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Up on that great island in the sky, Aaron Spelling must find this neat.
lee_eisenberg24 June 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Aaron Spelling's death yesterday brings to mind all of his work, including "Fantasy Island". I have never seen that show - the truth is that I don't really know his work at all - but I have seen the Looney Tunes' spoof of it. And let me tell you, "Daffy Duck's Movie: Fantastic Island" is really something. Portraying Daffy Duck and Speedy Gonzalez stranded on an uncharted island (hmmm...then couldn't they have done this like "Gilligan's Island"?) and finding a wishing well that Daffy uses to make money by granting visitors wishes, the movie manages to be clever as well as entertaining. Naturally, they use classic cartoons to show the various characters' wishes (such as Prissy wanting to have a husband, Porky Pig wanting to be an agent, or Granny wanting to be a nurse). But little does anyone know that Yosemite Sam and the Tasmanian Devil - whose ship just got sunk by Bugs Bunny - are searching for the person who stole their treasure map.

OK, so how many compilation films can there be, we ask. Well, this one has some neat tricks up its sleeve. And they still had Mel Blanc doing the voices, so it was good in that respect. Maybe up in that great cartoon studio in the sky, he and Aaron Spelling are having fun talking about this movie.

All in all, very funny.
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A good compilation film
TheLittleSongbird10 July 2011
I personally enjoy these Looney Tunes compilation films, they aren't a patch on the original cartoons but they're are very entertaining, at least to me even with the cutting and shortening of some of the cartoons.

Daffy Duck's Movie:Fantastic Island is a good compilation film. I prefer QuackBusters and Bugs Bunny/Road-runner Movie, but Fantastic Island is better than in my opinion 1001 Rabbit Tales and Looney Looney Looney Bugs Bunny Movie, which I also liked.

The cartoons featured are very entertaining, especially Captain Hareblower, though I don't consider either of them masterpieces, while the Yosemite Sam trying to do good and Sylvester battling a dog in the hospital episodes are very entertaining too. However one doesn't entirely work and that is the one with Porky Pig looking for talents I agree, Porky is more a support character and the cartoon wasn't as funny as it could have been, and I can understand if Foghorn Leghorn's goes over the heads over some, I get it now, as a kid I didn't.

The story surrounding the cartoons is a good idea, and kept afloat by the characters and witty dialogue, but it didn't make me feel any different about the rather short length and the fact the story feels rather thin and often feels like filler.

The Looney Tunes characters are delightful. Daffy is the star of the show, and I liked it that Speedy was less loud and abrasive as he can be in the hit-and-miss series he was in- the ones with Sylvester I liked, not so much excepting a few the ones with Daffy(ie. See ya Later Gladiator is one of the weakest Looney Tunes cartoons in my opinion)- while Yosemite Sam is still as cantankerous and amusing as ever before.

The animation is excellent, not just in the cartoons featured but also in the links. I admired also how much effort was done into making the characters and animation style as true to the original cartoons as much as possible. The music is also rousing and energetic, the dialogue witty and funny and the sight gags fresh and inventive. The voice work is top notch, June Foray is great as Granny but once again Mel Blanc gives a bravura performance.

Overall, a good compilation film. 8/10 Bethany Cox
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some of it's "Fantastic"...
mcfly-3129 July 2005
The Looney Tunes cartoons were always some of the most smartly written animated shorts ever. Long before robots and explosions dominated kids afternoons, the Looney Tunes staff depended on something harder: writing. Bugs Bunny being one of the more relatable cartoon characters for adults and kids. Adults laughed at his hidden references, kids laughed when he got Elmer Fudd to shoot himself. That magic of the old days is halfway featured here, in an obvious Fantasy Island spoof. It begins with perennial cartoon loser Daffy Duck stuck on a remote island with Speedy Gonazales (how the to got there is unknown). Following a fire-fight with Bugs Bunny on a ship, Yosemite Sam seeks sanctuary on the shores of said island. Daffy has discovered a map in a treasure chest that was sent airborne in the ship explosion, and it leads him to a magic wishing well. Instead of wishing to get off the island and become rich, he asks that the sand-glob be turned into a resort. Wherein he will charge tourists five-hundred bucks to wish in the well. Daffy Trump is born, and several notable Looney Tunes characters fly in to make requests of the well. The odd thing is, the well is not always forthcoming, instead screwing over the payee at the end. But, anyway, I'm getting sidetracked. What we're treated to are Tunes shorts from years ago, which are melded into people's wishes. Kids don't care if they've already seen it on Saturday morning, and just go with it. Others might be bored at stuff they saw 20 years ago. But if you have a vague memory of the shorts used, you'll enjoy it. Some clever ones like Sylvester the Cat battling a dog in a hospital room, and Yosemite Sam trying to go "good" in the presence of Bugs Bunny, who is the bearer of riches. The old material still comes off fun, but the new bits are definite filler. Daffy going through his manic motions, and Sam spending most of the film trying to match an errant feather to whomever stole his map. But if you can slog through that, you'll end up with some positive results in the "flashback" vain.
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A nice little film.
Elgroovio28 June 2004
This is certainly not the best of the Looney Tunes' work but it is still a lot of fun which really gives Daffy Duck the chance to shine as he takes the center stage alongside Speedy Gonzales who plays his faithful sidekick. There are some great lines and some hilarious gags, but this film is mostly a compilation of some of the best episodes. Everyone is in it, even Spike the bull-dog and his little friend, and surprisingly, Bugs Bunny doesn't have much more of a part than any of his other looney tune buddies (though there is a memorable scene where he has a cannon battle with Yuletide Sam). This film is well worth seeing, especially if you have children (well you don't want your kids to turn into little pokemon-loving bratts do you?). Enjoy! 8/10
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Not fantastic, but worth seeing.
gridoon5 October 2002
The biggest problem with this film is a common one in all these compilations: you can see (and probably have seen) most of this material elsewhere (mostly in Saturday-morning kiddie shows on TV). However, anyone looking for the trademark anarchic, sometimes surrealistic humor of the WB cartoons, surely won't be disappointed with "Fantastic Island". Of course, some episodes are more enjoyable than others; there is one dud (Porky Pig as a producer searching for talents), but there is also at least one short, starring a jive-talking rooster ("Crazy, man. C-razy!") that can perhaps be fully appreciated only by adults. (**1/2)
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As Good as Daffy Duck's QuackBusters.
emasterslake21 May 2006
Daffy Duck and Speedy are on a deserted island where they come across a treasure map which they hoped for treasure but instead they found a magic well that can talk. And it has the ability to grant anyone a fantasy of their own.

Daffy after experience a fantasy that didn't went too well. He demanded to be owner of the island or well keeper I think.

So the well changes the deserted island into a more tropical like island. Daffy and Speedy automatically got their own white suits to make them look like the owners of Fantasy Island.

A plane comes by with other Looney Tune characters who want to experience their own fantasies with the power of the well.

Meanwhile after a ship battle with Bugs Bunny, Sam and Taz got shipwrecked and ended up being on the same isle with the magic well. Sam notices his map is gone and is determine to know who took.

This movie is similar to the other early Looney Tune TV movies. About 50% of it is new footage while the rest is reused Looney Tune shorts done by Chuck Jones and Friz Freleng.

If you like Daffy Duck's Quackbusters, you'll like this movie.
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KatMiss8 August 2001
"Daffy Duck's Movie: Fantastic Island" is Friz Freleng's third compliation film, following his previous two successes "Looney Looney Looney Bugs Bunny Movie" and "Bugs Bunny's Third Movie: 1001 Rabbit Tales". This third feature is a tremendous success in its' own right and it continues the winning formula Freleng introduced in his first film: he creates one humdinger of a story to place the footage in.

This time, Freleng spoofs the hit TV series "Fantasy Island" with Daffy Duck in the Ricardo Montalban role and Speedy Gonzales in the Tattoo role. It opens with a side splitting gag (Speedy tells Daffy: Ze Plane! Ze Plane!) and it never lets up for all of its 78 minute screen time. Freleng also uses the film to continue his Yosemite Sam/Bugs Bunny fight which occupies about 20 minutes of this feature.

Well, anyway, back to the story. The premise is that Daffy and Speedy are stranded on a deserted island which has a wishing well. Daffy, being the self described "greedy coward", decides to open a resort that can grant wishes. That's where the classic footage comes into play.

There are many highlights: Tweety, Sylvester and Spike in a pet hospital, Foghorn Leghorn and the womanizing rooster, Yosemite Sam will inherit several million pounds ONLY if he keeps his temper in check and Bugs is the executor of the will! And Daffy Duck is STUPOR DUCK!

As per the previous films, they work on two levels. For kids, as simple entertainment. For adults, savage satire. Most of the shorts here are shown in their entirety, although a few are trimmed for time. This is wonderful entertainment and a worthy addition to any video library.

**** out of 4 stars
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Another great Looney Tunes film!
Movie Nuttball5 July 2005
I thought that the characters were really funny and all had great personalities. The animation in My opinion was crisp, clean, and really clear. Not to mention beautiful! Most of the characters in this show are hilarious Looney Tunes characters that we all love. in My opinion these characters are the funnies and talented ever seen. In fact, The things that goes on in this series' cartoons are in My opinion nuts which that is what makes them hilarious! There are so many to like and laugh at and the silly things they do! If you like the original Looney Tunes and animated films then I strongly recommend that you watch this movie today!
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Daffy Duck's Movie: Fantastic Island
jboothmillard12 July 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Bugs Bunny was the lead of three films, and here is one of two with Daffy Duck taking the leading role. Daffy is stranded on a desert island with Speedy Gonzales, and they are still waiting to be rescued. Then they see two ships in the distance and try to get their attention, but it is Bugs Bunny and Yosemite Sam with the Tazmanian Devil fighting each other. Yosemite's ship blows up and a box drops of Daffy, it contains a treasure map of the island, which they follow to find. Yosemite Sam and Taz find the map is missing, and try to find where it is by finding someone who wears black feathers. Daffy and Speedy find the treasure, they discover it is a wishing well, and they wish for a tropical paradise resort, and to invite people to pay $500 to have wishes granted. The people who comes include Granny, Foghorn Leghorn, Pepe Le Pew, Spike and Chester, Porky Pig, Sylvester, Prissy and eventually Yosemite Sam. In the end, the map is destroyed, which makes the well take back all the tropical luxury and grant a final three wishes, which Speedy and Daffy waste, but Yosemite wishes a ship to leave the island and fight Bugs Bunny with, to which Daffy says "your despicable". Pepe Le Pew was number 73, Foghorn Leghorn number 61, Daffy Duck number 30, Looney Tunes/Merrie Melodies number 20 and Bugs Bunny number 10 on The 100 Greatest Cartoons. Good!
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Just another clip show
dudeguy-2953611 January 2021
Warning: Spoilers
I'm sorry but I'm honestly not a fan of the Looney Tunes movies because they're not even movies. They're just clip shows of recycled Looney Tunes cartoons that I've seen over and over with new animated footage to stitch them all together. I didn't realize they made like 5 of these clip shows until I saw this thinking it was actually a movie. I mean I don't expect much else except to tell a decent story for an hour and eighteen minutes. The new footage is about Daffy and Speedy getting a new island but we hardly get much of a story out of it, everytime a character comes to the wishing well it transistions to one of their archived cartoons. I mean don't get me wrong they're great cartoons but if it's considered a movie then, I only expect it to be an actual movie.

If you like this "movie" that's fine with me but I was honestly let down. But hey Looney Tunes does have actual movies like Space Jam and Looney Tunes Back in Action so I can just watch those atleast. Because they actually tell a story and aren't recycling old Looney Tunes cartoons. If you like clip shows then this movie is for you, but not me, sorry.
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afonsobritofalves4 March 2019
Honestly, I'm not much of a fan of Daffy Duck's short films, so I was not expecting much from this movie, but I was wrong, the movie is very good, with great characters, great jokes, a great animation and a fabulous mix of sound. Highly recommend.
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"The only two things a pirate will run for . . . "
oscaralbert8 December 2016
Warning: Spoilers
" . . . is money and public office," Yosemite Sam confesses to Daffy Duck in Warner Bros.' attempt to nip Donald J. Rump's run for the White House in the bud as it was beginning in 1983. DAFFY DUCK'S MOVIE: FANTASTIC ISLAND takes sequences from 11 classic Looney Tunes to document EVERY misstep along the way during Rump's marathon trek toward LOSING the 2016 election by 2.7 MILLION votes (Lincoln would have shot HIMSELF in the head had HE lost by that much!). The drunken stork from A MOUSE DIVIDED represents the Racist Electoral College loophole that finally enabled Rump's coup to take place as the media and the majority of sheep-like Americans dithered on the sidelines. FROM HARE TO HEIR illustrates why Rump's Daddy is turning over in his grave, as his Ne'er-do-well school failure son sets world records for LOSING money in the so-called Gaming Business. Material from LOVELORN LEGHORN points out the strange bed fellows with whom the future Rump would curry favor, such as Vladimir "Mad Dog" Putin. The Wishing Well Bridging sequences prove that Rump is just in it for the money, willing to sell out the Soul of America for a Few Shekels More.
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Foolish Wishes.
tfrizzell31 January 2003
"Daffy Duck's Movie: Fantastic Island" is basically an animated rip-off of "Robinson Crusoe" and "Gilligan's Island". Daffy Duck and pint-sized side-kick Speedy Gonzales (who has always been ridiculed falsely as a stereotypical character of Hispanic Americans) get stranded on the titled island and come into contact with a magical well that will grant wishes to all comers. Naturally Yosemite Sam and the dreaded Tasmanian Devil are along as the villains here. Once again new animation is glued together with older shorts. In the end the film is about as good as it can be, but that is not really saying much. 2.5 out of 5 stars.
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recycling old Looney Tunes
SnoopyStyle27 November 2016
Daffy Duck and Speedy Gonzales are marooned on a desert island. Yosemite Sam and the Tasmanian Devil lose a sea battle with Bugs Bunny and a treasure map. Daffy and Speedy use the map to find a wishing well which grants any wish to the owner of the treasure map. Daffy creates a Fantasy Island resort which grants wishes to its visitors.

This is really an excuse to show old Looney Tunes episodes. The premise is bare-thread and unimpressive. It starts off with some odd pairings and then it becomes just an exercise in recycling. I'm a fan of the oldies and that keeps my interest. These are some of the better classics. However, it does nothing to create new material. The wishing well is no more than intermission between the old episodes.
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