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One of the funniest things I have ever seen
obiemookie26 January 2004
It seems that the majority of people who have given comments on this movie have said how funny it is. I have to agree. 100%. I was 13 when I first heard an audio tape of this, and, as you'd imagine, I was laughing so hard it made me cry. Funny thing is, I've heard the material 100 times since then, and it never loses its ability to make me laugh. Obviously this isn't for people who are offended easily...but if you can suspend your politically correct nature (trust me, I'm very PC, but I'm also able to laugh at good comedy), you'll really enjoy this. It is Eddie Murphy's crowning glory as a stand-up. It's too bad that he doesn't do stand-up any more. I'm certain most of us would love to see him have another go at it.
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I was at this show's taping back in '83...
grichman26 November 2003
I was 16 when my parents took me to see Eddie Murphy live in concert in Washington DC at Constitution Hall back in 1983. Unfortunately, since then I have never seen a live comedy performance come close to this one.

There is one point in the show where Eddie Murphy drops his microphone and starts laughing at what some person in the audience yells. Interestingly enough, you cannot hear it in the video. However, I know what was said by the audience because I was there.

On one side of the theatre a woman yelled, "Do Gumby!".

On the other side of the theatre, a guy yelled real loud, "Shut Up Bitch!!!".

This is what made Eddie drop his microphone and start laughing. You heard it here first. I am sure that if you asked Eddie himself, he would remember because it was too funny.
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Hey boy! Hey Boy! Ya look mighty cute in them jeans....
baumer31 May 2000
This is the funniest stand up I have ever seen and I think it is the funniest I will ever see. If you don't choke with laughter at the absolute hilarity, then this is just not your cup of tea. But I honestly don't know anyone who has seen this that hasn't liked it. It is now 17 years later and my friends and I still quote everything from Goonie Goo Goo to the fart game, Aunt Bunnie to the ice cream man, Ralph and Ed to GET OUT!! There are just so many individual and collective skits of hilarity in here that if you honestly haven't seen this film then you are missing out on one of the best stand-ups ever. Take any of Robin Williams, Damon Wayans, The Dice, George Carlin or even the greats like Richard Pryor or Red Foxx and this will surpass it. I don't know how or where Murphy got some of his material but it works. That is what it comes down to. It is funny as hell.

Could you imagine how this show must have shocked people that were used to Eddie doing Buckwheat and Mr. Rogers and such on SNL? If you listen to the audience when he cracks his first joke or when he says the F-word for the first time, they are in complete shock.

His first time he says the F-word is when he does the skit about Mr. T being a homosexual.

" Hey boy, hey boy. You look mighty cute in them jeans. Now come on over here, and f@** me up the ass!"

The crowd erupts in gales of laughter. No one was expecting the filthy mouth that he unleashed on them. But the results were just awesome. I have never been barraged with relentless comedy the way I was in this stand-up. In fact, the next time my stomach hurt so much from laughing wasn't until 1999 when I saw SOUTH PARK: BIGGER LONGER AND UNCUT . That comedy was raw and unapologetic and it went for the jugular, as did DELIRIOUS. I don't think it is possible to watch this piece of comic history and not laugh. It is almost twenty years later and it is still the funniest damn thing on video.

" I took your kids fishing last week. And I put the worm on the hook and the kids put the fishing pole back in the boat and slammed their heads in the water for two minutes Gus. Normal kids don't do shit like that Gus. Then they started movin their heads around like this and the m****f***** come up with fish. Then they looked at each other and said Goonie Goo Goo! I said can you believe this f****n shit?!"

See it again and be prepared to laugh your freakin ass off!

10 out of 10
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greatest of all time?
scottiesthlm8 December 2001
If you were ever sad for not being able to get a movie on DVD, it was probably 'Delirious' you were looking for. How often do you laugh when watching stand up comedy routines? I was too young to see Richard Pryor during his greatest time, and when I was old enough to see Eddie Murphy's 'Delirious' and 'Raw' (not as funny) I never knew where Eddie got a big part of his inspiration. Now that I'm older, and have seen both Pryor and many of the comedians after Murphy, I realize two things: Everybody STEALS from Eddie, while Eddie LOVINGLY BORROWED from Richard. That's the huge difference: Eddie was original, funny, provocative, thoughtful – and more. He was something never before seen. He was all we ever needed. These days Eddie Murphy is boring and old – but once upon a time he was The King, and 'Delirious' was the greatest castle ever built. Truly one of the funniest routines of all time.
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"Delirious" so hilarious
Soulras26 September 2004
It should be against the law not to experience this extremely funny stand up show with Eddie Murphy. I have never seen anything like it.

Murphy goes on for almost 70 minutes about dicks, pussy, tits and insaults so many famous people including his own "family". Among the people who gets it by murphy are: Elvis, Mr.T, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Mick Jagger, Luther Vandross and James Brown. I have seriously never laughed so hard of anything my entire life. I mean, when a person doesn't know who Mr. T is, but still laughs so hard of Murphy as Mr. T, there's something about it. At the time I saw the show I couldn't remember who Mr T. was but still laughed. Now I know who he is and that just makes it so much more funny. Because that's what Eddie do - he can make those impressions so good that it don't matter who the hell he's trying to do, it's still hilarious. And on top of that, we learn that Murphy actually is a very good singer. Please watch it..
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Best stand up comic routine EVER!
smakawhat9 July 2003
If you haven't seen this, you do not know what you are missing. The first time you do, you will litteraly be in pain lying on floor throwing up from laughing so hard, and having probably wet yourself as well.

It is THAT funny. There hasn't been a single comedic performance to this date that I have seen that tops this or even comes close. So many classic one liners, stories, and segways..

The drunken uncle at the BBQ, Gi Joe, Mr T, goony goo goo, ice cream man, you say any of these things to anyone who has seen this performance and I'll bet you dollars to doughnuts they will not be able to keep a straight face and will burst out in laughter, or recite the rest of the dialogue from the act.

Pure classic!! Shame you can't get it on DVD..

Rating 10+ out of 10
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"Delirious" is the word!
Tony B10 May 2001
I've never laughed and giggled so much in my life! The first half kept me in stitches; the last half made me come completely unglued! I think I giggled for 15 minutes after the tape was over.

His timing and delivery for his stories is almost unequaled. And though he talks fast, you catch every joke. Which is probably why my "laugh center" was so overwhelmed; it took an extra 15 minutes to laugh at everything.
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This is a must watch not just for Eddie Murphy fans.
l_y_n_n112 November 2005
I watched this film a few times in the 90's and nearly split my sides laughing each time. I love Eddie Murphy as an actor, but this stand up is some thing else. He is SO funny. Even the P.C. brigade would find this hilarious. It's a must watch, and even better if you've got the guys or girls in for a drink. The take off of Michael Jackson is so like him, if you close your eyes you believe it's him singing. The things he describes are true to life and you would seriously have to have a humour bypass if you thought this was not funny. My local video stores do not stock this video any more but I would love to get my hands on a copy to show my husband and boys when they are old enough to appreciate the humour. Anyway, highly recommended, hope you enjoy.
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Murphy at his Best!!!
jts040517 February 2007
Eddie Murphy truly ruled comedy in the 1980's. He started on stand-up at age of 15 and just take a look at this. Murphy is completely hilarious, packing laughs every minute of this stand-up routine. His humor is what makes him who he is. This is his first stand-up recorded along with Eddie Murphy Raw, they both equally hilarious comedy treasures. The DVD to Delirious has just come out, so go buy now if your a Murphy fan, you will truly love to look back at him in his good old days in comedy. No offense but today Eddie Murphy isn't as Raw and joke cracking. So remember his good days with Delirious and Raw, which are what made him who is truly was in the 80's.
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From SNL to Delirious
katie-356 October 2007
I took my son when he was about 12 to see Delirious and we laughed ourselves all the way through it. My son was rolling on the grass at the outdoor pavilion. There was Eddie in that ridiculous orange suit and saying the filthiest, funniest s*** that he had ever heard--at least I thought he hadn't heard all that before. He was mature enough. We laughed driving home and repeated some of his lines. This is going to be my gift to my son for Christmas as a memory, but I will definitely open it and watch it myself with friends. Maybe I will have to keep it and order another for him. Anyone who likes the old SNL Murphey will love him is all his foul-mouthed language you could never think of. He is hilarious. If you are depressed or feeling low, you will laugh so hard it will do you good.
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1983 seems like a different planet where this passed for outstandingly funny
Rob-O-Cop24 April 2018
Were people really this homophobic, Racist, sexist, domestic violence enabilising, and just so confidently unfunny in 1983? With the benefit of over 35 years of perspective on Murphy and the horrendous material he's made since this idolized standup special we of course know that the emperor has no clothes, but at the time people really though this standup routine was the bees knees. And judging from the reviews some people still do. He starts out with a massive tirade about gay men looking at his body (although he uses a much more offensive term starting with F that got my review declined when I first submitted it), he then goes on to do a bits on farts and how much sex he gets as a famous comedian, then an extended bit on, genital sizes based on ethnicity, etc, etc,

I wasn't really expecting intelligent insightful and deeply witty comedy from Murphy but the reviews lead me to believe there was something special going on here and really, there's nothing here above school boy sniggering. I admire his youthful confidence but he really doesn't have anything to offer and watched in 2018 (thank you netflix) it is cringefully bad. You can see why he went on to deliver so much bad material. Just embarrassing from his leather outfit to ever single joke he does in this set. Dated worse that 2 week old milk on a hot day, but was it ever as funny as some think it was?
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Not so good in 2018
sarahsmith-8029327 April 2018
I made an account just to put this review on - how on Earth is this side splittingly the funniest stand up of all time? I love Eddie Murphy, he's great, great actor and still love him but we're people that easily entertained in 1983? Parts are funny but the first 15 minutes he talks about how he's scared of gays, aids and how much he gets to sleep with people. I'm not politically correct in any way but it actually isn't funny hahaha baffled at these reviews you know.
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Murphy in His Prime
gavin694210 June 2014
Eddie Murphy's raunchy, raucous stand-up comedy routine is captured for posterity on this tape. Not for folks who dislike foul language.

The opening part of the set is littered with derogatory jokes on homosexuality, leaving some to wonder: is Murphy homophobic? From the material, it is hard to say. We could say this was normal in the early 1980s, or even point out he is never being spiteful, and just found an easy target.

Interestingly, his comments about getting women because of show business, much like Richard Pryor joked a year earlier. Coincidence? What separates Murphy from Pryor (among other things) is his great Elvis impression, as well as impressions in general. One can easily see why much later (such as in "Shrek") he was sought out for voice work.
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Energetic stand-up show, not for all tastes, but a treat for those who like this kind of thing.
barnabyrudge17 December 2003
Lots of users here on the IMDb rank this as the funniest stand-up show ever made. Quite a bold claim, but what hardly any people have noted is that it depends on your country of origin as to how much you'll enjoy it. It's definitely a very American brand of comedy (loud, brash, very broad), although admittedly some of the jokes are likely to amuse people of all nationalities. Also, I'm astonished how few people have commented on the film's torrential level of profanity. If you find foul language offensive, you won't like this show one little bit. Personally, I found it entertaining for most of its running time, with just a couple of weak patches.

Murphy was only 22 at the time and he took this show around nineteen US cities. This live recording was made when the show rolled into Washington D.C. The ultimate test for a stand-up comedian is how well the audience react to him or her, and in this one the audience absolutely love Murphy. Sometimes he doesn't have to speak - even his silences are funny. The show starts well with a riotous torrent of gay jokes, and there are further highlights when he gets onto such subjects as the ice cream man, the fart-in-the-bathtub game, the penis size of black guys, and the sexual attraction of showbiz personalities. His long rant about his father's abusive behaviour at a family party is a bit wearisome, and his jokes about the film Poltergeist are rather dated and flat. Apart from that, though, he's on razor sharp form and he hits most of his politically incorrect targets full on. One thing the guy has is energy, and his energetic style gives him a genuinely commanding on-stage presence. So, to conclude, if you like this kind of thing you'll be entertained. If you don't, you won't! And if you are quite prudish, this may very well be the most uncomfortable 70 minutes you'll ever have to endure!
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Absolutely Textbook
joberfeld1131 May 2014
Delirious is Eddie Murphy's ultimate masterpiece. Eddie is one of the funniest comedians in history. His recent work may not say that, but Delirious solidified his status as a comedic legend. Everyone who wants to be a comedian should watch and study Delirious. The timing and jokes are perfect. He tell you everything about a family cookout, his mom throwing shows and hitting her target like she is Clint Eastwood, and the ice cream man. You will die of laughter at the end of this seventy minute show. Skip Beverly Hill Cop, Dr. Dolittle, and the Shrek movies because Delirious is Eddie Murphy at his best. And by the way, the Ice Cream Man is coming.
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The First Time I Knew What Comedy Was
AMichaelL3 February 2012
I was 14. I was sitting there in study hall, listening to my iPod. After finding out Eddie Murphy had been a stand up before an actor, I became intrigued. I pressed play and my life changed. The next day I showed it to my best friend . We laughed audibly for the entire study hall, constantly being told to shut up (our study hall teacher liked us, or we would've been asked to shut the iPod off). I still remember almost every line in this show. I have seen it many, many (countless, really) times, and it honestly influences me as a person on some level. I never knew anything could be so funny up until that point in my life, and every time I listen to it, it remains relevant and amazing. I am now older than Eddie was when he made delirious and I can still, probably even more so to be honest, appreciate the pure genius of this film. I believe it is probably the best stand up film ever made, although there are plenty of great ones. It is definitely one of the best of all time though...go watch it now.
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An off color comedy special delivering what is expected
StevePulaski13 July 2011
Filmed in the Constitution Hall in Washington D.C., Eddie Murphy Delirious delivers raunchy, and no limits comedy as it spits jokes at you rapid fire not even stopping for a moment so you can laugh. While a bit inferior to its successor Eddie Murphy Raw, it still manages to etch itself into the fabric of stand up comedy classics and makes you wish Eddie Murphy's lovable sense of wit and humor was incorporated more into his current films.

Now, Murphy keeps a G to PG friendly persona. Where in Delirious and Raw, he is almost sporting an NC-17 persona. He states perfectly in the special "I don't give a f*** who the f*** you are I'll make fun of you," and he does.

I love it when Murphy impersonates a typical white person. Being a Caucasian male, I laugh when he does his "white man voice" because he is honest and correct. Instead of saying "hey, just because we do that doesn't make it funny," I say "hell, that's true!" He did the same in Raw and it was just as funny.

Murphy breezes through topics like "What if Mr. T was gay?," the ice-cream man, discovering humor and the science of farts, and even attacks, at that time, President Ronald Reagan. All with good humor, and his cheesy smile to add to the nonstop comedy.

People can accuse Eddie Murphy for being too raunchy, racy, racist, hateful, discriminating, off color, dirty, arrogant, ignorant, unaware, unethical, disgusting, disturbing, foul, vulgar, etc. But what did you expect? Eddie Murphy giving a family-themed performance? That didn't start happening till Shrek came out in 2001. Also, what did you expect going into a stand up comedy special? That's like accusing George Carlin for being too obscure, or a President for being too bossy, or even water for being wet.

With two strong specials, a great smile, and a great attitude, I'm hoping we see a return to the stage in Eddie Murphy's future. Why we haven't is beyond me.

Starring: Eddie Murphy and The Bus Boys. Directed by: Bruce Gowers.
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An extremely top-notch stand-up performance by Eddie Murphy
beverlyhillscopseries26 June 2010
Delirious is one of the best stand-up acts you will find ANYWHERE!! Yes it has lots and lost of blue humor and profanity but who cares. I was so in-tuned to what he had to say, many times I forgot he was wearing that loud-red leather suit.

Murphy in this performance didn't care whose toes he stepped on. At the time Michael Jackson had just released Thriller which made him the most well known recording artist in the world, and Murphy even figuratively threw him a punch. When you are as young as Murphy was back then you are at your most hurtful to other people's feeling or its a "Me" time. Murphy was worried about his career and going down in comedy history, so he didn't give a crap about anyones feelings. He also even insinuated that Mr. T was gay as was that guy who was the star of the Honeymooners TV show.

But all in all, Murphy was a star in the 1980s and this concert film had a lot to do with that. If you want to laugh and hear some life lessons, pop in the DVD of this film and you will be entertained more than you ever wanted to be.
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Very f***ing funny motherf***er
Alp-37 December 1998
This video is so hilariously funny, it makes everything else

by Eddie Murphy seem very disappointing (even Beverly Hills Cop and The Nutty Professor, which just goes to show you how good this really is). To be honest, I don't think that I've ever

laughed at something as much as this, including Naked Gun and the rarely seen Bargearse. This show is amazing, although it must be said that it is certainly filled with the word beginning with F that is four letters long (plus its extended version beginning with M) but it didn't bother me. See it, the funniest thing I've ever seen and probably the funniest you ever have too.
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The funniest thing ever released on video
lilghettoboy5 October 2001
Eddie Murphy Delirious is undoubtedly the funniest thing I have ever seen in my life. When I saw it for the first time about 2 years ago I was in stitches for weeks after it. To date I have seen it a further 17 times and i still laugh my ass off each time. For those who dont know Eddie Murphy was a brilliant stand up comedian before he was a Hollywood superstar. There is not one dull spot in this piece of genius unlike Eddie Murphy Raw which was released in 1987 which goes flat during the middle. If you are not the sort of person who can't stand swearing then I wouldn't advise you to see it as you will probably hear swearing of some form every 5-10 seconds. I gave this a 10 out of 10 because it displays the greatest comic genius of them all at his best.
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Trashy stand-up
gcd705 July 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Eddie Murphy's "Delirious" is completely and totally rude, crude, crass and lude. This is indeed the only way to describe this appalling, trashy piece of stand-up. Eddie Murphy goes for shock value rather than laughs to try and win his following over. He does manage to be funny occasionally, but mostly loses the plot with obscene language and distasteful sex jokes.

Forget it! Unless you happen to enjoy Eddie's foul style. I don't think I will bother with "Eddie Murphy Raw". I much prefer Eddie in the confines of a movie script.

Saturday, January 17, 1998 - Video
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awsaws6 July 2003
Very outdated, not funny anymore. I thought he was funny in Beverly Hills Cop but not this. I don't think I'm a fan of his more adult hummour, I find it a little crude and over the top. I had to look up the date of this movie to check how old it was, as chunks of it would now be concidered in bad taste, but hey it is 20 years old now, so maybe it used to be funny.
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Ladies and gentlemen, the King of stand-up comedy in the 80s: Eddie Murphy.
patriciogl1028 August 2018
Eddie Murphy knocks it out of the park with this terrific stand-up special! Nothing remains untouched: homosexuals, Michael Jackson, James Brown, Stevie Wonder, black and white folks, singing, women, showbiz, you name it. One thing I didn't really like was the homophobic tasteless way he handled his first topic, and his derogatory use of the term 'fa***t' (don't even wanna write it). I believe that he received some criticism for this and years later he apologized; imagine if he did a bit like that nowadays, he would be crucified. Putting that issue aside, he delivered a phenomenal set that will remain as one of the best stand-up specials in history; a testament to Murphy's natural talent for inventive humour and humourously relatable situations.

You can't miss this! It's Eddie Murphy in his prime, exposing his youthful rascal self delivering the most hilarious bits and impersonations that will have you in stitches for sure. An exhilarating time-traveling experience back to 1983 that you will want to revisit many more times in the future. An undeniable classic!

To sum it up with something along the lines of Murphy's manner and vocabulary: "This brotha was one of the funniest motha****as alive during the 80s, you gotta check this s**t out!"

I must warn you though, if you dislike foul language and are easily offended, you may not find this particularly enjoyable.
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I had a dream where I went to Hollywood and found out Mr T. was a *aggot
lldegan14 November 2005
Warning: Spoilers
This is hands down the greatest stand up show ever. I've seen a lot of stand up shows ,been to a lot of stand up shows, and watch Bet's Comic View, but I have never seen anyone who could match the skills of Murphy on this show. The impressions are excellent, the skits are great, and the timing is perfect. You can even tell the crowd gets really into. When he did Raw a few years later it was also really good, but this is # 1 in my book. Also shows that at one time, particularly the early-to mid eighties, that Murphy was funny. My favorite parts of the show is when he is retelling the family barbecue and "Ice cream !!! Mooommmm!! The ice cream man is coming !!!!" Another great part is where his mom is like Clint Eastwood.
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what women yells in delirious
gaz211430 October 2008
during eddie murphy's stand up a women from the audience yells at eddie and a man from the audience responds. what is said is,, women - DO MR ROB (this is a character from Saturday night live), the man responds with SHUT UP BITCH. unlike the previous post saying the women yelled do gumby, this is incorrect, although the post-er said he was there they must have a hearing problem! despite what the post-er says about not being able to here it on DVD have a close listen as you actually can hear it on the DVD - DO MR ROB!!!! i hope this helps anyone curious out the outburst cheers gaz!!!!!! !!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!! !!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!! !!!!!!!
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