fantastic programming! Director
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Event Report & Photo Gallery: Universal Studios’ 2016 Halloween Horror Nights in Hollywood

  • DailyDead
This year marked the ninth time I’ve been fortunate enough to attend Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights here in Hollywood, and this latest iteration of nerve-shredding mazes and haunts delivered some rather unique experiences that I absolutely loved. While not every maze was a home run for me this year, by and large, I had a fantastic time at Hhn 2016, and it felt like a great way to kick off every horror fan’s favorite season.

Our night began on the Terror Tram, which was the brainchild of Eli Roth this year. The horror filmmaker designed a cavalcade of demented clowns with various themes (the hooker and firefighter clowns were among my favorites because those folks were really into their roles and endlessly tormented attendees as we walked through), and while it may not be the most original idea these days to just do something with clowns, I was
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