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(1983 TV Movie)

John Cullum: Jim Dahlberg



  • Denise Dahlberg : Do you know Bruce Gallatin? He... he's a senior.

    Stephen Klein : No.

    Denise Dahlberg : But... but you're from Lawrence, so maybe Bruce is all right.

    Stephen Klein : Well... I don't know what happened to Lawrence. I was close to Harrisonville when it started. There must have been five or six of them to the north, and... a whole string of them to the south.

    Jim Dahlberg : They must have hit every missile silo from Sedalia to Eldorado Springs.

  • Jim Dahlberg : [Danny inadvertently turns towards a nuclear flash]  Danny! Don't look!

  • Jim Dahlberg : [Carrying Danny during a blast's windstorm]  I gotcha son. It's alright. I gotcha.

  • Denise Dahlberg : [the stress of the aftermath has taken its toll on Denise's mind]  I can't remember.

    Eve Dahlberg : You can't remember what?

    Denise Dahlberg : It's only been five days, and I can't remember what Bruce looks like.

    Eve Dahlberg : And now we've been through a lot, sittin' here in the dark.

    Denise Dahlberg : What are we doin' down here anyway? It's all over now, isn't it? It smells so bad down here I can't even BREATHE!

    Eve Dahlberg : Now listen Denise you get a hold of yourself. Now you know we can't go out of here and...

    Denise Dahlberg : Why did I have to use that thing? We'd be married now anyway. Why didn't I at least get pregnant?

    Jim Dahlberg : Just pipe down Denise.

    Denise Dahlberg : Because now I can't even see his face! I CAN'T SEE ANYTHING! I can't see anything!

    [Grabs flashlight and shines it at everybody] 

    Denise Dahlberg : I can't see anything!

    Jim Dahlberg : Denise, just calm down. Get a hold of your...

    Denise Dahlberg : Let go of me! I CAN'T SEE!

    [Runs upstairs] 

  • Denise Dahlberg : I've been out riding around with Bruce.

    Jim Dahlberg : All night?

    Denise Dahlberg : Frankly, Daddy, that's none of your business.

    Jim Dahlberg : As long as you live...

    Denise Dahlberg : Oh Daddy, don't start this again, I'm getting married tomorrow.

  • Joleen Dahlberg : [dog's barking]  Rusty. Dad, we left Rusty out.

    Jim Dahlberg : We may be down here a long time. There's not going to be enough food and water for Rusty.

    Joleen Dahlberg : You mean he's just going to die out there?

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